East Wenatchee, WA Estate Sales around 98802 (2024)


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Listed below are all the estate sales that are currently scheduled for the Wenatchee area. You may also be interested in estate sale companies in Wenatchee.


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35 Traveling Collectibles - Bidding Ends 7/10/24Listed by Caring Transitions Of Greater Tri-cities Last modified 5 days ago. 35 Pictures. Prosser,WA99350 90 miles away Jul 4 to Jul 10 Ends at 7pm (Wed) Ends Today! 90 miles away 199 BURIEN ANTIQUES, COLLECTIBLES AND WORLD PIECES!Listed by Sound Estate Company Last modified 17 hours ago. 199 Pictures. Renton,WA98056 93 miles away Jul 10 to Jul 11 Starts at 7am (Wed) Starts Today! 93 miles away 464 Seattle Estate Auction: Chihuly, Salvador Dali, Mid Century Modern, Sonja Blomdahl, WaterfordListed by Foss Appraisal Service Last modified 8 hours ago. 464 Pictures Added in Last 24 Hours. Seattle,WA98188 97 miles away Jul 9 to Jul 11 Ends at 6pm (Thu) Going on Now! 97 miles away 132 1960's Playboy MansionListed by Caring Transitions of Mill Creek Last modified 4 days ago. 132 Pictures. Everett,WA98201 99 miles away Jul 6 to Jul 10 Ends at 7pm (Wed) Ends Today! 99 miles away 126 Vintage Glass, Pyrex, Native American Items and More!Listed by Gateway Estate Services LLC Last modified 5 days ago. 126 Pictures. Federal Way,WA98003 100 miles away Jul 4 to Jul 10 Ends at 7pm (Wed) Ends Today! 100 miles away 42 BEYOND THREADS MOVING SALE Privately Listed Sale Last modified 2 days ago. 42 Pictures. 214 s. jackson street Pioneer Square,WA98104 100 miles away Jul 10, 11, 12, 13 12pm to 6pm (Wed) Starts Today! 100 miles away 138 Issaquah Highlands at the Top - 4 DAY ESTATE SALE - CHESListed by Cosmopolitan Hoarder Estate Services LLC. Last modified 9 hours ago. 138 Pictures. Issaquah,WA98029 86 miles away Jul 11, 12, 13, 14 12pm to 5pm (Thu) Starts Tomorrow! 86 miles away 67 Redmond Ridge Estate AuctionListed by Caring Transitions Seattle Last modified 7 days ago. 67 Pictures. Redmond,WA98053 86 miles away Jul 2 to Jul 11 Ends at 6pm (Thu) Going on Now! 86 miles away 211 Grasons of Bellevue MAGICAL MEMORIES: 3-Day Estate Sale in Bothell, WAListed by Grasons Of Bellevue, Wa Last modified 8 hours ago. 211 Pictures. 22 Pictures Added in Last 24 Hours. Bothell,WA98021 96 miles away Jul 11, 12, 13 9am to 3pm (Thu) Starts Tomorrow! 96 miles away 41 Lynnwood Full Estate - Art/Asian/AmazingListed by Lightening Estate Services Last modified 2 days ago. 41 Pictures. Lynnwood,WA98036 100 miles away Jul 11, 12, 13 9am to 2pm (Thu) Starts Tomorrow! 100 miles away 139 A Life Well Lived Collection of a Cartoon Artist, Fantasy Maniac and Toy Collector Part 4Listed by Gateway Estate Services LLC Last modified 5 days ago. 139 Pictures. Federal Way,WA98003 100 miles away Jul 4 to Jul 11 Ends at 7pm (Thu) Going on Now! 100 miles away 47 Man Cave Estate in Wilbur, WAListed by Discovering Your Legacy Estate Clearing Last modified 17 hours ago. 47 Pictures. Wilbur,WA99185 75 miles away Jul 12, 13 9am to 2pm (Fri) 75 miles away 40 Phase 2 of this massive enumclaw sale Privately Listed Sale Last modified 17 hours ago. 40 Pictures. Enumclaw,WA98022 76 miles away Jul 12, 13, 14 9am to 4pm (Fri) 76 miles away 52 Sunnyside Living Estate SaleListed by Caring Transitions Of Greater Tri-cities Last modified 8 hours ago. 52 Pictures Added in Last 24 Hours. Sunnyside,WA98944 77 miles away Jul 12, 13 9am to 2pm (Fri) 77 miles away 254 Ginny's Girls Sammamish Contemporary HomeListed by Ginny's Girls Estate Services Last modified 15 hours ago. 254 Pictures. 91 Pictures Added in Last 24 Hours. Sammamish,WA98075 86 miles away Jul 12, 13 9am to 3pm (Fri) 86 miles away 50 Moving sale Privately Listed Sale Last modified 14 hours ago. 50 Pictures. Bellevue,WA98006 91 miles away Jul 12, 13 8am to 1pm (Fri) 91 miles away
East Wenatchee, WA Estate Sales around 98802 (2024)


Is East Wenatchee a good place to live? ›

A calm and peaceful city that has many different cultures. I would say very welcoming and inclusive as well. I love East Wenatchee.

