BubbaCow's Antimatter Dimensions Guide (2024)


  • 1 BubbaCow’s Antimatter Dimensions Guide
    • 1.1 Introduction
      • 1.1.1 Purpose
      • 1.1.2 Game Overview
    • 1.2 Start to First Eternity
      • 1.2.1 Start to First Infinity
      • 1.2.2 First Infinity to Break Infinity
      • 1.2.3 Break Infinity to Infinity Power
      • 1.2.4 Infinity Power to Replicanti
      • 1.2.5 Replicanti to First Eternity
    • 1.3 First Eternity to First Reality
      • 1.3.1 First Eternity to All Eternity Milestones
      • 1.3.2 All Eternity Milestones to Eternity Challenge 1
      • 1.3.3 Eternity Challenge 1 to Eternity Challenge 8
      • 1.3.4 Eternity Challenge 9 through Eternity Challenge 10
      • 1.3.5 Eternity Challenges 10 to Time Dilation
      • 1.3.6 Time Dilation to Unlocking Reality
      • 1.3.7 Unlocking Reality to First Reality
    • 1.4 First Reality to Teresa
      • 1.4.1 First Reality to Second Reality
      • 1.4.2 Second Reality to Third Reality
      • 1.4.3 Third Reality to The Black Hole
      • 1.4.4 The Black Hole to The Automator
      • 1.4.5 The Automator to Teresa
    • 1.5 Teresa to The Nameless Ones
      • 1.5.1 Teresa to Effarig
      • 1.5.2 Effarig to The Nameless Ones
    • 1.6 The Nameless Ones to Lai'tela
      • 1.6.1 The Nameless Ones to V
      • 1.6.2 V to Ra
      • 1.6.3 Ra to Lai'tela
    • 1.7 Lai'tela to The End
      • 1.7.1 Lai'tela to Pelle
      • 1.7.2 Pelle to The End

BubbaCow’s Antimatter Dimensions Guide[]



The purpose of Antimatter Dimensions is to get as much Antimatter as possible.

You will start with a small number of available repeatable upgrades that enable you to increase your Antimatter production until you hit a wall, and then must buy another type of upgrade that resets your total progress for production boost. This enables you to rapidly catch up to your prior Antimatter total and then exceed it.

As you proceed, the game introduces new mechanics, such as:

  • Autobuyers, which enable you to make progress while you leave the game idle
  • Achievements, which often require innovative approaches to gameplay to meet specific game conditions, and grant rewards for completion
  • Challenges, which handicap your production, but also grant rewards upon completion

This is known as an “Incremental” game, and in my opinion, is the best ever made.

I love this game. I got started with the Mobile version during COVID and found it highly addicting, being able to play this either on my phone or laptop during endless work meetings, while being able to swap freely between active and passive play. (I play active when not having to actively speak during meetings, and back to passive when I have to talk or be otherwise actively engaged at work.) I’ve beaten it over a dozen times to date.

The lead developer for Antimatter Dimensions resides in Finland and goes by the pseudonym “Hevipelle”.

Antimatter Dimensions was initially released in May 2017, being constantly patched, refined, and expanded every few weeks, granting new content. The game was praised for its mechanics, creativity, and simplicity. But more than anything, it was praised for its smoothness – the game developers fixed bugs immediately upon identification, and crashes or other problems became extremely rare.

Updates apparently ended in June 2018. The initial game had no real end – you reached a stage called Time Dilation, could reach roughly 1e4000 EP, and could complete one final Achievement (“This is What I Have to Do to Get Rid of You”). Reaching this point would take players anywhere from two to six weeks, depending on how actively they played the game. Players could leave these save files continuing progress in perpetuity – some have reported getting as high as 1e8000 EP over the course of several years.

In 2018, the game appeared to be finished. While players pressed the developers for new content, developers responded they were working on something called “The Reality Update”, which would add a new layer of progress beyond Eternity called Reality, an “Automator” with an original computing language for completing Realities, and that Challenges in the Reality portion of the game would be known as “Celestials”, who would actually interact with the player. Hevipelle himself stated that the final Celestial would be known as “The Heavenly Pelle”.

Years went on, and players believed they were being pranked. But high praise for the seemingly finished game remained.

In December 2022, Hevipelle and the rest of the Antimatter Dimensions team released The Reality Update. The team had made no embellishments of the new content they had created.

As of July 2023, the game is considered to be fully complete, with no further updates projected. Fully completing the game may take players anywhere from four to twelve weeks, depending on how actively they play and how well they understand the mechanics of the game. The game remains extremely highly polished, and contains an actual ending.

Game Overview[]

A few items to get you oriented.

On game guides:

  • You can choose to complete the game blind – that is, with no guide. It is fun, but I don’t know if there has ever been a player in the history of the game who got through without getting hopelessly stuck at least once and reached out to others for help. Even after more than a dozen full completions of the Reality version of the game, I still resort to guides.
  • The most well-renowned guide is available on Kongregate, from a user with the pseudonym “Patashu”. There are additional guides on Fandom, Reddit, and Discord.
  • No game guide is a complete substitute for the game’s Help menu (available as a “?” in the top right corner of the screen). This contains cursory, yet mathematically detailed, explanations of new game mechanics as they are introduced. The Help menu, however, does not give guidance on how to proceed through the game.

On what you will experience in the game:

  • The three primary phases within the game are Infinity, Eternity, and Reality.
  • The overall pattern of the game is to struggle through your first iteration of a phase, reset your progress, and receive rewards (usually in the form of points for purchase) to repeat it again faster. You will keep repeating the stage over and over again until completion becomes trivial, then proceed to the next stage.
  • Part of your progress in each phase is completing Challenges. In Challenges, you are handicapped, but receive major rewards for completion. Altogether, there are:
    • 12 Challenges
    • 8 Infinity Challenges
    • 12 Eternity Challenges (which must be completed 5 times each with increasing difficulty)
    • 7 Reality Challenges, known as “Celestials”

In the beginning, the game is manually intensive. Upgrades to Antimatter production must be manually purchased. However, the game grants you functions to automate this process further and further over time. Over the course of the game, there are times for heavy active interaction in the game, as well as times for leaving the game idle to passively build up your resources.

  • Depending on how actively you play, your first Infinity can be reached on the order of a few hours to a couple days, your first Eternity can be reached in a couple days to a week, your first Reality can be in a week to a month, and The End can be reached in one to three months.
  • My own personal record for reaching The End is about six weeks, and I figure I could do it in about four if I was extremely dedicated.
  • You should be familiar with hotkeys or shortcuts to save you tedious mouse clicks.
  • You should be familiar with tips and tricks which can save you ample time in the long run.
    • A first-time player might consider some of these tricks as cheating, but experienced players regard these as essential to maximize Antimatter production during passive gameplay.
    • No one in the Antimatter Dimensions community regards these tricks as cheating – they are nearly essential to keep players from repeating tedious manual tasks.
  • You will receive certain upgrades over time that enable progress while offline. Ultimately, you will attain more progress if you keep the game open and use hotkey tricks and autobuyers. This may cause wear on your computer’s CPU. I keep the game active most of the time, but sometimes close the game to give my computer a break. It’s up to you.
  • There is a Mobile version of the game which only goes up to gaining Achievement 138. This is how I got hooked on the game, during COVID. However, it is unlikely that the Mobile version will ever receive the Reality update, and so I have abandoned the Mobile version in favor of the browser version.

The following is an introduction to menu options immediately available from the start of the game.

On the Help menu:

  • The Help function appears as a “?” in the top right corner of the screen. You should familiarize yourself with the Help menu, as it explains in detail the game’s mechanics. The Help function does not always provide satisfying explanations, so look to this guide for amplifying information.
  • Every time you unlock a new game mechanic, more explanations will appear in the Help menu.

On shortcut buttons:

  • Direction buttons on the D-pad to navigate through the game’s menu
  • “M” for Max All
  • Numeric digits for buying Antimatter Dimensions 1-8 (hold shift + a number to buy a single dimension)
  • “T” for Tickspeed
  • “D” for Dimension Boosts
  • “G” for Galaxies
  • “C” for “Big Crunch” (or Infinity)
  • “R” for Replicanti Galaxies
  • “E” for Eternity
  • “Z” for Reality
  • “CTRL + S” to save your game in-browser

On Achievements:

  • Achievements are not only for proving your skill at the game – they are required for certain stages of advancement. You must complete all first 13 rows of Achievements in order to complete your first Reality, and you must complete all 18 rows of Achievements to reach The End.
  • Achievement will provide, by default, a modest boost to Antimatter Dimension multipliers. Completing a full row of Achievements provides a bigger boost. More upgrades over the game will result in the Achievement multiplier applying to other production multipliers. At times, the Achievement multiplier will be the highest driving force of Antimatter production in the whole game.
  • Achievements will grant additional bonuses. These are marked by a star in the Achievements tab. Some are major and some are minor.

On Secret Achievements:

  • These are completely useless and only for fun. The majority of these are not intuitive and are nearly impossible to achieve without a guide. There is no reward whatsoever for attaining these other than personal satisfaction. I have them all listed at the end of this guide. See how many you can find on your own!

On the Statistics menu:

  • The Statistics tab give you a variety of valuable information for determining your progress. You will use this page often to measure your pace of performance. This includes your total progress, Challenge record times, Infinity/Eternity/Reality records, a breakdown of the factors determining your current Antimatter production, and if you are doing a Speedrun, statistics on your progress.
  • Familiarity with this tab is extremely helpful towards completing the game.

On the Options menu:

  • When you start the game, you are given default options which you may want to adjust to optimize your game-playing experience. Notable options include:
    • Save and export options:
      • You absolutely need to ensure your game is connected to the cloud in case the cookies saving your progress fail – connect to the cloud immediately!
      • Feel free to back up your save by exporting to a file periodically.
      • Set your autosave rate to something you are comfortable with – I set mine to 30 seconds. One valuable trick is (after a long buildup of Antimatter with many upgrade purchase options) to save your game, attempt some purchases, and checking the result. If you don’t like the result, refresh your browser before the game auto-saves, and try something different.
    • Notation options:
      • The default is “Mixed Scientific”, which displays large numbers in Kilo (K), Million (M), Billion (B), etc. up through Nonillion (No), and becomes 1e33 at Decillion.
      • I leave the Notation in this fashion, but it can be very confusing when trying to conduct certain Achievements when you’re trying to convert “10 Nonillion” to 1e31 in your head.
      • The most effective Notation is probably Engineering, but I personally don’t enjoy the game as much this way.
    • UI and Theme:
      • Experiment to see which you like best. I choose “Modern” and “Dark Metro”.
      • More are available through hints via the News, giving you hints on key terms to use in the “Import” function.
    • Update Rate:
      • I set this to 33 milliseconds, the max allowable. Higher than this, and the game will visibly stagger. But be warned, this may make your CPU sound like a rocket engine.
    • News:
      • The News is mostly for fun, but there are some Secret Achievements within the news. I always make sure the scroll speed is at max.
      • Some news tickers can only be seen if have met requirements and some may need paying (Must need shop)
    • Animation Options:
      • I left these on for my first few times completing the game, then turned them all off due to minor game slowdowns.
    • Confirmation Options:
      • Same as above – I turn all of these off except for Reality.
    • Offline Ticks:
      • This is used to calculate how minutely accurate your offline progress should be when shutting the game off. I keep this set to the default 1000 Ticks. Less than this is too coarse for my liking, and more than this becomes annoying when you turn the game back on.

On the News:

  • News function is derived from another similar game, Cookie Clicker. This is full of jokes, pranks, cultural references, and banter between the game’s developers. A number are interactive, and interacting with some leads to Secret Achievements.
    • Note that a number of them lead to getting Rickrolled (i.e. taken to YouTube).

On Useless Paperclips:

  • “Paperclips” can only be obtained by interacting with the News. Paperclips are completely useless. They are in reference to the “Universal Paperclips” game, one of the first browser-based Incremental games. Should you choose to disassemble the news for a trace amount of paperclips, remember to turn the News back on afterwards.

On the Shop:

  • The Shop contains permanent upgrades to your production, if you’re willing to pay the cash to do so.
  • For the true Antimatter Dimensions experience, you should endeavor to reach The End the first time without relying on the Shop. However, as you repeat the game, you may find some early game production rates intolerably slow. The Shop has a number of options to increase particular production rates to hasten early parts of the game. Most of these will become irrelevant later in the game due to getting dwarfed by other production multipliers.
  • To purchase items in the Shop, you must purchase Coins. You can then use those coins to purchase production multipliers. Some are far more valuable than others.
    • One, and only one wish I would make to change the game is that you could earn Coins for completing the game. Instead, after every few completions of the game, I purchase Coins, not only to compensate the creators of Antimatter Dimensions, but to make the early idle parts of the game go by faster.
  • My opinion on the rank order of Shop purchases are as follows:
    • Replicanti gain – I have this at 3.0x
    • Dilated Time gain – I have this at 3.0x
    • Reality Machine gain – I have this at 3.0x
    • Eternity Point gain – I have this at 6.0x
    • Infinity Point gain – I have this at 8.0x
    • ALL Dimension Multipliers – I have this at 4.0x
    • Antimatter Dimension Multipliers pale in comparison to ALL Dimension Multipliers – I have this at 1.0x
    • I have never purchased offline production – this is a waste
    • I have never purchased Glyph Cosmetic Sets – this is the primary reward for reaching The End and I only want to earn these the hard way
  • This is clearly evident of a lot of Shop purchases, but I’ve played this game over a dozen times over the past five years and feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth compared to the cost of conventional games.
  • The Mobile version includes an option for watching an ad, which gains you a temporary boost to the most relevant resource at that stage of the game. A Shop purchase earns this multiplier permanently, and that is the only Shop item I paid for in the Mobile version, before swapping to the browser version

On Speedruns:

  • This option is offered once you reach The End for the first time. A particular code is required to Import via the Options tab. This grants you a couple of automatic Achievements (“Don’t You Dare Sleep” and “One for Each Dimension”) and tracks your progress towards major game milestones.
    • This game grants you these automatic Achievements because your first Reality requires you to have these, and experienced players can get to Reality and then hit a time wall waiting for these to get granted. This was a very wise design choice.
  • By default, Speedruns disable Shop purchases. A “true” Speedrun disables these to make you fairly competitive against other players. Personally, I play this game on repeat on Speedrun mode but keep my Shop purchases, which technically makes the Speedrun invalid, but lets me track my progress against my previous runs by expanding the Statistics page.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Learn all hotkeys.
  • You can trick the game into keeping a hotkey pressed by holding that button and then pressing “H” to bring up the Help menu. Let go of the hotkey and then close the Help menu. The hotkey will stay pressed.
    • This effect can be stacked with multiple hotkeys.
    • This can be undone by repressing the same key, pivoting your browser tab away, or reloading your save.
    • Note that this effect persists even if you turn off autobuyers, so stay conscious of when you are employing this trick, so that you can turn it off when necessary.
  • Save and reload.
    • Sometimes you will take a long time to grind to get a particular resource, and then be faced with several purchase options. If you want to compare the impact of which purchase is best, save, buy it, and then reload your game to revert you to your last save.


  • Antimatter Dimensions (ADs)
  • Infinity Points (IP)
  • Infinity Dimensions (IDs)
  • Infinity Challenges (ICs)
  • Replicanti Galaxies (RGs)
  • Eternity Points (EP)
  • Time Dimensions (TDs)
  • Time Theorems (TTs)
  • Time Study (TS)
  • Eternity Challenges (ECs)
  • Dilated Time (DT)
  • Tachyon Particles (TPs)
  • Tachyon Galaxies (TGs)
  • Reality Machines (RM)
  • Imaginary Machines (iMs)
  • Dark Matter (DM)
  • Dark Energy (DE)
  • Dark Matter Dimensions (DMDs)
  • Singularity Milestones (SMs)
  • Reality Shards (RS)

One final note. I have tried a few Antimatter Dimensions mods and clones, and have enjoyed none of them as much as the original – particularly because of how buggy they tend to be.

Start to First Eternity[]

Start to First Infinity[]

Congratulations on starting the game! If this is your first time playing this game, you should determine within the first ten minutes if this is a game you like. If not, close it and never look back. But if you like Incremental games, i.e. making big numbers bigger, there is nothing else as comprehensive and as highly polished as this game!

Your goal is to reach infinite Antimatter. “Infinity” is set at 1.79e308, based on a reference to JavaScript not being able to ordinarily able to store values higher than this.

You will start with 10 Antimatter, no growth, and one available purchase – to buy a single 1st Antimatter Dimension. Buy it, and you will both receive your first Achievement (“You Gotta Start Somewhere”) and watch your Antimatter start to grow.

An introduction to the first mechanics of the game:

  • Dimensions (ADs)
    • You start with four ADs available for growth, and must patiently wait for enough Antimatter to purchase each. The more ADs you purchase, the faster your production will increase.
    • Purchasing 10 of an AD grants that entire AD a productivity boost. Purchasing single ADs provides almost no benefits except in very specific use cases (such as buying a single 1st AD after a reset, for specific Achievements, or for hastening a Dimension Boost or Galaxy). You will only do this a handful of times in the beginning of the game, and then likely never again.
    • While you may think that bolstering higher level dimensions should have priority over lower ones at equal cost, this is not true. The lowest AD contributes the most direct growth to your Antimatter. Always prioritize lowest dimensions first EXCEPT when buying a new AD for the first time.
    • The first time you purchase a new AD, you will gain an Achievement (“100 Antimatter is a Lot”, “Half Life 3 CONFIRMED”, “L4D: Left 4 Dimensions”).
      • As a reminder, Achievements give you a modest multiplier to all ADs, and later, a wide variety of production factors. These stack up quickly.
  • Tickspeed
    • After the initial purchase of the 2nd AD, an option to buy Tickspeed will appear. This overall increases Antimatter production rates. Purchasing Tickspeed should outprioritize any purchase of ADs of the same price.
  • Dimension Boosts
    • After you reach 20 4th ADs, you will have the option to purchase a Dimension Boost. This will reset all your progress but grant access to a higher dimension (up to 8), as well as provide a multiplier to all your dimensions. Always purchase when available, except when a Galaxy of equal cost is available.
    • Getting up to 8 dimensions grants you more Achievements (“5 Dimension Antimatter Punch”, “We Couldn’t Afford 9”, “Not a Luck Related Achievement”, “90 Degrees to Infinity”).
  • Dimensional Sacrifice
    • This becomes available after 5 Dimension Boosts. This resets your Antimatter but provides a multiplier for the 8th AD.
      • As a rule of thumb, feel free to do a Dimensional Sacrifice whenever the multiplier is above 2.0x.
      • This will be required to reach your first Infinity in a reasonable time.
  • Galaxies
    • This becomes available after reaching 80 8th ADs. This resets your Antimatter, Dimension Boosts, and Dimensional Sacrifice, but makes your Tickspeed more powerful. Because of their effect on Tickspeed, Galaxies are the most powerful mechanic in the entire game.
  • Automation
    • At some point, the Automation tab will appear. This lets you buy auto-buyers for ADs, and later, Tickspeed, at a cost. You should always buy these as soon as available. You’ll note they start slow. You’ll have the opportunity to make these faster and more powerful soon.

Your strategy in this section should be as follows:

  • In terms of priorities, when upgrades of equal cost are available, buy:
    • Autobuyers
    • Galaxies
    • Dimension Boosts
    • Dimensional Sacrifice (when multiplier is at least 2.0x)
    • Tickspeed
    • ADs, from lowest to highest, except when purchasing an AD for the first time
  • Hold down “M” for “Max All”, then press the “H” key to bring up the Help menu. Close the Help menu, and the game will act as if you are still holding “M”. Feel free to repeat this trick with “D” for Dimension Boosts and “G” for Galaxies. Do not do this for Sacrifice, or else your Antimatter will keep resetting with no progress.
    • You will still have to manually purchase a single 1st Dimension after every Dimension Boost or Galaxy. “Max All” will not cover this action for you.
  • You will automatically earn the following Achievements in this stage:
    • Antimatter Apocalypse” for exceeding 1e80 Antimatter
    • I Forgot to Nerf That” for getting an Antimatter multiplier over 1e32x
    • Boosting to the Max” for buying 10 Dimension Boosts
    • Past the Big Wall” for buying your first Galaxy
    • FAKE NEWS” for encountering 50 unique News messages
    • To Infinity!” for performing a Big Crunch (Infinity) for the first time.
  • You can get some Achievements during your first Infinity:
    • When you have over 1e150 First Dimensions, purchase a single First Dimension to earn “There’s No Point in Doing That…
      • It helps to have the First Dimension Autobuyer disabled.
      • You must disable the “Max All” hotkey trick.
    • When you can afford up to 100 Eighth Dimensions, turn off its Autobuyer and buy single Eighth Dimensions for a total of 99. This grants you the Achievement, “The 9th Dimension is a Lie”.
    • Double Galaxy” for purchasing a second Galaxy during a this Infinity.
    • You can earn the Achievement “The Gods are Pleased” for performing a Dimensional Sacrifice when you have over 1e300 Antimatter. You can actually press "S" once you're on the "Big Crunch" screen to get this.
    • I do not recommend attempting any other Achievements listed in the above prior to your first Infinity. You can earn them more easily later, and they only give minor boosts.

When you reach 1.79e308 Antimatter, your screen will be overtaken by a button with the words, “Big Crunch”. Press it and you will return to the start, but with your Achievements and Autobuyers intact and with one Infinity Point (IP).

First Infinity to Break Infinity[]

Congratulations on hitting your first major milestone in Antimatter Dimensions! Your new goal is to get to Infinity again and again, earning IP, buying upgrades that progressively make your Infinities faster and more automated.

You have unlocked 12 Challenges. Do not start these just yet. I highly recommend waiting until you’ve gotten several Infinity Upgrades. The reward for completing Challenges is Autobuyers rather than upgrades or boosts to production.

A note -- many players recommend that your next few Infinities be done inside of Challenge 8, which can be completed faster than a regular Infinity if you are actively playing and utilizing the available alternate Sacrifice mechanic available. That is up to you -- I do not do this because I tend to be a rather idle player and this requires heavily active participation.

Once you have hit a certain level of automation speed and purchased a certain number of upgrades, you will be able to hit the “Break Infinity” button and continue to the next phase. This only becomes possible after you beat Challenge 12 and spend enough IP to maximize the rate of the Big Crunch (Infinity) Autobuyer.

On Infinity Upgrades:

  • A new “Infinity” tab has appeared. The first tab that appears here is Infinity Upgrades. There are a total of 16. Purchasing all 16 opens further upgrades.
  • The most powerful in terms of return on investment (your reward for what you pay) by far is “Galaxies are Twice as Strong”, which costs 2 IP. The second most powerful is “Decrease the Number of Dimensions Needed for Dimension Boosts and Galaxies by 9”. It is recommended to get the top left upgrade first, then proceed down the second column.
  • The third column of upgrades are helpful, but get progressively more expensive.
  • The fourth column of upgrades are progressively more expensive, but reduce the time and effort to get to Infinity. These upgrades do not apply in Challenges.
  • Unlocking all 16 Infinity Upgrades earns you an Achievement, “No DLC Required”, and opens two more Infinity Upgrades:
    • The IP gain multiplier is repeatable and absolutely required for progress for the remainder of the game. Buy this as soon as feasible.
    • The Passive IP gain Upgrade only applies while offline, and only generates value for the highest IP/minute you gained without using Max All. If you are going to go offline and rely on this feature, maximize it before closing out. (I do not use this feature much.)
  • Note that your Infinity count (known as “Infinities”) plays a massive role in Antimatter production for the remainder of the game. Sometimes an inability to complete a Challenge or Achievement can be overcome with more Infinities.

On Challenges:

  • As previously stated, I do not recommend starting Challenges until purchasing all 16 Infinity Upgrades. These are doable well before then, but you want to do plenty of Infinities to boost your Infinity Upgrades, as well as earn more Achievements, to give you more power when you get into them, in order to save you time and headaches in the long run.
  • The rewards for completing Challenges are additional automation options.
    • Challenge 1-8 rewards enable you to increase the rate at which ADs are purchased, then enable bulk purchase (up to 512x which is considered max for that Dimension).
    • Challenge 9, the most difficult, grants you a bulk Tickspeed Autobuyer.
    • Challenge 10 grants you a Dimension Boost Autobuyer.
    • Challenge 11, the easiest, nets you a Galaxy Autobuyer.
    • Challenge 12 grants you a Big Crunch (Infinity) Autobuyer.
  • Again, by using hotkey tricks, you can maximize progress and automate Infinities before earning the Autobuyers. But you will need to complete all 12 Challenges to proceed to the next part of the game.

Challenge strategies:

  • Challenge 1 is considered to be permanently complete upon your first Infinity. I’m not sure I agree with this design choice, but it is what it is.
  • Challenge 2 takes a very long time and is best saved for last or second to last. It’s an ordinary Infinity, but completed much more slowly. Grind lots of Infinities to brute force this Challenge. Consider having even one of the Break Infinity Upgrades.
  • Challenge 3 is very similar to Challenge 2, but is easier to brute force with lots of Infinities.
  • Challenge 4 is easy and can be completed any time, but gets easier with more grinded Infinities and Infinity Upgrades.
  • Challenge 5 is easy *only* if you have the Achievement “Claustrophobic”.
  • Challenge 6 is difficult until you get all Infinity Upgrades.
  • Challenge 7 is easy and can be completed anytime; like all the others, is made easier with more Infinity Upgrades and grinded Infinities.
  • Challenge 8 is easy but specifically requires you to get bigger and bigger Sacrifices until completion.
  • Challenge 9 is the most difficult and requires a very specific strategy to complete. You should not attempt this before completing Challenges 10, 11, and 12 and purchasing all Infinity Upgrades, and perhaps one or two Break Infinity Upgrades.
    • Pause all Antimatter Dimension Autobuyers except the 8th, if you have it. Ensure you are not using any hotkey tricks.
    • Press (not hold) “Max All” repeatedly until you get 5 Dimension Boosts. Slowly purchase, in reverse order, Dimensions 7 through 1 in reverse order. Buy single Tickspeed upgrades up until the cost of the next 1st AD. Sacrifice every time the value is above 2.0x. Eventually you should automatically purchase the next Dimension Boost.
    • Repeat until you purchase a Galaxy.
    • Repeat until you get your second Galaxy.
    • Repeat until completion.
    • This may require some finagling. If you are close, be patient and continue. If you are nowhere close, exit the challenge and grind more Infinities and try again later.
    • Ensure you restore your Autobuyers after completion. Your reward is bulk Tickspeed purchases. Make sure you turn this on. It will provide a massive boost to the speed of reaching Infinity if you were not previously using a hotkey trick.
  • Challenge 10 is difficult before you get all Infinity Upgrades, but easy afterwards.
  • Challenge 11 is easy and can be completed anytime.
  • Challenge 12 is difficult before you get all Infinity Upgrades, but easy afterwards.

My overall strategy for this section is as follows:

  • Prioritize Infinity Upgrades that make you finish Infinities faster and faster. I do not recommend completing Challenges until you get all Infinity Upgrades and begin getting Infinity Point gain multipliers.
    • Using the hotkey trick trivializes any Autobuyers you purchase. But if you do not use this trick, you will have to play very actively until you purchase and max all Autobuyers, and that incentivizes you to complete Challenges earlier.
    • Play around with Autobuyers, such as limiting yourself to one Galaxy and ten Dimension Boosts. Again, the goal here is speed, not power. That will change after you Break Infinity.
  • In order, prioritize:
    • Infinity Upgrades that help you Infinity faster. In general, you can purchase them in order.
    • Infinity Point gain multiplier Upgrades.
    • Challenge completions.
    • Autobuyer Upgrades. In order, the best are Tickspeed, Big Crunch (Infinity), Galaxy, Dimension Boost, and then Dimensions 1-8.
    • Grinding Infinities gives you a bigger boost to ADs. If you are having trouble completing a Challenge, try grinding more Infinities.
  • Get the following Achievements:
    • Claustrophobic” for performing an Infinity with one Galaxy. I recommend getting this on your second run.
    • That’s a Lot of Infinities” for reaching Infinity 10 times.
    • You Didn’t Need it Anyway”, naturally for completing Challenge 10.
    • That’s FAST!” for reaching Infinity in less than 30 minutes. You will get this automatically after a few Infinity Upgrades. Do not perform any Challenges without this. “That’s FASTER!” for reaching Infinity in less than 10 minutes, and “Forever Isn’t That Long” for less than 1 minute, all achievable in this stage of the game, with immense bonuses to help you Infinity even faster.
    • I Don’t Believe in Gods” for not Sacrificing on your path to purchase an individual Galaxy or Infinity.
    • No DLC Required” for purchasing the first 16 Infinity Upgrades, which unlocks the Infinity Point gain multiplier and Passive Infinity Point gain.
    • Super Sanic” is automatic, but may not happen until after Break Infinity. Same for “Over in 30 Seconds”, “Faster Than a Potato”, and “Multidimensional”.
    • Daredevil” for completing 3 Challenges.
    • Antichallenged” for completing all 12 Challenges.
    • Age of Automation” and “Definitely Not Worth It” can be reasonably obtained before reaching Break Infinity. Purchase Autobuyer upgrades until all have a speed of 0.1 seconds. There is a separate Achievement for further maximizing the bulk purchase ability of each Autobuyer.
    • At some point you will need to get “Don’t You Dare Sleep” for being offline for 6 hours. Don’t feel the need to prioritize this now, but know you will have to do it sometime before your first Reality. Note you start with this automatically in Speedruns.
    • I’ll mention here the Achievement “One for Each Dimension” is obtained after 8 days of play. First timers playing actively tend to get this right around the time they’re getting other Achievements on the same row. Others may be held up from completing their first Reality by this Achievement. This is automatically given at the start of Speedruns for this reason.
    • Do not worry yet about Achievements associated with Challenges. These are much easier after Break Infinity.
    • Limit Break” for hitting the “Break Infinity” button.

Upon maximizing the Big Crunch Autobuyer for ~16k IP, you can Break Infinity and move on.

Break Infinity to Infinity Power[]

Hitting “Break Infinity” now allows you to go past 1.79e308 Antimatter. There is no cap on how much Antimatter you can get, though AD and Tickspeed costs begin rising faster.