What is the top sellers at estate sales? ›

Art. Many an art gem has been found at estate sales by buyers, and art remains a best selling item at estate sales. One of the best things about artwork at an estate sale is that it comes ready to hang with a frame. Original art and vintage art that boasts signatures are attendees' favorites.

Why live in Wenatchee WA? ›

From the beautiful seasons, to the charming neighborhoods and vibrant art and culture scene, Wenatchee is simply a great place to live. If you're looking for the perfect place to work, raise a family, start a business, or enjoy your retirement, Wenatchee is the place to do it.

Is East Wenatchee its own city? ›

East Wenatchee city, Washington is a city, town, place equivalent, and township located in Washington.

What is the crime rate in East Wenatchee WA? ›

East Wenatchee Annual Crimes
Number of Crimes20294
Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents)1.4220.94

Is Wenatchee an expensive place to live? ›

Wenatchee is part of Wenatchee Metro metro area, which is ranked 57 out of 273 cities across the US in terms of cost of living. According to C2ER (the Council for Community and Economic Research), the cost of living in Wenatchee is estimated to be 105.5% of the national average making it an average US city.

Do you negotiate at estate sales? ›

Haggle, but don't be a jerk about it

It's their job to do the research and set the price of the items they're selling. Plus, they're in this to make money for their client too. So, yes, you can absolutely bargain with the seller.

What percentage do most estate sale companies take? ›

What Percentage Do Estate Sales Take? Estate sale companies generally charge a standard commission rate between 30 to 40 percent of sales. Before they agree to take on a client, they'll typically provide a gross sales minimum. This means that the total value of all the items to be sold must meet or exceed that value.

What is the best day for an estate sale? ›

Hold Your Estate Sale on a Weekend Day.

But keep in mind that holiday weekends can be a toss-up, since days off might mean people are traveling out of town. And never hold an estate sale on Christmas or Thanksgiving, no matter what day of the week they happen to fall on.

What are people from Wenatchee called? ›

Wenatchee, Washington
• Metro119,943 (US: 324th)
• Metro density22.90/sq mi (8.84/km2)
• DemonymWenatcheeite
Time zonePST
35 more rows

What is the ethnicity of Wenatchee WA? ›

Wenatchee Demographics

White: 63.88% Other race: 21.67% Two or more races: 11.6% Black or African American: 1%

Is Wenatchee a good place to retire? ›

First on our list: Wenatchee. Topping both MoneyWise's list of inexpensive places to retire and Forbes' list of the best places to retire in the West, Wenatchee offers a pleasant climate, lovely scenery and affordable housing.

What is the main industry in Wenatchee? ›

Today, the area's largest employers reflect the region's agricultural heritage, but also other strengths including hydroelectric power, health care, technology and tourism industries.

What does the word Wenatchee mean? ›

“One legend has it that the Indians' definition for Wenatchee is 'Place of the Rainbow'; another has it that it means 'Meeting of the Rivers,' and still another, “Good Place,' or 'Boiling Waters. ' Whatever the Indians had in mind, the fact remains that the name is unique.

What is the Wenatchee famous for? ›

Wenatchee: Apple Capital of the World

Apples were shipped to all parts of the world, and more and more people, learning of 'the valley of the apples,' came here to stay. Within 25 years, Wenatchee became the center of the greatest apple-producing region in the world.

What are the racial demographics of Wenatchee Washington? ›

The racial makeup was 65.87% (23,390) white or European American (60.69% non-Hispanic white), 0.51% (182) black or African-American, 1.4% (497) Native American or Alaska Native, 1.31% (465) Asian, 0.18% (64) Pacific Islander or Native Hawaiian, 18.87% (6,701) from other races, and 11.85% (4,209) from two or more races.

What zone is East Wenatchee WA? ›

According to the 2023 USDA Hardiness Zone Map Wenatchee, Washington is in Zones 7a (0°F to 5°F) and 7b (5°F to 10°F).

What is the poverty rate in Wenatchee WA? ›

The average household income in Wenatchee is $84,713 with a poverty rate of 11.78%.


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