You will also see a new orange block in the top left that shows “Reach 100M IP and 1e1100 Antimatter to Unlock a New Dimension”. These are Infinity Dimensions (IDs), which provide a massive multiplier to all ADs. It will be a slog to gain enough resources to reach this point – be patient.

There are also new Upgrades under the “Break Infinity” tab that have much higher costs than previous. The most valuable one here is “All Galaxies are 50% Stronger”.

Pay close attention to the “IP per Minute” marking under the Big Crunch button. Depending on what you are trying to maximize, you may shoot for a high Antimatter score, for grinding IP, or for grinding Infinities. These all warrant different approaches.

  • For max Antimatter, just let things grow. Do not place any caps on Dimension Boosts or Galaxies. Sacrifice periodically. But don’t waste your time forever – only linger if you are very close to having enough 8th ADs for another Galaxy.
  • For grinding IP, I recommend turning off Dimension Boosts, checking your max IP per Minute, putting that number into the Big Crunch Autobuyer, and letting it go for a while. Dimension Boosts reset your Antimatter and slow that rate down significantly until you purchase the “Max Dimension Boost Autobuyer” upgrade.
  • For grinding Infinities, turn off both Dimension Boosts and Galaxies and put the Big Crunch Autobuyer at 1 or 0 (which still counts as 1).

Keep returning to these periodically as you buy Break Infinity Upgrades.

  • Gain a Multiplier Based on Infinities” provides a further boost based on how many Infinities you have grinded. This will continue to play a major factor for the rest of the game.
  • Passively Generate Infinities” is based on the speed of your fastest Infinity. Keep getting this effect higher.
  • The “Reduce Post-Infinity Costs” upgrades are very weak, but get incrementally more powerful as they are purchased. Even if they start weak, you still need them to progress.
  • The “Antimatter Dimensions Gain a Multiplier Based on Slowest Challenge Run” will provide a weak boost if your Challenge times are poor, but will provide a max of 30k times boost when your sum of times is less than 750 milliseconds. This sounds insane right now but you will get this sooner than you think. You will start doing re-challenges soon for this boost, and for some Achievements.
  • The “Autobuyers Work Twice as Fast” upgrade is trivialized by using hotkey tricks, but without them, makes your game run twice as fast with the upgrade.
    • Purchasing this is *almost* equivalent to using the hotkey trick. Feel free to no longer use the “Max All” hotkey trick after this purchase.
  • The “Generate X% of your best IP/min” is helpful but not gamebreaking.


  • Prioritize the IP multiplier upgrade. You will get stuck if you forget about this.
  • Spend most of your efforts grinding IP to buy Break Infinity Upgrades. Periodically go for a high Antimatter score, and periodically grind Infinities, prospectively from the 1K to 10K range.
  • Also periodically re-attempt Challenges and go after new Achievements:
    • In general, for Challenges, turn on your Big Crunch Autobuyer to any amount, enter a Challenge, and see how fast it auto-completes. Most should complete within a few seconds (except Challenge 9).
    • If they are already completing very fast, the absolute fastest way to complete a Challenge (sub-100 milliseconds) is to turn off your Dimension Boost and Galaxy Autobuyers.
    • It will be a while before you can do the above with Challenge 9. You still want to get this time down to increase the power of the “Slowest Challenge Completion” boost.
    • How the Antitables Have Turned” requires a very specific strategy. I recommend only attempting after having completed all Challenges.
      • Pause all Autobuyers. Manually grow until you have a Galaxy and at least six Dimension Boosts. Buy one of each AD. Bulk buy Tickspeed. Do at least one Sacrifice. Pay attention to the multiplier for each AD. The multiplier for the 8th needs to be higher than the 7th, etc. all the way down to the 1st.
      • Purchase as many 8th Dimensions as possible, and Sacrifice and buy as much Tickspeed as available. Carefully manually purchase ADs 2 through 7 until each multiplier is higher than the last.
      • If you are having trouble with this, you need more Dimension Boosts. But too many will get you to Big Crunch. If it’s altogether too frustrating, do this after Break Infinity.
    • You get “Many Deaths” for completing C2 in under 3 minutes.
    • You get “Gift from the Gods” for completing C8 in under 3 minutes.
    • You get “This is Fine” for completing C9 in under 3 minutes. If you are having trouble, you will get there easily once you reach IDs
    • Get “Bulked Up” for maxing all Autobuyers. Don’t make this a priority compared to other Break Infinity Upgrades – only buy them when they’re comparatively inexpensive for you.
    • You might be able to get “Not-So-Challenging” for getting the sum of all Challenge times under 3 minutes. If not, you will get this easily with IDs.
  • Reaching 100M IP and 1e1100 Antimatter are two separate problems.
    • Ensure you reach 100M IP first, and feel free to spend the IP gain multiplier for that amount, and all Break Infinity Upgrades less than that cost. You will likely need to buy one or two Break Infinity Upgrades that exceed that amount by a small margin.
    • When ready, let the game go to reach 1e1100 Antimatter. This may take a long time. Don’t forget to Sacrifice. If you are getting nowhere near that amount after an hour, you either need more Break Infinity Upgrades, more Infinities, or better Challenge times.
    • When both conditions are met, unlock your first ID.

Infinity Power to Replicanti[]

Purchasing your first ID at the end of a long grind may result in nothing startling happening. But perform a Big Crunch and you’ll see that you get back to 1e1100 Antimatter very quickly.

IDs provide a massive boost to all ADs – an effect called “Infinity Power”. Buying these will be your new priority all the way to the next layer, your first Eternity. But costs for more IDs remain very high. You’ll get there.

With your first ID, feel free to reattempt fastest Infinity and Challenge times. Even one 1st ID might be enough to claim all achievements and maximize your Challenge time Break Infinity Upgrade. If not, try again periodically with more Infinity Power.

Your grind will continue until you can buy a second 1st ID for 100 B IP. This boosts you even further, and the “All Galaxies are 50% Stronger” Break Infinity Upgrade will be yours. This will quickly propel you through the rest of all the Break Infinity Upgrades and many more IDs.

You will now begin to face Infinity Challenges (ICs). These all require reaching a certain level of Antimatter, which you will achieve naturally through progression.

Strategy for ICs:

  • In general, if you are struggling, gain more IDs or more Infinities. You might be reaching the 100k Infinities mark by now. Ensure you have every Achievement you can get up to this point.
  • Ensure you are not limiting your Galaxies or Dimension Boosts. This will kill you in some ICs.
  • IC1 is all of the first set of Challenges combined. It’s very easy.
    • The combination of Challenges 2 and 3 will cause your Antimatter growth to be stunted after a purchase, but grow in strength after time. Just let this go – it’s the easiest one. Your reward is a miniscule boost to IDs.
  • IC2 is easy, but you will have a hard time completing it without enough IDs. Your boost is a Sacrifice Autobuyer and slight boost to its strength.
  • IC3 is just as easy as IC2, but again, you need enough IDs to complete it in a timely manner. This gives you a modest boost to ADs.
  • IC4 is very difficult *unless* you follow a very specific strategy to simplify it.
    • Turn off Autobuyers for ADs 1-7. Ensure you are not using any hotkey tricks.
    • Start the IC.
    • Tap “M” for “Max All” patiently to buy more Dimension Boosts and Galaxies.
    • Repeat this until, after pressing M twice, you do not purchase either a Galaxy or Dimension Boost.
    • Turn off the Dimension Boost Autobuyer.
    • From here on, after you purchase a Galaxy or Dimension Boost, press M twice, then slowly purchase ADs 7 through 1 in descending order. Repeat until you purchase the next Galaxy and your Antimatter and Dimension Boosts are reset.
    • Repeat the “M” process, purchasing Dimension Boosts until you have over 100. Then get to your next Galaxy. Keep repeating.
    • This strategy will take you all the way to Big Crunch. It will take a while, but any alternative is pretty awful. Your reward is AD multipliers get an exponential boost, which is massive.
    • Don’t forget to turn your Autobuyers back on.
  • IC5 is also very difficult, but made easy by the following steps:
    • Change Autobuyers for ADs 1-7 to “Buy Single”. Ensure you are not using any hotkey tricks.
    • That’s it! Your reward is another boost to Galaxy strength and another decrement to purchase requirements. This boost is even more significant than IC4’s.
  • ICs 6, 7, and 8 are also easy, no strategy required, just the brute force of your IDs. The rewards are to IDs, Dimension Boost Multipliers, and to ADs 2-7 respectively, which will be enough to get you to 1e140 IP.

Strategy for this section:

  • IDs are slightly superior to IP gain boosts, but you will need both.
  • You should not have to spend extensive periods of time reaching an Antimatter requirement for unlocking ICs. If you do, then go straight into it, you may have a harder time than you need.
  • Get the following Achievements:
    • A New Beginning” for buying your first ID.
    • Oh Hey…You’re Still Here?” for exceeding 100M IP/min, which you will get naturally.
    • Faster Than a Squared Potato” for exceeding 1e58 Ticks per second, which you will get naturally.
    • Infinitely Challenging” for completing IC1.
    • Can’t Hold All These Infinities”, “THIS ACHIEVEMENT DOESN’T EXIST”, “NEW DIMENSIONS???”, “1 Million is a Lot”, and “Anti-Anti-Challenged” should also be obtained naturally.
    • With at least a single 2nd ID, you should be able to knock out two Achievements simultaneously. Pause all Autobuyers, enter Challenge 2, and buy a single 1st AD. This should give you both “Zero Deaths” and “ERROR 909: Dimension Not Found”.
    • With enough IDs, you should easily be able to minimize normal Challenge times. Again, you save a few milliseconds by turning off Galaxy and Dimension Boost Autobuyers, and ensuring the Big Crunch Autobuyer is on. Do this with all normal Challenges to earn “Not a Second Lost”. This will also maximize your Challenge time Infinity Upgrade boost.
    • Do the same as above for a non-Challenge Infinity for 1 or 0 IP to earn “Blink of an Eye”. If you have had any trouble with Challenge times being greater than 50 milliseconds, try again after gaining this Achievement.
  • At 1e140 IP, unlock Replicanti in the third Infinity tab.

Replicanti to First Eternity[]

Replicanti grow exponentially over time from 1 to 1.79e308, providing a boost to all IDs the more you have. They are reset to 1 when you perform a Big Crunch. Replicanti are now essential to your continued progression to your first Eternity.

You can purchase three separate Replicanti Upgrades with IP to increase their rate of production. Purchase them as soon as they are available.

  • Replicanti Chance” scales your growth speed from 1% up to 100%. So when you go from 1% to 2%, their growth rate is doubled, at 3%, it is three times as fast as original.
  • Interval” decreases your time to reaching 1.79e308 Replicanti by 10%.
  • To make sense of the above, Replicanti Chance purchases far exceed the power of the Interval purchase until you hit Replicanti Chance of 10%, at which the value of the upgrades are equal, and then Interval is superior. This is important to understand for later challenges in the game.

You can also purchase Replicanti Galaxies (RGs). At 1.79e308 Replicanti, you can purchase an RG, which is identical toa regular Galaxy (for now). The third upgrade on the Replicanti tab increases your max RG cap, which starts at 0. Performing a Big Crunch resets both your Replicanti amount and your RGs.

Strategy for this section:

  • This is now a long, slow grind to 1.79e308 IP to your first Eternity. Getting there expediently depends on your patience for performing Infinities with enough IP for purchases worth resetting your Replicanti and RGs for.
  • A good rule of thumb is to wait long enough for enough IP to purchase a Replicanti Chance or Interval upgrade, which will decrement your next wait time.
  • After every Big Crunch, first purchase Replicanti upgrades, then IDs, then the IP gain multiplier. Rinse and repeat, going back for any missed Achievements.
  • When your total time to 1.79e308 Replicanti is less than one hour, strongly consider being patient and letting it reach that amount to get a very powerful Achievement, “Is This Safe?” which lets you keep your Replicanti amount and 1 RG upon Infinity.
  • Note that the “R” hotkey is used for RGs. Use this for the hotkey trick.
  • Achievements:
    • You will gain “YOU CAN GET 50 GALAXIES?!?!”, “I Got a Few to Spare”, “ALL YOUR IP ARE BELONG TO US”, “Do you Even Bend Time Bro?”, “MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE”, “4.3333 Minutes of Infinity”, and “0 Degrees from Infinity” through normal progress.
    • DO NOT MISS “Is this Safe?” You will regret it if you Eternity without it!
    • 2 MILLION INFINITIES” is optional at this point. If you are close (e.g. >1M), wait it out by grinding Infinities. (Set Big Crunch Autobuyer to 0 and disable the Dimension Boost and Galaxy Autobuyers. Wait patiently.) You can get this more easily after your first Eternity if you don’t want to take the time to earn it now.
      • The reward from this Achievement is earning 250x more Infinities upon Big Crunch if your Infinity is more than 5 seconds. This is vital later in the game, but not now.
    • To earn “Yet Another Infinity Reference”, at some point during your progression, check your Sacrifice multiplier. If it’s above 1.79e308, disable the Sacrifice Autobuyer, wait until after a Dimension Boost or Galaxy purchase, and then Sacrifice for that amount. The reward is meager. Don’t forget to turn the Autobuyer back on afterwards.
    • To earn “I Brake for NOBODY!”, Big Crunch for at least 1e250 IP in less than 20 seconds. This is not hard, but it’s not automatic either.
    • Game Design is My Passion” and “Ludicrous Speed” are very difficult to achieve prior to your first Eternity. “Like Jumping on a Lego” is completely unrealistic to achieve yet. Wait until later.
  • If you want, feel free to get better times on ICs, but no there’s no reward yet. Should you choose to, remember to disable Galaxy and Dimension Boost Autobuyers.
  • When you’re ready, hit the “Eternity” button to earn the “Time is Relative” Achievement.
    • You will earn a certain number of Eternity Points (EP) on your first Eternity. Spending excessive time to reach a higher number of EP is absolutely not worth it yet because of the introduction of new mechanics upon your first Eternity.

First Eternity to First Reality[]

First Eternity to All Eternity Milestones[]

Congratulations! You have hit a huge milestone within Antimatter Dimensions, your first Eternity!

You go all the way back to the beginning, though with all your Achievements and Challenge and IC records intact. This may seem like a huge blow, except you also have a bunch of new game mechanics available to you.

Your first Infinity probably took less than a day. Your first Eternity may have taken you a week or less. At that pace, your first Reality may take you up to a month – again, this all depends on how actively you play and how experienced you are, but this is to highlight that the distance between these milestones is immense. Your journey is about to get a lot more difficult and complicated, with lots more choices, but learning and mastering these mechanics is what makes this game so fun.

You have four new mechanics available to you: Time Dimensions (TDs), Eternity Milestones, Eternity Upgrades, and Time Studies (TS). The first three are straightforward, but Time Studies are highly configurable and require extensive explanation.

You also gained your first Eternity Milestone, which is a very helpful Autobuyer for the IP gain multiplier. There is never a reason to turn this off except to earn one specific Achievement much later in the game.

On TDs:

  • TDs are incredibly powerful and are the necessary mechanic to get you all the way to your next milestone, your first Reality.
  • Upon your first Eternity, the first place you should go is to a new tab, “Time Dimensions”.
  • With 1 EP you can purchase a single 1st TD, which should be powerful enough to propel you to your first Infinity much faster than your first, though you will have to complete all ICs over again.
  • TDs produce “Time Shards”, which grant you free Tickspeed upgrades. Whereas your first Eternity may have taken a week, your second one may take an hour.
  • DO NOT SPEND YOUR FIRST EP ON A TIME THEOREM. You will miss out on the massive bonus your first 1st TD will afford you.
  • It is highly unlikely you got enough EP for additional purchases, but if you did, prioritize more TDs.
  • As with ADs and IDs, you should prioritize lower Dimensions over higher ones, *except* when purchasing a new Dimension for the first time.

The “Eternity Milestones” tab is straightforward. Every time you Eternity you gain a new perk. These are in order, with perks gained at 1-18, then 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 200, and 1000 Eternities.

  • Early Milestones get you a bigger head start at each Eternity, or grant you more Autobuyer options.
  • The 2nd Milestone is a minor relief – Challenges are automatically completed.
  • The 5th Milestone gives you more Big Crunch Autobuyer options. This is important to manipulate based on where you are in the game. While grinding up to 1000 Eternities, a good first start is setting to something like a 1e30 IP growth rate.
  • The 7th Milestone is a massive relief – ICs are automatically completed.
  • The 9th Milestone grants a large boost to the speed of the game by enabling bulk purchase of Galaxies.
  • The 10th Milestone is permanently unlocks Replicanti – a great relief.
  • The 11th through 18th Milestones give you Autobuyers for each ID – though you still have to manually unlock them. (You can unlock them quickly by hitting “Max All” on the ID tab.)
  • The 25th Milestone provides a perk in that IDs are unlocked as soon as you can afford them. From this point on, you can passively gain Eternities buy using the hotkey trick using “E” for Eternity, and your Big Crunch Autobuyer is set appropriately (e.g. 1e30 IP).
  • The 30th Milestone enables you to start with all ADs available for purchase, even in Challenges – this is important for Challenge record times.
  • The 50th, 60th, and 80th Milestones give you Autobuyers for Replicanti Upgrades. This enables your grinding to Eternities, and overall gameplay, to be much less manually intensive.
  • The 100th Milestone gives you an Eternity Autobuyer. You now no longer need to use the hotkey trick for Eternities, and can set an EP goal.
  • The 200th and 1000th Milestones grant passive gain of Eternities and Infinities while offline. While I personally keep my game on while grinding resources, these are useful options. Ensure you are following the instructions as laid out in the Milestones tab to ensure you will gain the resource you are after. Note that only one effect can be active at a time – EP, Eternities, or Infinities gain.

The “Eternity Upgrades” tab is also straightforward. With enough EP, you can purchase up to six separate Upgrades, as well as an EP gain multiplier.

  • Purchase each as soon as they are available.
  • The first Upgrade grants a multiplier to IDs based on unspent EP. This boost is modest. Do not save up EP to bolster this multiplier in lieu of purchasing other items available.
  • The second Upgrade grants a multiplier to IDs based on Eternities. This starts out very low but then grows at an exponential rate between 1000 and 100k Eternities, and almost not at all beyond 100k. You must get to at least 100k Eternities to reach your first Reality, but you don’t need to do this immediately.
  • The third Upgrade grants a multiplier to IDs based on the sum of your IC times. Once you can afford this at 50k EP, you want to max out your IC – the bonus is very powerful.
  • The fourth, fifth, and sixth Upgrades are essential, but increasingly less powerful. They change in value much later in the game. The fifth Upgrade is based on unspent TTs – this is another case where preserving TTs in lieu of purchasing a Time Study is never worth it.
  • This EP gain multiplier grows at a much harsher rate than the IP gain multiplier. This Upgrade should be your highest priority purchase with EP.

Time Studies deserve their own separate section. For now, I will only state that Time Studies are highly configurable and can be reset and reconfigured between each Eternity.

  • To purchase Time Studies, you need Time Theorems (TTs). To purchase TTs, you need to reach either Antimatter thresholds (in 20k Antimatter intervals), IP (in 1e100 IP intervals), or EP (the cost of which doubles in perpetuity).
  • Always purchase TTs as soon as they are available.
  • Correct knowledge of Time Studies will be vital through the rest of the game.
  • On your path to 1000 Eternities, pursue the path to TS 42 (reducing the requirement for Galaxy purchase). That is, TS 11, 22, 32, then 42 – not the others. TS 42 will provide you an incredible boost to Antimatter, IP, etc., and speed to Eternity.
  • After TS 42, prioritize TS 51 and 61 for large boosts to IP and EP.
  • TS 21, 31, and 41 are very weak and only be purchased when you have TTs to spare.
  • TS 33 is a convenience more than anything else and should not be prioritized yet.

Your next primary goal is to gain 1000 Eternities, but you will use all the other new mechanics to help propel you forward faster and faster.

My recommended strategy for this section is as follows:

  • You should prioritize available EP purchases in the following order:
    • The EP gain multiplier
    • Eternity Upgrades
    • TTs, leading to Time Studies
    • TDs – feel free to always use “Max All” on the TDs tab, as it will always prioritize the first purchase of a single new TD
  • Focus for now on reaching 100 Eternities. Each Eternity you perform will make the next easier. Don’t worry about Achievements or faster IC times until you have reached this threshold.
    • While you may be impressed with how fast you reach your second Eternity, you may begin to find your third, fourth, and so on Eternities annoying for having to repeat ICs. At your 7th Eternity, this becomes no longer required.
      • With enough resources (TDs, etc.), you can plough through ICs out of order – e.g. saving IC4 and IC5 for last, so that you may not have to closely follow the meticulous strategies for completing them.
    • Even after the 7th Eternity, you will still find that having to manually purchase IDs is annoying. The 11th through 18th Milestones give you Autobuyers for IDs, and the 25th Milestone automatically unlocks IDs upon reaching their Antimatter requirements.
    • Unlocking Replicanti and Replicanti Upgrades is annoying. Again, at later Milestones, you will permanently unlock Replicanti and gain Replicanti Upgrade Autobuyers. But once you purchase TS 42, you likely do not need Replicanti Upgrades at all in order to reach Eternity with minimal IP.
  • At perhaps 25 Eternities, try *once* to reach a high enough Antimatter and IP amount to purchase as many TTs available to either purchase TS 42, or get close to it. Save up your EP for this if you need to. I cannot emphasize enough how powerful TS 42 is.
  • Upon purchase of TS 42, try to reach a high Antimatter and IP again for even more TTs, pressing farther in order to reach TS 51 and then TS 61.
  • Purchasing TS 61 should then enable you to start saving up EP to gain your first EP gain multiplier. This further reinforces your progress by being able to purchase more TDs and TTs.
  • With at least 100 Eternities and TS 42, you can go back and max out your IC times (remember to disable Big Crunch and Dimension Boost Autobuyers for even faster times).
  • You can also gain the following Achievements:
    • Game Design is My Passion”, “Like Jumping on a Lego”, and “Never Again” for maximizing IC times. If you can’t get “Never Again” yet, try again later with more Time Studies, potentially up to TS 171. You’ll get there.
    • Ludicrous Speed” for performing a Big Crunch with at least 1e250 IP in less than two seconds. This should be very easy with the bulk buy Galaxies Eternity Milestone.
    • If you did not get “2 MILLION INFINITIES” before your first Eternity, try again with TS 32. This multiplies your Infinity gain based on Dimension Boosts, at least by 100x in this stage of the game. Set your Big Crunch Autobuyer option for once per second. This should not take long.
    • 8 Nobody Got Time for That” can be completed easily at least by the time you get TS 42. Just turn off Autobuyers for ADs 1-7 for the duration of an Eternity.
    • This Mile Took an Eternity” for 1000 Eternities.
    • That Wasn’t an Eternity” for finishing one in less than 30 seconds, easily doable with 100 Eternities and TS 42.
    • The Swarm”, which you can achieve early once your Replicanti Upgrades are high enough and doing a handful of Infinities in a row, or gained automatically later on.
    • Do You Really Need a Guide for This?” Note you cannot have TS 32 on for this one.
    • We COULD Afford 9” – turn off Replicanti Autobuyers, buy a couple Replicanti Chance purchases, and wait. Be patient or you will miss it. Don’t worry if it takes a few attempts. There is no bonus, but it’s still required for your first Reality.

At 100 Eternities and TS 42, I recommend leaving the game passive and grinding up at least to 1000 Eternities. Should you choose to leave the game passive, I recommend getting 20k to 40k eternities (which can reasonably done overnight) and then returning to active play. Otherwise, grind for more TTs or EP.

All Eternity Milestones to Eternity Challenge 1[]

To make it to Eternity Challenges (ECs), you will have to keep grinding EP, TTs, Time Studies, Eternities, etc. Eternities are best gained while playing passively, while all other resources must be gained actively.

You may also be highly annoyed by your Antimatter count constantly flickering due to resets from Dimension Boost, Galaxy, and Sacrifice purchases. Don’t worry – you’re on your way to ceasing this annoying behavior through a couple Achievements fairly soon.

Your next goal is to purchase TS 171, halfway down the Time Study tree, then fill out the tree to an optimal configuration for further growth. This requires gaining over 100 total TTs, which you know are purchased with high Antimatter, IP, or EP. Purchasing more TTs leads to more Time Studies, which push your ability to purchase TTs even further. These are all self-reinforcing and require balanced pursuit of each.

You will be stunted in your growth without sufficient Eternities. You will have a hard time reaching TS 171 without at least 10k Eternities. TDs alone will not get you there.

This section of the guide is in effect an explanation of Time Studies past TS 61.

  • You should make use of “saving” and “loading” TS configurations using the available menu on the Time Studies page.
  • Save your favorite Time Studies configurations using the Time Studies menu. Be aware that the game saves your preference of purchases *in the order in which you purchased them*. Order of purchases is important to you, so ensure that’s set correctly. This is more easily adjustable in the “Edit” tab in the Time Studies menu.
  • The optimal configuration path you are ultimately trying to reach in this section is: 11,22,32,42,51,61,73,83,93,103,111,121,131,141,151,161,171,162,62,21,31,41,33|0. (The zero at the end indicates no ECs purchased.)
    • You can actually copy and paste this into the “loading” menu for Time Studies. I name this the “ACTV” configuration because it utilizes the “Active” branch of the Time Studies tree.

You won’t quite make it to TS 171 if you simply purchase the optimal Time Studies path in order. For example, the boosts to TDs (73, 83, 93, 103) are only strong if purchased in tandem with TS 171, so you should purchase boosts to ADs (71, 81, 91, 101) until you can afford TS 171. It is best to understand what each Time Study does.

An explanation of TS 11 through TS 171:

  • You always have to start with TS 11, which slightly boosts TDs.
  • TS 21, 31, and 41 are very weak, but might make a small enough difference to let you purchase just one more TT or just get to the finish line in ECs. Only purchase if nothing else is available.
  • TS 22 and 32 are highly beneficial but don’t on their own boost Antimatter. TS 42 is massively powerful and should be obtained as soon as possible.
  • TS 51 and 61 are essential to continue. TS 51 gives a large fixed boost to IP which is helpful in all areas. TS 61 gives a massive boost to EP gain, which allows you to easily purchase more EP gain multipliers, which is your main source of progression all the way through Reality.
  • TS 33 lets you keep half of your RGs upon Big Crunch. This is largely a convenience outside ECs, but has a major impact inside ECs where Replicanti grow agonizingly slowly.
  • The next divide is between Time Studies which provide boosts to ADs, IDs, or TDs. The AD path is 7 TTs cheaper than the ID or TD paths. You can only choose one path, and which you choose depends on what you are doing (normal resource growth or ECs).
    • You should start with the AD path first because it is more affordable.
    • When you reach TS 141, IDs become the preferred path for resource growth.
    • When you reach TS 171, TDs become the preferred path for resource growth.
  • TS 111 is expensive but grants a large boost to IP. You can buy enough TTs by buying TSs 21-41, and then when you have two more TTs, respect your Time Studies, and purchase TS 111.
  • It is yet another long stretch to get to TS 121/122/123, but purchasing any one of these will propel you to TS 171.
    • The three paths are also mutually exclusive – you can only purchase one. These are divided into “Active”, “Passive”, and “Idle”.
    • You very nearly always want to choose “Active” (TS 121-123), but you need to understand the associated penalties with each branch.
      • The EP multiplier from TS 121 is 1.0x but can go up to 50.0x if you get 10 fast Eternities in a row. This is highly doable, but is a chore you’re going to have to endure.
      • The RG Autobuyer becomes disabled. Butyou gain 1.5x more RG's, You can avert this with the “R” hotkey trick.
      • The IP multiplier starts at a whopping 1e45x but drops precipitously after a few seconds. This multiplier resets to 1e45x after a Big Crunch. Therefore, for situations where you cannot Big Crunch for a long period of time, this is not the best path to use.
    • “Passive” should almost never be used. Two exceptions are before you can do Eternities reasonably fast (for TS 121), and also for EC12.
    • “Idle” has its own benefits and penalties as well.
      • The EP multiplier goes up steadily over time to approximately 35x after 15 minutes or so.
      • Replicanti grow 10x as slow. But RG's are 1.5x as strong. Consider using this path for EC4 , 8 , 11& 1e5RM+(When BH is active)
      • The IP multiplier goes up over time to approximately 1e33 after 15 minutes or so. Therefore, try to limit using “Idle” except for EC4, EC8, and EC11.
  • TS 151 is required to proceed and is very powerful.
  • TS 161 and 162 are identical under normal circ*mstances, except in ECs where either ADs or IDs are disabled or stunted.
  • TS 171 is also incredibly powerful. Once you can purchase this, switch over to the TD path to multiply the effect even further.

As stated above, your end goal is to purchase all available Time Studies, with TDs and Active being the best for the majority of situations. Once you have all available Studies for purchase, you should be able to get several more Achievements, grind up to 100k Eternities, and purchase enough TTs to start ECs.

My recommended strategy for this section is as follows:

  • Keep buying the EP multiplier, Eternity Upgrades, TTs, Time Studies, and TDs as before. Follow the path to TS 171 and all available Time Studies as previously outlined. This is a good time to grind to 100k Eternities.
  • Once you get to this stage, you will still have to grind an additional 10-15 TTs to be able to unlock ECs. Don’t bother trying to enter an EC unless you are very sufficiently resourced.
  • Get the following Achievements:
    • Tätä saavutusta ei ole olemassa II” should be achieved through normal progress. Ensure you have gotten the previous ones mentioned as well. It is unlikely you will be able to get more from here.
    • Infinite Time” is automatic, probably at the purchase of TS 171.

With at least ~115 TTs and 20k Eternities, you can start ECs. Again, the better resourced you are in terms of EP, TDs, Eternities, etc., the better chance you have of unlocking and completing them.

Eternity Challenge 1 to Eternity Challenge 8[]

There are 12 total ECs, which must be completed 5 times each with increasing difficulty.

Each EC must first be unlocked by achieving enough of a specific resource, as well as a certain number of TTs. This only enables you to start the EC – completing it is then another matter. Both unlock and completion requirements increase with each EC iteration, but so do the rewards.

Completing ECs requires a strategic understanding of Time Studies. You cannot “muscle” your way through an EC with a mismatched Time Study configuration.

ECs can technically be completed in any order, but in practicality you will end up following a specific order with little room for deviation. It is not wrong to think of going through ECs in order of EC1x1, EC2x1, EC3x1, etc., but after the first few you will see this in and of itself is not going to work.

As a reminder, a catchall to all ECs is that with more resources, such as more TDs, Time Studies, etc., you have a better chance of winning. Another is that grinding Infinities within it *may* help. But it has never helped me outside EC9 and EC10, which are the main strategy for beating them.

I will outline below the strategies for EC unlock strategies, and completion strategies, and the order in which to complete them. Feel free to mix things up on your side, but if you get stuck, try to follow the guide.

If you are hitting a complete wall unable to unlock or complete any EC available to you, continue grinding for resources – Eternity Upgrades, TTs, Time Studies, TDs, Eternities, Achievements, and Challenge completion times. Note that the return on going above 100k Eternities is negligible.

Note that once you unlock an iteration of an EC and then fail to complete it, you will not be required to unlock it again. (This was not true in older versions of the game – what a pain that was. Glad they changed that.)

A description of ECs:

  • EC1
    • Unlock requirement: Eternities, starting with 20k and ultimately at 100k
    • Time Study configuration: IDs (ADs are acceptable), Active, otherwise “normal” progression path
    • Completion strategy: Just like any Eternity, without the advantage of TDs. Very straightforward. You may be able to complete EC1 up to four times as soon as you meet the unlock requirements.
    • Completion reward: A minor boost to TDs, almost negligible compared to other EC rewards.
  • EC2
    • Unlock requirement: Tickspeed
    • Time Study configuration: TDs (ADs are acceptable), Active, otherwise “normal” progression path except TS 162 (which is useless), TS 33 is essential (and later, TS 62)
    • Completion strategy: This challenge has a low IP goal, but this results in Replicanti growing extremely slowly.
      • Big Crunch every second or so until you hit a peak. From that point, let your Replicanti fill to the top, then Big Crunch. Your Active Time Study IP multiplier will reset to 1e45, and another Big Crunch then would be a significant gain, do that too. Repeat until the end.
      • If it seems hopelessly far away, try again later. You should be able to do the first EC2 on first encounter, but you likely cannot do further iterations until you have completed other ECs like 4, 5, 6, or 7.
      • Getting rewards from EC5 is the main way to do later iterations – EC6 and EC7 completions help as well.
    • Completion reward: Large boost to 1st IDs. Noticeable for progression, but not highly beneficial for other ECs.
  • EC3
    • Unlock requirement: 8th ADs
    • Time Study configuration: TDs (ADs are acceptable), Active, otherwise “normal” progression path, TS 33 is essential (and later, TS 62)
    • Completion strategy: Similar to EC2, but harder to unlock and easier to complete. You should be able to complete these faster than EC2, but unlocking further iterations is a struggle.
      • Getting rewards from EC5 is the main way to do later iterations – EC6 and EC7 help as well.
    • Completion reward: Increase the multiplier for buying 10 ADs. Noticeable for progression, but not much for ECs.
  • EC4
    • Unlock requirement: Infinities, starting with 100M
    • Time Study configuration: TDs (or IDs if you cannot afford TS 171), Idle, otherwise “normal” progression path
    • Completion strategy: This EC is agonizing to unlock, but easy to complete.
      • To unlock, align your Time Studies up at least through TS 143, but ensure you have at least 70 TTs remaining or you will have wasted all your time. Grind Infinities by setting the Big Crunch Autobuyer to 5 seconds (or a hair more). You will probably get ~300k per Big Crunch, leading to an hour or more for each unlock.
      • Upon unlocking the EC, buy it (remember the reset trick if you accidentally fat finger the wrong Time Study), and then turn off your Big Crunch Autobuyer.
      • Start the EC. Allow your IP to grow until it peaks, then Big Crunch. Repeat until you hit the goal.
      • Ensure on your first attempt you get the Achievement “You’re a Mistake” by doing more than 16 Big Crunches, causing you to fail. Repeat again immediately afterwards, but win this time.
      • You should get the first completion easily, and maybe even the second one, but further attempts will require completions of other ECs. You cannot beat the fifth iteration without TS 181, much later on.
    • Completion reward: Large ID multiplier based on unspent IP. Very noticeable for progression and other ECs.
  • EC5
    • Unlock requirement: Galaxies
    • Time Study configuration: IDs (ADs are acceptable), Active, otherwise “normal” progression path
    • Completion strategy: The hard part about this EC is unlocking it due to its massive TT requirement. Even when you can afford it, you can barely afford any other Time Studies. You should be able to complete the first round if you can at least afford TS 71, but later iterations will require more TTs for more Time Studies.
    • Completion reward: Distant Galaxies start later. Slightly noticeable for progression, but huge impact to other ECs, particularly for those with low IP completion goals (like EC2 and EC3).
      • This also unlocks TS 62, which triples your Replicanti speed and is an overall headache remover for normal progression, and lifesaver for other ECs.
  • EC6
    • Unlock requirement: RGs
    • Time Study configuration: IDs (ADs and TDs are not really acceptable), Active, otherwise “normal” progression path, TS 33 and 62 are essential
    • Completion strategy: This EC seems impossible to many people, but it is overcome by patience.
      • You start with very low IP and get trapped with your Replicanti growing at an atrociously slow rate. But be patient, continue progressing, and once you get to around 1e600 IP, you’ll break through and finish quickly. This EC works by making RGs much cheaper, so as you skim your way up, you will eventually have enough to win. Players often get stuck in this part of the game because they try to skip EC6, but its rewards are required to progress.
      • TS 33 and 62 are vital for this EC.
    • Completion reward: Further reduce the AD cost multiplier growth. Very noticeable for progression and other ECs.
  • EC7
    • Unlock requirement: Antimatter
    • Time Study configuration: ADs (no IDs or TDs), Active, otherwise “normal” progression
    • Completion strategy: Hard to unlock, very easy to complete. Try unlocking via TD/ID Time Studies, unlock it, and do the Challenge with an AD Time Study config. It completes itself easily.
      • The 5th completion is impossible until you get TS 193 and TS 214 later in the game.
    • Completion reward: 1st TD produces 8th ADs. Not very noticeable for progression, but major impact for ECs.
  • EC8
    • Unlock requirement: IP
    • Time Study configuration: TDs, Idle, with a twist – unlock the EC with your “normal” Time Study configuration, but before you start it, reconfigure your Time Studies and stop at TS 123 – DO NOT BUY TS 133 YET.
    • Completion strategy: This requires a very specific method to complete.
      • This has the most powerful reward of all the first 8 ECs, but is very difficult to afford, and not completable without at least TS 133. You will have to complete many other ECs before you can get to this point.
      • This EC disables your ID and Replicanti Upgrade Autobuyers and gives you a fixed number of purchases. Max out the 1st ID, and purchase the Replicanti Chance Autobuyer until 9%.
      • As previously stated, DO NOT BUY TS 133…YET.
      • Disable your Big Crunch Autobuyer. Only Big Crunch manually when your IP growth levels off.
      • From there, it’s up to you how many RGs you want to buy. Unless you are a sad*st, do not purchase more than 10. (3 RGs are a good number to try at first.) The rest, purchase Replicanti intervals. Wait…and wait.
      • Be ready to use the reset trick – that is, save, take an action, and if you don’t like it, immediately close the game and reopen. It will revert to before you took the action.
      • Using the reset trick, purchase the remainder of your available Time Studies. Big Crunch shortly after your IP gain levels off, and try again maybe once more. If you were close, do the reset trick. If you were nowhere close, try again with more RGs. If you already tried 10 and were nowhere close, you are not ready for this EC. You can also try and go beyond 10 RGs, but that’s your choice.
      • You probably can’t do the fourth and fifth iterations of this EC without completing EC9 a couple times.
      • If you are at a total stonewall with this EC, you probably need more TDs.
      • TS 181 helps but is not essential. If you’re within ~1e15 IP of completion, you can just let TS 143 grow until it hits the mark.
    • Completion reward: Infinity Power strengthens RGs. Enormous boost for progression, also helpful for ECs, especially EC9.

Your goal in this stage is to complete as many ECs as possible. Only EC7x5 and EC8x4 and EC8x5 should be beyond your reach by the time you can afford EC9. There is major flexibility in how you approach this, but in general, you should grind for resources, attempt ECs, and if you cannot succeed, grind for resources and move on to the next one.

My recommended strategy for this section is as follows:

  • Grinding resources (EP, Eternities up to 100k, Eternity Upgrades, TDs, TTs, and Time Studies) is a constant must. If you are plateauing in growth, you are overdue for completing ECs.
  • It is not wrong to attempt ECs 1-8 in order, round robin. If you are nowhere close to the goal, quit it and move on. If you are reasonably close, strongly consider enduring it through to completion.
  • I have already indicated above a strategy for unlocking and completing each EC. If you are hitting a wall, grind for more resources. If your growth in resources has plateaued, try a different approach to the ECs.
  • I will state again:
    • EC1 is easy but offers very small benefits.
    • EC2 is easy to unlock, but hard to complete without other EC completions, particularly EC5.
    • EC3 is hard to unlock, but easier than EC2 to complete, but EC5 will get you farther.
    • EC4 is painful to unlock, but easy to complete, and its rewards are important for other ECs.
    • EC5 completions are vital for other ECs. If you’re having trouble with EC5, you probably need more Time Studies, not more EC completions.
    • EC6 is painful to complete, and players often give up too early. EC6 completions are vital for further progress in ECs or in general.
    • EC7 can be a bit challenging to unlock, but is also vital for many EC completions, especially EC6. It is very easy to complete.
    • EC8 is painful to complete, but if you’re close, try to complete with up to 10 RGs, and be patient. If you are not close, you need more TDs. EC8 has the most powerful rewards of all the other ECs on this list.
  • At some point, you will have enough TTs to unlock TS 181, which automatically grants you IP without needing to Big Crunch. This is extremely helpful for progression, where you will no longer need to have the Big Crunch Autobuyer on. It is also extremely helpful for most ECs, if you can afford it.
    • If you have to choose between TS 181 and have a bonus to TDs from unspent TTs, TS 181 usually wins.
  • On this journey, get the following Achievements:
    • Are you ready for one of the best Achievements in the game? Once you reach around 1e4000 IP, set your Big Crunch Autobuyer to 2e308. If you can Infinity 10 times in a row at that rate, you will earn “Yo Dawg, I Heard You Liked Infinities…
      • This Achievement no longer resets your Antimatter on Dimension Boosts or Galaxies, vastly improving your game speed, and massively reducing the flickering of your Antimatter count that can cause you a headache to stare at.
      • This is the first of several Achievements or other perks that also get rid of Antimatter resetting. A previous Eternity Milestone you earned did this for RGs.
      • This will help vastly with Challenge and IC completion times, as well as help smooth your ECs and normal game progression. Get this Achievement as soon as practical!
      • This Achievement can be done slightly earlier using the Idle Time Studies path, but requires a much longer wait.
      • There are tricks you can do to help guarantee success, like starting your Eternity with no Time Studies, then slowly purchasing them. If you follow the Statistics tab, you can see that if you do this with all Time Studies on, you will Big Crunch at intervals far greater than 2e308 and cause the cost of your tenth Infinity to be too high. Buying Time Studies in order mitigates this problem.
    • With the above Achievement, you should be able to get “Eternities are the New Infinity” by setting your Eternity Autobuyer to 1 or 0 EP and your Big Crunch Autobuyer to 1e308. This doubles your Eternities gain and helps you get to 100k Eternities faster, if you have not done so already.
    • You need to fail either EC4 (by doing too many Big Crunches), or later, EC12 (by exceeding the time limit) in order to earn “You’re a Mistake”. Remember, you must gain all first 13 rows of Achievements to perform your first Reality.
    • Get “I Wish I Had Gotten 7 Eternities” by starting an IC inside of an EC. You can do this as soon as EC1x1.
    • Do I Really Need to Infinity?” can be obtained as soon as you can you get “Yo Dawg…”, but TS 32 must be turned off.
    • Costco Sells Dimboosts Now!” is obtained through normal progress.
    • IT’S OVER 9000” is also obtained through normal progress. You’ll probably get this before “Yo Dawg…”. This is another Achievement that reduces Antimatter resetting.
    • Very early, you can get “Like Feasting on a Behind” as soon as you can buy TS 181. This requires leaving your game off for several hours…4 hours maybe?
      • Turn off all AD Autobuyers and use the Idle path.
      • Sit and wait. And wait. Eventually your IP will reach 1e90.
      • This is a very valuable boost to IP for later ECs, especially EC11. Doing it sooner rather than later is worth it.

At some point, you will be able to afford TS 181 at a whopping cost of 200 TTs. This grants passive gain of IP. For now, this helps you grind resources faster. It is required for EC4x5 completion, but is mostly unaffordable within other ECs. If you can afford it within an EC, it helps immensely.

After completing enough ECs, and with enough grinding, you should have enough TTs to attempt EC9. You should probably have completed EC8x3, but if you push it, you might also be able to complete EC8x4, which will make EC9x1 and EC9x2 slightly easier.

Eternity Challenge 9 through Eternity Challenge 10[]

I broke these two sections of the game up merely because there is so much content in the previous section – but this does begin to seem like a slightly new part of the game.

Your goal here is to fully complete EC8, EC9, and EC10x1.

  • EC9
    • Unlock requirement: Infinity Power
    • Time Study configuration: TDs (only), Active
    • Completion strategy: This has an insane amount of TTs to unlock. Completing this EC is another bear, but it’s not as bad as the others.
      • You probably can’t even get enough TTs to unlock it without at least 3 completions of EC8, and you cannot afford TS 181 at the same time. Even with enough TTs, getting enough Infinity Power to meet the unlock requirement is very difficult.
      • “Infinity Power” is purely based on IDs and time. No, the ID path will not help you more than the TD path will. Meet the unlock requirements in the same way you unlock EC4, with lots of Infinities.
      • Within the EC, the story is the same. Grind lots of Infinities and you will eventually reach the goal.
      • You need to do this at least twice, maybe three times, then proceed back to EC8x4. After EC8x4, do EC9x3 and EC9x4. Then back to EC8x5 and then EC9x5.
      • If you are at a total stonewall with this EC, you probably need more TDs.
      • If you are somehow able to afford TS 181, this EC becomes much easier.
    • Completion reward: ID multiplier based on Time Shards. Major boost for progression and ECs (at this point, EC8).
  • EC10
    • Unlock requirement: EP
    • Time Study configuration: ADs (only), Active
    • Completion strategy: Build up lots of Infinities. The first completion will take a while. Further completions will require TS 193, 214, and maybe 192.
    • Completion reward: TD multiplier based on Infinities, a powerful effect. More than anything, this lets you proceed past TS 181. Don’t forget to return to finish this all five times.

The advice here is as usual. Grind, grind, grind. It is typical to do EC9x1, EC9x2, EC8x4, EC9x3, EC9x4, EC8x5, EC9x5, then EC10x1, but experiences may vary. If you you’ve been very patient and are hitting a wall with ECs, you probably don’t have enough TDs.

There is no other special strategy to this session, nor additional Achievements. Note that the EP gain multiplier jumps at around 1e100 to 1e120, forcing you to complete EC10x1, and EC10 is not bolstered by TDs. You will just have to muscle through it with the strategy outlined above.

Completing EC10x1 gives you access to the Time Studies past TS 181.

Eternity Challenges 10 to Time Dilation[]

Your new goals consist of maxing out the Time Studies tree, fully completing ECs (including the new EC11 and EC12), and reaching 12,900 TTs to unlock Time Dilation, the final phase before Reality.

A new slate of difficult but powerfully rewarding Achievements has opened to you as well. You can progress as you wish, but I will give you a recommendation how to most expeditiously proceed.

First, I’ll spell out your new available Time Studies. These involve even more branching, similar to the AD/ID/TD and Active/Passive/Idle branches. Different configurations are required for normal progression, EC11 and EC12, and particular Achievements.

On row 19 Time Studies:

  • TS 191 lets you “Keep 5% Infinities Upon Eternities as ‘Banked Infinities’”. You have likely found it highly annoying that every time you Eternity, your Infinity count resets. Now you can keep them.
    • The Achievement “No Ethical Consumption” requires you to bank 2 B Infinities.
    • This is a massive amount that, if you attempt now, will take well over 24 hours to grind.
    • If you wait longer (e.g. after unlocking Time Dilation), it will take closer to 4 hours or less, and you’re gonna have to do a lot of waiting there too. Why not be more efficient and passively grind multiple resources at the same time?
    • For now, consider limiting your goal to banking ~100M Infinities to boost your overall progress and make some ECs easier.
    • The reward for this Achievement is getting an additional 5% banking of Infinities upon Eternity. This reward is basically useless…for now.
  • TS 192 lets you proceed past 1.79e308 Replicanti, with an unlimited cap. There are all kinds of reasons why this is useful, but you probably can’t afford it quite yet.
    • I’ll mention up front that another daunting Achievement, “When Will It Be Enough?” requires you to reach 1e18000 Replicanti. You can do this any time you as you couple this with TS 213, which multiplies Replicanti speed by 20. This will take upwards of 10 hours, so when you decide to go after this Achievement, you must commit to it without interruption.
      • The reward for this Achievement is doubling Replicanti speed when below the amount of 1.79e308. This is actually extremely helpful for EC11, EC12, and Time Dilation. Have patience and get it sooner rather than later, at a time when you are okay leaving the game untouched for that long.
      • Obviously, don’t try this Achievement with the Idle Time Studies path or without TS 62 and TS 213. Ensure you have maxed your Replicanti Upgrades, turn off the RG Autobuyer, and ensure you are not using the RG hotkey trick, or else your Replicanti amount will be reset when an RG is bought.
  • TS 193 is weak compared to other Time Studies near the “roots”, but cheap. It is the first Time Study available to you that boosts your production after EC10x1.

On row 20 Time Studies:

  • TS 201 lets you buy one more branch of the AD/ID/TD Time Studies multiplier tree. Once you can afford it, this Time Study is ridiculously powerful. For normal progress, buy both the ID and TD branches. TS 201 is prohibited under EC11 and EC12.

On row 21 Time Studies:

  • TS 212 is the most powerful, followed by TS 211, then TS 214. TS 213 multiplies your Replicanti speed 20 times. This Time Study has specific purposes:
    • TS 213 is not essential for normal growth, but it helps when combined with TS 192. Otherwise it’s a “convenience”. You will often want to turn this off to afford the next major Time Study worth 900, 500, or 730 TTs.
    • TS 213 is extremely valuable for EC11, EC12, and Time Dilation.

On row 22 Time Studies, which require choices (TS 221 *or* TS 222, TS 223 *or* TS 224, etc.):

  • TS 222 is always better than TS 221. Always.
  • TS 223 is better when you have fewer than 14,000 Dimension Boosts, and TS 224 is better when you have at least 16,000 Dimension Boosts.
    • You will have to pay attention during normal progress when to switch from TS 223 to 224.
    • TS 223 is always better than 224 in EC11 and Time Dilation.
  • Per the above, the same can be said of TS 225 and TS 226.
    • TS 226 is preferred during normal progression. TS 225 is preferred during EC11 and Time Dilation.
    • Way, way later in the game, when your Replicanti amount becomes ridiculously high, TS 225 will become preferred again. That’s a long time away.
  • TS 228 is always better than TS 227. Always.

On row 23 Time Studies, which require further choices:

  • TS 232 is always better than TS 231 *except* in EC11.
  • TS 234 is preferred over TS 233 *except* in EC11 and Time Dilation. There will be exceptions much later in the game.

Have you had enough? You could just import the following Time Study purchase order in your Time Studies menu:


You will have to shift TS 223 to 224 when this one becomes obviously better.

But here’s another way to rephrase it: during normal progress (outside of ECs), among all the Time Studies, TS 232 is the most powerful. The second-most is TS 201, in concert with TS 72 – 102. The rest is up to you.

Similar to your journey to TS 171, you may not be able to purchase all these Studies in this order, but you can try.

On EC11 and EC12:

  • EC11
    • Unlock requirement: Must use the AD Time Studies path only
    • Time Study configuration: ADs, Active for first 2 completions and Idle for last 3, TS 191, 212, 192, 211, 193, 213, 222, 231, 225, 233, 223 – all other Time Studies are useless, don’t even bother buying them
    • Completion strategy: This EC is infamous for how long it takes. Each in progression takes longer and longer, starting with ~30 minutes, and EC11x5 taking upwards of four hours. Even with all the right Time Studies, there’s nothing you can do to make it go any faster outside of Shop purchases. Buy the right Time Studies, start the EC, and be very, very patient. You cannot get to the next phase without all five ECs.
      • The Achievements, “When Will It Be Enough?” and “Like Feasting on a Behind” are helpful, but not required. “Popular Music” is nearly essential to keep EC11 in the single-digit hours realm.
    • Completion reward: Further reduce Tickspeed cost growth. Massive boost to normal progress. You will probably have to complete this at least twice to max out Time Studies.
  • EC12
    • Unlock requirement: Must use the TD Time Studies path only
    • Time Study configuration: TDs, Passive (!), other “normal” Time Studies otherwise
    • Completion strategy: Time is slowed down 1000x in this EC. This affects Replicanti production, which is why this is one of the only times in the game you will use the Passive path. It’s a normal Eternity, but one that slows Replicanti.
      • You may want the Achievement, “When Will It Be Enough?” but it’s not required.
      • If you can’t make it, buy more TDs or try some EC11 completions. You will be hard pressed to complete any EC12 iterations without a complete set of Time Studies.
      • While you’re in EC12, re-complete all Challenges and ICs to get sub-millisecond completion times, which will hold permanently for the rest of the game.
    • Completion reward: ID cost multipliers are reduced. Massive boost to normal progress.

You can pursue Time Studies, ECs, Achievements, and other resource growth in whichever order you like, but for expediency’s sake, I will lay out the most efficient way here. (Anytime you are leaving the game idle, grind Infinities, with an early goal of 100M.)

  • First purchase TS 193 and 214. Reach new heights for EP, TDs, etc. With enough available resources, complete EC7x5 with at least the two aforementioned Time Studies.
  • Further grind until you can afford, simultaneously, TS 191, 193, 211, 212, and 214. Grind resources as far as you can in this configuration.
  • Complete the remainder of EC10, using TS 193 and 214 in your build, but not TS 211 or 212, which do nothing in EC10.
  • Further grind until you can purchase TS 223 and 232. This will give you another massive boost.
  • Keep grinding again until you can purchase TS 192, in concert with TS 213.
  • Keep grinding again until you can purchase TS 201 and associated ID Time Studies *on top of* TS 232. This will give you your most massive boost yet.
    • At some point, around 1e300 EP, both the requirements for TDs and the EP gain multiplier will jump suddenly to around 1e400 EP. The only way to get through this is to purchase TS 232 and 201 with ID Time Studies.
  • Once you hit a wall, complete EC11x1 and EC11x2, even if you do not have all Time Studies available. You can complete these with the Active branch, but it is risky. DO NOT Big Crunch at any time during EC11.
  • After EC11x2, pivot and focus on the following Achievements:
    • Can You Get Infinite IP?”, “5 More Eternities Until the Update”, and “But I Wanted Another Prestige Layer…” are achieved through normal progress.
    • To get “You’re Already Dead”, you’re gonna have to turn off AD Autobuyers 2-8 and Eternity. Hard to say when you can achieve that, but try it periodically until you get it.
    • Long Lasting Relationship” is very annoying. Some mysteriously get this through normal progress, and other game guides are incorrect.
      • You will have to turn off all ID, Replicanti Upgrade, and the Tickspeed Autobuyers. Having any of these Autobuyers on, especially the Tickspeed Autobuyer, spoils getting this Achievement.
      • Start a new Eternity.
      • Big Crunch several times to get a large amount of IP.
      • When ready, Big Crunch again, then rapidly buy the first ID as fast as you can for 60 seconds.
    • Anytime you notice your max RGs is at least 180, disable your Galaxy Autobuyer, Infinity, and let your RGs climb back to 180. Achievement “Popular Music” completed. It’s very highly valuable anytime, but almost required for EC11 and Time Dilation.
    • Try periodically to earn “What Do I Have to Do to Get Rid of You” by turning off all Time Studies and Big Crunch-ing your way to 1e22,000 IP. The reward here is valuable for normal progress, and very valuable for EC12.
    • Feel free to grab “When Will It Be Enough?” anytime. Speedrunners may time this alongside EC11x5 or during Time Dilation, but you don’t have to. It’s very helpful for EC12, but not required.
    • Remember – you have to get all first 13 rows of Achievements to perform your first Reality – do these earlier to make EC11, EC12, grinding to Time Dilation, and Time Dilation itself less painful. Other Achievements like “No Ethical Consumption” can wait.
  • After these Achievements, and with a maxed out Time Study tree, feel free to do EC11x3 through EC11x5. There is no amount of grinding you can do to make these go faster – only Achievements make a difference.
  • EC12x1 through EC12x5 remain. So long as you have a maxed out Time Study tree and have grinded all resources, you should be fine.

When all is said and done, when you have completed all ECs, gained as many Achievements as possible, and grinded all resources, you will still have to grind further to 12,900 TT.

12,900 TTs is a beast to achieve and is required for unlocking the final stage before your first Reality, Time Dilation. Even maxing out your resources, Achievements, ECs, and everything else, meeting the TT requirement is an excessive grind.

The final 50 or so TTs may seem impossible. This is largely because at around 1e1400 EP, the requirement for TDs and the EP gain multiplier jump suddenly to 1e1600 EP, leaving you to squeeze every last TT using the resources you have. You can try to grind for these very actively, but if the Active Time Studies path seems not to get you there, try the Idle path instead and leave the game for several hours to gain the rest you need.

When ready, unlock Time Dilation. This will permanently remove 5000 TTs from your resources, but don’t worry, you’ll earn them back (and more) soon enough.

Time Dilation to Unlocking Reality[]

You’re almost at your first Reality! Your final goal is 1e4000 EP and the first 13 rows of Achievements. This section will still likely take three or four more days and requires lots of waiting.

When Time Dilation is active, you are hit with an exponential ^0.75 penalty to all Dimension multipliers. It slows your growth to a crawl, making it hard to even reach Infinity. The goal is to reach Eternity within Time Dilation so that you can earn some Tachyon Particles (TPs).

For your first Dilation, you will want to adjust your Time Studies as follows: 11,22,32,42,51,61,71,81,91,101,111,123,133,143,151,161,171,181,193,214,191,211,212,213,21,31,41,33,62,162,192,201,73,83,93,103,223,232,225,233,222,228 |0

This purchases both the AD and TD Time Study branches, the Idle path, and select Time Studies that are advantageous to Time Dilation over normal progression. Just…accept it for what it is.

Once you reach 1.79e308 IP, which will probably take about an hour your first time, end Dilation (or Eternity) for your reward, a handful of TPs.

TPs produce Dilated Time (DT), which are a new resource that produce Tachyon Galaxies (TGs). DT is also used for automatically purchasing Time Dilation Upgrades. There are three repeatable Upgrades, as well as seven permanent ones.

Among the repeatable Dilation Upgrades:

  • The first doubles DT gain.
  • The second lowers the threshold for the cost of TGs, but purchasing it resets your DT.
  • The third triples TPs gained upon completing a Dilated run.

There is an associated sub-strategy for these Upgrades:

  • Your purchasing priority is the third (TP), then first (DT), then second (TG) repeatable Upgrades.
  • The third repeatable Upgrade, which triples TPs, will hasten your time to purchasing everything else. DT and TPs are not the same! TPs provide much more benefits than DT.
  • Purchase each Upgrade as soon as feasible. This can be challenging because you are in for a multi-day grind, and very few people can devote constant time and attention to when these become affordable.
  • Each repeatable Upgrade cost scales differently for each purchase.
  • If the next TP Upgrade cost is less than triple the amount of the DT Upgrade cost, wait patiently for the TP Upgrade and prioritize its purchase over the DT Upgrade.
  • The TP Upgrade requires a Dilated run. You will not gain TP without it.
  • The TG Upgrade resets your DT. If you didn’t catch its availability for purchase shortly after it became available, you will lose valuable time if you purchase it immediately, rather than wait for the next DT or TP upgrade.
  • The TG repeatable Upgrade doesn’t appear to benefit you at first glance, but it is what will enable you to reach your goal of 1e4000 EP.

Regarding permanent DT Upgrades:

  • Each has a separate benefit, some for Time Dilation, some for normal progress, and some that benefit both.
  • Prioritize repeatable Upgrades over any of the permanent Upgrades. Otherwise, buy them as soon as feasible.
  • The first doubles your TGs. It is unimpressive for now, but makes a massive difference later.
  • The second specifically aids with Time Dilation.
  • The third and fourth both provide a massive boost both inside and outside Time Dilation.
  • The fifth permanently allows you to buy all three Dimension Time Studies branches, even with TS 201. It’s not as impressive as you would think, but still essential.
  • The sixth effectively doubles your TP gain.
  • The seventh, which will take many hours to achieve, will generate a stream of millions of TTs for free, based on how many TPs you have.
    • You need these TTs to purchase TDs 5-8 from the Time Study tree. TD5 costs 1M TTs, TD6 costs 10M TTs, TD7 costs 100M TTs, and TD8 costs 1B TTs.
    • TPs, not DT, determine your rate of production of TTs. This is why the third repeatable Time Dilation Upgrade is so important. Otherwise, it will take forever to unlock TD8.
    • You can check the time to available purchase of Time Dilation Upgrades or TD 5-8 Time Studies by hovering over the available purchase block. I personally set timers to know when to return back to the game to know when to buy these items.

This section of the game is a time slog. On one hand, you need to leave the game alone to passively build up Dilation-era resources, but on the other hand, the game will not progress without you actively purchasing Upgrades. It is torture. But you are almost there.

I will mention very important two Achievements: “Unique Snowflakes” boosts your TP gain by about 50%, but is very hard to achieve until probably after all Time Dilation Upgrades are purchased. “Now You’re Thinking With Dilation!” earns you double DT and TTs while Dilated, incentivizing you to stay Dilated as long as possible. It is all a tricky balance because you still have to grind EP as well.

My recommended strategy for this section is as follows:

  • Complete your first DT run based on the previously mentioned strategy for a bare minimum amount of TPs.
  • Aggressively purchase Time Dilation Upgrades based on the strategy also described above.
  • Grind banked Infinities while you are waiting for the next Dilation Upgrade until you earn the associated Achievement.
  • Periodically attempt the remainder of Achievements through row 13 as well. Prioritize the two that boost Dilation-era resource gains mentioned above.
  • As you build up TGs, grind for more EP, TDs, etc. outside of Dilation. You will hit a plateau around ~1e2300 EP. But these additional TDs will modestly bolster your TPs as you repeat Dilated runs. Anything you can do to speed up this days-long process…
  • No matter how tempting, prioritize repeatable TP upgrades, then repeatable DT upgrades, over top of permanent ones. This will save you time overall.
  • The seventh permanent DT Upgrade will start generating a stream of free TTs. Thought it would massively boost your normal progress? It doesn’t. These free TTs are used to unlock TDs 5-8.
    • Shortly after the seventh permanent Time Dilation Upgrade, you should be able to unlock the 5th TD. Obviously, you also need enough EP to purchase them once they’re unlocked. Thought it would massively boost your normal progress? Maybe a little…TD5 will carry you to maybe 1e2750 EP after tons of grinding. You’ll then need TD6 to proceed further, and so on.
    • This stage of the game requires a balance of normal progress and DT runs to keep progressing. You cannot reach 1e4000 EP without all 8 TDs. Unlocking the 8th TD will take at least 24 hours to gain enough TTs, but this time is abbreviated with more TPs and staying Dilated.
  • Once all TDs are unlocked, you have to grind and grind and grind to reach 1e4000 EP. It takes a long time. If you leave the game idle, I recommend turning on Dilation to get more DT to get more repeatable Dilation Upgrades. Those extra TGs help a lot.
  • At some point, there is no real distinguishing between your Time Studies configuration for normal progress and for DT runs. It’s up to you whether you want to stop switching back and forth.
  • Remember, you must complete all first 13 rows of Achievements to unlock your first Reality. Here are the remainder not previously covered:
    • Early in the Time Dilation era is the most efficient time to earn “No Ethical Consumption”. While you’re waiting forever for enough DT for your next DT Upgrade, feel free to grind banked Infinities all the way up to 2 B. Do not do this while Dilated. You are further disincentivized from banking Infinities later in the Dilation era, because this will interfere with growth of other resources.
    • Unique Snowflakes” is earned by getting 569 Galaxies with no RGs in your current Eternity. This requires a huge amount of TDs. Try it periodically…you will eventually get it. This will increase your TP gain by 50%, so it’s very helpful to get this as early as you can. The biggest frustration is knowing when you’re powerful enough to earn it.
    • I Never Liked This Infinity Stuff Anyway” is earned by getting to 1e200k IP with the ID and IP gain multiplier Autobuyers disabled during an Eternity. The reward is nearly meaningless save specific situations post your first Reality – I don’t understand it. Similar to above, it’s frustrating to know when you’re powerful enough to earn it. Try at it periodically, and if you’re not strong enough, don’t bother pushing it. This will probably be the second to last Achievement you earn prior to unlocking Reality.
    • Faster Than a Potato^286078” and “I Told You, Time is Relative” are earned through normal progress.
    • Now You’re Thinking With Dilation!” is incredibly valuable – try earning it early and often. You need at least the first six permanent Time Dilation Upgrades to achieve it. Once you get it, your DT and TTs grow twice as fast while Dilated.
    • To earn “This is What I Have To Do To Get Rid of You”, turn off all Time Studies, enter Time Dilation, and Big Crunch enough to get to 1e26k IP.
      • The reward from this Achievement restores the RG Autobuyer in TS 131, and eliminates the 10x slower Replicanti growth penalty in TS 133. Why this late in the game, you ask…?
      • This Achievement marked completion of Antimatter Dimensions in the years before the Reality Update. Once you get this, give yourself a great pat on the back...
      • …but for the Reality Update, brace yourself, this is only the beginning.

After several days, you will eventually reach both 1e4000 EP and the first 13 rows of Achievements, you can unlock the final Time Study for Reality. Don’t worry, it won’t activate it yet – pressing this button will unlock the Reality tab and show you a huge series of new mechanics, previewing what’s to come.

Unlocking Reality to First Reality[]

STOP HERE. DO NOT PERFORM YOUR FIRST REALITY YET. A few more minutes, or even a couple of extra hours extra at the tail end of your first Reality may save you many hours in your next one.

You guessed it. When you press that Reality button, all your progress will be reset. Everything. The only thing that sticks are your Challenge and IC times. (Even your Achievements…with a twist I won’t spoil quite yet).

I will spread the full explanation all the new Reality mechanics over several sections. There are a ton. First, let your resources build up a bit more as you take a tour of the new Reality tab available to you.

The first tab is “Glyphs”. Glyphs are configurable artifacts which can be “equipped” to “Glyph slots” and provide boosts of a magnitude not yet seen in the game. There is only one outcome here from your first Reality. Glyphs will become the most complex mechanic in the game and will require a guide section unto themselves.

The second tab, Reality Upgrades, are just that. For the cost of Reality Machines (RM), which you will earn upon Reality, you can purchase Upgrades which enable you to boost production of your most important resources to your next Reality, such as Replicanti, Infinities, Eternities, DT, and TPs. The first row of Reality Upgrades are repeatable, while the rest are purchased only once and must be unlocked before purchasing.

The third Reality tab, Perks, also deserve a guide section unto themselves. Each Reality grants you one Perk Point, which can be used to purchase a single Perk. Perks differ from Reality Upgrades in that they do grant direct boosts to production, but make further Realities easier or more automated by, for example, accelerating your starting point. Perks are arranged in a tree, and you can purchase them in any path order you want. Scroll around and explore the range of Perks available to you. Again, first Reality will also constrain you to one and only one choice, the “START” Perk.

The fourth Reality, Black Hole, may not even appear yet – but if it does, it is not yet affordable. The Black Hole, once purchased, provides periodic bursts of extreme acceleration to production.

A new tab under “Automation” has appeared. This is forecasting a future mechanic called “The Automator”. This will unlock a coding script to help you Automate Realities, but you’ll have to earn it first.

  • Every Reality will grant you two points. You need 100 points to unlock the Automator.
  • You also earn points by purchasing specific Perks or Reality Upgrades – the Automator tab has the points value for each listed out.
  • Even if you had it now, it probably wouldn’t do you much good. You will need lots of Perks to make this feature useful.

I’ll focus on the second Reality tab, Reality Upgrades. Looking at this tab will force you to consider whether to Reality immediately, or to continue grinding for more EP beyond 1e4000.

Conducting a Reality earns you RM. (Why not Reality Points? Who knows...) These grant you access to the top row of immediately available Reality Upgrades that will rapidly hasten your progress in your next Reality and beyond. They are as follows:

  • Temporal Amplifier, which triples your DT gain for a cost of 1 RM
  • Replicative Amplifier, which triples your Replicanti gain for a cost of 1 RM
  • Eternal Amplifier, which triples your Eternities gain for a cost of 2 RM
  • Superluminal Amplifier, which triples your TP gain for a cost of 2 RM
  • Boundless Amplifier, which quintuples your Infinities gain for a cost of 3 RM

Think very carefully about which of these would be most valuable to you. Which of these resources was the most valuable to gain? Which was the most painful to grind?

Think back on the most painful points of your first Reality:

  • Grinding Antimatter to get your first Infinity. In retrospect, this only took a couple hours or more, and none of the above Upgrades will help you.
  • Completing Challenges. None of the above Upgrades will help you – and in retrospect, only Challenge 9 was really that painful.
  • Grinding up to your first 1st ID. None of the above Upgrades will help you.
  • Completing ICs. Unfortunately, you didn’t unlock Replicanti until after IC8, so once again, none of these will help you.
  • After unlocking Replicanti, grinding IP to get to your first Eternity. Waiting for Replicanti was a huge slog here, but ultimately it was maybe a day or less of grinding.
  • Getting up to 1000 Eternities, then up to 100k Eternities. Getting triple Eternities would help speed up attaining all Eternity Milestones, but then…that didn’t take that long, maybe an hour or two after your first Eternity. Getting 100k Eternities took maybe a day of grinding.
  • Completing ECs. Replicanti speed was a huge limiter in half of them, particularly EC2, EC3, EC6, EC8, EC11, and EC12.
  • Grinding Infinities for EC4, EC9, EC10, and for Achievement 131 was a pain. These took forever.
  • Grinding all the way to Time Dilation. But nothing on the available Upgrade list directly helps here, other than Replicanti, somewhat.
  • The DT era took at least two days to slog through, maybe more. Think about having to go through that again. On the whole, waiting for both DT, and then for TTs generated by TPs were probably the slowest part of your first Reality.

Think carefully. You are about to Reality and do this all over again. What should you choose?

Consider this as well: at 1e4000 EP, you will gain 1 RM upon Reality. With each ~1e111 EP above 1e4000 EP, you will gain another RM upon Reality. Think – do you want to grind more before your first Reality to gain more RM for more Reality Upgrades?

Time-wise, the TP Upgrade makes the most sense, but it costs 2 RM. The DT Upgrade is inferior to the TP Upgrade (due to lack of impact on TT production), but costs only 1 RM. Meanwhile, the Replicanti Upgrade will make your life much easier. If you have 2 RM, you can split the difference and get both the DT and Replicanti Upgrades. The Infinities Upgrade is also tempting, but it’s expensive at 3 RM.

Here is my own personal recommendation:

  • With 1 RM, purchase the DT boost.
  • With 2 RM, purchase both the DT and Replicanti boosts.
  • With 3 RM, purchase both the Replicanti and TP boosts.
  • With 4 or 5 RM, purchase the DT, Replicanti, and TP boosts.
  • With 6 RM, purchase the first four boosts.

The above takes into account the power of your first Glyph, which will boost Antimatter production and help make all stages of Reality easier.

I probably wouldn’t grind higher than 6 RM. You may reasonably complete your second Reality faster than it takes to grind EP any higher.

Giving you a heads up, it is completely feasible to complete your second Reality in less than 48 hours, if you set the correct conditions right now.

My recommended strategy just prior to your first Reality is as follows:

  • Grind as far up past 1e4000 EP as you are comfortable with. Do not get impatient – you will pay for it if you Reality too soon and regret it. Each ~1e111 EP above 1e4000 EP grants you one additional RM.
    • For me, 4 RM (at ~1e4444 EP) is a good goal. Beyond 6 RM you are wasting time.
  • Please get the following incredibly valuable Achievement. This is completely doable prior to your first Reality, and will be IMMENSELY HELPFUL after your first reality. Please complete it – you can do it!
    • To earn, “Yo Dawg, I Heard You Liked Reskins…” you must conduct ten Eternities in a row, with each Eternity earning 1.79e308 EP more than the last.
    • This is easier the higher your overall EP is. It’s a little tough at 1e4000 EP, but easy at 1e4400 EP.
    • Break out your calculator.
    • Turn off Dimension Boost and Galaxy Autobuyers. Turn on your Eternity Autobuyer. Then pause all Autobuyers. Hit “Respec Your Time Studies on Your Next Eternity”.
    • Eternity.
    • From here on, you will Hit the “Respec Time Studies” button ON EVERY ETERNITY. DO NOT FORGET THIS.
    • Buy a single 1st AD, Big Crunch, and Eternity.
    • Go to the Statistics tab. Check how many EP/minute you earned on that Eternity. Punch that number into your calculator and add 1e310 (a bit higher than 1.79e308 for safety margin).
    • Enter the new EP goal into your Eternity Autobuyer, and restore all Autobuyers. Ensure your Eternity Autobuyer is turned on. Do not forget to hit “Respec Your Time Studies” upon each and every Eternity.
    • Big Crunch as necessary to reach the next EP target. When you do, check the Statistics tab, add 310, and enter it into your EP Autobuyer.
    • Restore Dimension Boosts and Galaxies Autobuyers as necessary to achieve the necessary IP.
    • As you grow in EP, buy more Time Studies one at a time – but never forget to hit that Respec button, or else it will Auto-Eternity at twice the same value in a row and you will have to start over.
    • Buy Time Studies cautiously. Do not get aggressive. Do not load all your Time Studies at once out of impatience.
    • Eventually for your 8th, 9th, and 10th Eternities, you probably may need to buy all Time Studies, but keep Respec-ing your Time Studies and adjusting your EP Autobuyer amount based on your Statistics tab, and eventually you will get 10 Eternities in a row and the desired Achievement.
  • Why did you just do all this work? It says, “Dimension Boosts no Longer Reset on Galaxies”. Didn’t you already earn that before in a previous Achievement? Well…you’ll see.

When you have Achievement 143 and the desired amount of EP (e.g. ~1e4444 or ~1e4666), save, hit that Reality button, and see how much RM you got. If it’s what you expected, great. If not, reload your game and grind a bit more until you get what you want.

You will earn the Achievement, “Snap Back to Reality”, which gives you a 4x gain to IP, and a tiny boost to the multiplier for purchasing 10x ADs.

The real game of Antimatter Dimensions has just begun.

First Reality to Teresa[]

First Reality to Second Reality[]

Congratulations, sincerely, on making it this far. If you got here, you must be enjoying the game – and even with a guide like this, it takes both wit and perseverance to get here.

So what just happened? Did you really reset everything from scratch? Do you have to do this all over again, the same way? What new perks and mechanics have been introduced?

Let’s start with what got reset. Everything, that is, except Challenge and IC times.

With regards to Achievements, there’s a twist:

  • You get to keep Achievements in the 14th row onwards, so that’s “Back to Reality”, and if you were wise, “Yo Dawg, I Heard You Liked Reskins…
    • Again, “Back to Reality” gives you a 4x IP gain multiplier, which will help rapidly speed up your early Infinity stage, as well as a modest boost to the 10x AD multiplier, which will help you a bit through all your progress forward.
    • Yo Dawg, I Heard You Liked Reskins…” lets you keep Dimension Boosts upon buying a Galaxy. You remember how awful it was to grind up to your first Galaxy, and then start back with no Dimension Boosts? Now you get to keep them. This is massively beneficial not just for normal progress, but also all your Challenges and ICs as well. In all, this Achievement cuts your second Reality time in half or even less.
    • You keep Achievements relating to Challenge and IC sum record times. You also keep the associated multipliers from those bonuses, once repurchased. Both of these are extremely powerful and will propel you faster than when you originally bought them in your first Reality.
  • The remainder of Achievements will now be yellow instead of grey (unachieved) or green (completed). Achievements will now return to you automatically, one at a time, every 30 minutes, in order. A timer will be displayed on the Achievements tab, and when the clock reaches zero, the first available yellow-highlighted Achievement will be restored to you.
    • The Achievements tab will also give you a timer for how long it will take to auto-earn the remainder of yellow Achievements on the page. The faster you re-earn Achievements, the faster the overall time for total regain of all Achievements. It is in your best interest to do this, especially given how easy many of them are!
    • You should game this and beat the clock to ensure that the only auto-Achievements you get are difficult ones, e.g. “Don’t You Dare Sleep” (for being offline for 6 hours).
    • It is up to you, but there is a Reality Upgrade, “Paradoxically Attain”, which can be unlocked by completing your first Eternity without any auto-Achievements. You can earn this now, but it is unlikely you can afford to buy it.

Off you go! Complete your second Reality. Feel free to start playing the game again using the old “Max All” and other hotkey tricks. Your new Reality-based mechanics won’t grant you much in the beginning, but they will become more noticeable over time. As that’s going on in the background, let’s return to other new features.

Let’s first go to the “Glyphs” tab. Glyphs are incredibly complex and will earn their own detailed overview later in this guide:

  • Upon your first Reality, you have earned one Power Glyph with one effect, a small exponential boost to Antimatter Production.
    • This has negligible impact in the beginning, but an exponentially increasing effect the closer you get to your next Reality. It will help you more easily get through grinding, all types of Challenges, and even more quickly and easily past whatever your first EP amount was in your first Reality.
  • To equip Glyphs, you can either drag them to your Glyph slots, or double click them.
  • You also earned yourself a Companion Glyph (a reference to the Portal series), which has absolutely no effect whatsoever. Feel free to equip it too.
  • Once equipped, you can only unequip either by reaching your next Reality or by pressing “Start This Reality Over”, and you must select the “Unequip” button to do so.
  • One option I do recommend is under “Auto Glyph Arrangement” – set this to “Power”, and keep it this way for the rest of the game.

Now let’s go to the Reality Upgrades tab. Purchase the Reality Upgrades you previously planned to buy. Once you do, there’s no going back – “Start This Reality Over” has no effect on any such purchases, only Glyphs.

  • The first row of Reality Upgrades require only RM to purchase them. They can be repeatedly purchased, but they scale heavily.
  • All other Reality Upgrades require reaching an Achievement-like condition to unlock them, as well as an RM requirement to purchase them.
    • The second row all require 15 RM, the third row 50 RM, the fourth row 1500 RM, and the bottom row 100k RM. This sounds daunting, but trust me, you’ll get there soon enough.
  • Keep an eyeball out for which Reality Upgrades you think are unlockable now, and which ones should wait.
    • A very easy one to unlock in your second Reality is “Innumerably Construct”. This merely requires you to perform your first Infinity with only one Galaxy. You probably did this in the beginning of the game – it’s not hard at all to repeat again. But even if you unlock it, you probably won’t be able to afford it for another couple of Realities. Still, why not?
    • Another one to consider is “Paradoxically Attain”, which requires you conduct your first manual Eternity without any automatic Achievements. You can easily do this, but again, you probably won’t be able to afford the reward just yet.
  • Reality Upgrades marked yellow are eligible to be unlocked, but haven’t met the requirement yet. Those marked red are locked – you’ve already hit a point in this Reality that made it unachievable (that’s okay and totally expected). Those marked gray are unlocked, but you can’t afford them.
    • It is easy to accidentally lock yourself out of the requirement for a Reality Upgrade. To prevent this, hold shift and click on that Upgrade. It will show a lock over that Upgrade. From then on, the game will stop and warn you before you take an action that locks you out of that Upgrade.
  • Start to think now about your future Reality Upgrade purchase plan. Not all Reality Upgrades of the same cost have equal value – not even close. I will cover a more detailed plan later when you can realistically achieve and afford them.

Now let’s go to the “Perks” tab in the Reality section. There is only one Perk you can buy, “START”. This removes the requirement to have all Achievements in order to Reality, and will also grant a selection of one Glyph from four types on your future Realities.

  • Again, upon every Reality, you will earn a Perk Point.
  • Perk Points allow you to buy Perks that fall into several categories – those that boost your starting position at the start of a Reality, or those that grant you some measure of convenience. I will cover in these more detail later.
  • Perks can only be bought in a certain order. The Perk paths sprawl all over the page. To best see available purchase paths, I recommend setting the Layout to “Distance from START”.
  • Take time to read all the available pathways and begin to plan out your path. Choosing well will help Realities go much faster, while choosing poorly will waste valuable time. There is no “right” answer, only your preference. I will provide my own recommendations in a later section.
  • Perk purchases cannot be undone. Choose wisely.
  • There are 48 Perks in all. You will have to buy them all at some point.

The Black Hole remains locked until you purchase it for 100 RM. You will afford it later.

The Automator also remains locked until you get sufficient points for unlocking it. You will do so later.

My strategy for your second Reality is as follows:

  • Proceed through the game as normal. You won’t notice much difference at first...
    • …but if you got Achievement 143, you’ll immediately notice a difference at your first Galaxy, where you get to keep your Dimension Boosts and get your first Infinity very quickly afterwards.
    • Then at your first Infinity, Achievement 141 will give you 4 IP instead of 1.
    • These Achievements noticeably propel you much faster through your Infinity, Challenge, Break Infinity, and Infinity Challenge phases.
  • Try to regain as many Achievements as possible before they are automatically restored to you. Save auto-Achievements for things like “Don’t You Dare Sleep…” and other painful ones.
  • Attempt at least to unlock the “Innumerably Construct” Reality Upgrade. It’s so easy – just do your first Big Crunch with one Galaxy. You can’t afford it yet, but why not knock it out now?
  • Consider unlocking the “Paradoxically Attain” Reality Upgrade. This requires completing your first Eternity with no automatic Achievements.
    • This is by far the most valuable Reality Upgrade in this row, and if by some miracle you can afford the 15 RM upon your second Reality, you’ll find it well worth it going forward.
    • If not, complete it on your third Reality.
    • You can turn auto-Achievements back on after unlocking this Reality Upgrade and never worry about turning off auto-Achievements again.
  • As you continue, you’ll notice more changes to the game on your second Reality.
    • If you were able to purchase a Replicanti Reality Upgrade, your pathway to your first Eternity is much faster.
    • You may or may not have purchased the Reality Upgrade for Eternities, but if you did, you blaze through to getting all Eternity Milestones much faster, not to mention 100k Eternities.
    • Personally, I have five sets of Time Study configurations I save for repeated reloading:
      • An Active Time Study configuration that is ultimately the optimal Time Studies for grinding EP
      • An Idle Time Study configuration to load for EC4 and EC8
      • An EC11 Time Study configuration
      • An EC12 Time Study configuration
      • A Dilation Time Study configuration
      • If I was smart, I’d probably do one that utilizes AD or ID branches for various ECs
    • Grinding EP and completing ECs are noticeably easier, especially if you got the Replicanti Reality Upgrade. You have much more flexibility in the order in which you complete them. Sometimes you can even get away with the wrong Time Studies.
    • Unless you chose to get the Infinity Reality Upgrade, grinding Infinities is still a drag. Too bad – see if you can afford that Upgrade next time. You can’t have it all.
    • Reaching 12,900 TTs is much easier because of your Power Glyph.
    • If you got the Replicanti Upgrade, EC11 goes by significantly faster, as does your first Dilated run.
    • If you got a Reality Upgrade for DT, the Dilation era is significantly faster – but if you did not get a Reality Upgrade for TPs, you still have to wait forever to buy TDs 5-8. It shows you the worth of TPs.
    • You will eventually hit 1e4000 EP once again, and this time, you can see how many RM you will gain. Make sure you grind enough to meet your next planned purchases, such as the Reality Upgrade for Infinities. Try to see if you can get enough RM to afford the remainder of the first row of Reality Upgrades – it is possible, but requires patience. It’s up to you.
    • While you’re grinding EP, I highly recommend taking time to formulate a purchase plan for your next Reality – that is, Reality Upgrades, Perks, and which Glyph you want to choose next. I have a more detailed guide in the next section.

An alternate way to breeze through your second and further Realities is to simply leave the idle and wait for Achievements to be automatically regained. The more Achievements you have, the easier it will be to progress to unlocking your next Reality. You’ll note the most important Achievements are:

  • Is This Safe?” for keeping your Replicanti amount and 1 RG upon Big Crunch
  • Yo Dawg, I Heard You Liked Infinities…” for not resetting your Antimatter so much
  • Popular Music” for decrementing Replicanti by 1.79e308 when buying an RG
  • When Will It Be Enough?” for doubling Replicanti speed below 1.79e308
  • No Ethical Consumption” for getting banked Infinities early
  • Unique Snowflakes” and “Now You’re Thinking With Dilation!” for accelerated DT and TPs
  • This is What I Have to Do to Get Rid of You” which eliminates the penalties for TS 131 and 133

Having any of the above achievements early will help you breeze through to Reality much easier. (For example, eliminating the Idle Time Studies penalty to Replicanti speed makes EC8 much easier.) Not having them at a time you’re supposed to will cause noticeable, unexpected slowdowns.

It is going to be a while before you can earn any more new Achievements.

Your second Reality should be much faster than your first. Again, I’d shoot for an RM goal to try to purchase the remainder of the first row of Reality Upgrades.

The next section of this guide covers Glyphs, Perks, and the second row of Reality Upgrades in more detail, as you now have to come up with a longer-term strategy for all three.

Second Reality to Third Reality[]

After your first Infinity, you got IP, had access to Upgrades, and repeated Infinities over and over until you mastered them and proceeded onwards to Infinity Challenges. Then it was the same for Eternities. And now it will be the same for Realities. In this phase of the game, you will repeat Realities, bolstering yourself with a wide variety of new mechanics until Realities become automated and trivial. Once complete, you will reach your first Reality Challenge, otherwise known as a “Celestial”.

Technically, the first Celestial is unlocked by purchasing all non-repeatable Reality Upgrades, which must be unlocked and purchased. But in addition to this, you will also:

  • Gain a vast collection of configurable Glyphs
  • Fill out the Perk tree
  • Unlock The Black Hole
  • Unlock The Automator

This is my favorite part of the game. You can drive either for faster Realities, higher RM, or automation. How you proceed is entirely up to you. I will give you my own personal recommendations below, which are oriented to getting through this phase as fast as possible, in heavy favor of active play.

This section is a tutorial on Glyphs, second-row Reality Upgrades, and Perks.

  • It is wise to understand these mechanics early so you can get through this whole phase efficiently.
  • It’s okay to experiment, make mistakes, and learn.
  • I’ve beaten this game many times, and while I have the first Reality down to a science, I still learn new things every time I play from this point on.

On Glyphs:

Upon initiating your second Reality, you get to choose from one of four Glyphs.

At this stage, there are five types: Power, Infinity, Replicanti, Time, and Dilation. Each Glyph can have up to four unique effects. Each Glyph also has a “level” and “rarity”. You will be choosing Glyph strategies for the entire rest of the game, so your understanding of these mechanics is critical.

A description of Glyph types and effects:

  • Power:
    • AD Power: Guaranteed 1st effect. Grants exponential boost to ADs. Solid, reliable boost that will help you at every phase of a Reality, and help you get higher RM at the end.
    • Dimension Boost Multiplier: Increases the multiplier to ADs from Dimension Boosts. From my observations, the most powerful of the three “optional” Power effects.
    • AD “Buy 10” Multiplier: Increases the multiplier to ADs from buying 10x ADs. The second-most powerful of the three “optional” Power effects.
    • AD Multiplier: Grants fixed multiplier to ADs, rather than exponential boost. The weakest of the Power effects. Most noticeable in the early parts of a Reality, but drowned out by other effects soon after.
    • Power Glyphs are a solid choice in almost any situation. The more Glyph effects, the better – you don’t have to be picky on these, but if you get to choose, AD Multiplier is the weakest.
  • Infinity:
    • ID Power Multiplier: Guaranteed 1st effect. Grants exponential boost to IDs. Very weak compared to other production boosts.
    • Infinity Point Multiplier: Grants a fixed multiplier to IP gain. Helpful for the early Eternities stage and early ECs, but trivialized in mid- to late stages of a Reality. You *do* need a Glyph with an IP Multiplier to unlock two Reality Upgrades, but I do not suggest using these for other situations.
    • Infinity Multiplier: Grants a fixed multiplier to Infinities gained upon Big Crunch. Very helpful for grinding Infinities, as well as for one Reality Upgrade.
    • Infinity Power Conversion Rate: Exponential boost to Infinity Power, which translates to being an AD Multiplier. Very weak at this stage in the game.
    • You will need Infinity Glyphs with the IP Multiplier and Infinity Multiplier for three Reality Upgrades, but after unlocking these, avoid using Infinity Glyphs until a bit later in the game.
  • Replicanti:
    • Replicanti Speed: Provides a fixed multiplier to Replicanti Speed. Extremely beneficial for speeding through all stages of a Reality. Makes all ECs and first Dilated run incredibly easier. Highly recommended.
    • xDT by X per e10,000 Replicanti: For every 10,000 Replicanti you have, you multiply your DT gain by a certain amount. This doesn’t help you until the Dilation era, but once you get there, it will massively increase your DT, which will hasten this era and result in a huge boost to RM earned upon Reality. This is even more powerful when paired with the Replicanti Speed effect.
    • Replicanti Power for Glyph Level: It’s too early to use this now, but this will be a critical effect for farming Glyphs later. You should always try to pair this with Replicanti Speed. Ignore until you have a few relevant Reality Upgrades.
    • Replicanti Multiplier Power: Improves the multiplier from Replicanti to IDs. This is not powerful at this stage in the game. It will be after you upgrade Replicanti speed several times over. Ignore for now.
    • Early on, grab yourself a Replicanti Glyph with Replicanti Speed, and if possible, paired with xDT. Later, pay attention for Glyphs with the Glyph Level effect.
  • Time:
    • TD Power Multiplier: Guaranteed 1st effect. Grants exponential boost to TDs. Very strong, always reliable so long as you have TDs.
    • EP Multiplier: Grants a fixed multiplier to EP gain. At this stage in the game, this is the absolute most useful Glyph effect. Upon your first Eternity, this will rapidly propel you through EC10, but has a diminishing effect afterwards. This is also very helpful for at least one Reality Upgrade.
    • Eternity Multiplier: This is helpful for getting all Eternity Milestones, and for grinding to 100k Eternities. But it is not helpful beyond that (yet). You will need this for a Reality Upgrade later.
    • Game Speed Multiplier: This tells you it makes the game move a certain percentage faster, but in game terms it translates an overall multiplier to ADs, IDs, TDs, Replicanti speed, and DT. It is not highly beneficial yet, but will be once you unlock The Black Hole.
    • If you see a Time Glyph with an EP Multiplier and you don’t already have one, nab it immediately. Also grab one with an Eternity Multiplier for a later Reality Upgrade.
  • Dilation:
    • DT Multiplier: Provides a fixed multiplier to DT gain. Very powerful, helping you race through the Dilation era and earning you more RM upon Reality.
    • Tachyon Galaxy Threshold: Provides an exponential reduction in TG cost. Weak early on, but very powerful later, gaining you more overall TGs, earning you more RM upon Reality.
    • TTs/Hour: Passively generates TTs, no matter what stage of a Reality you are in. This is only useful in conjunction with The Black Hole. This is useless until you unlock that, but keep an eye out for it later.
    • Dilated AD Power: Increases AD production during Dilation. I have personally never found this effect useful in any situation.
    • Early on, grab yourself a Dilation Glyph with the DT Multiplier, and if possible, paired with the TG Threshold effect. The other two effects are not useful for now.

On Glyph selection at Reality:

  • Your primary selection criteria for Glyphs is their effects. You need a very solid understanding of what each effect is – picking a Glyph with three unhelpful effects is not better than picking a Glyph with one effect that is beneficial for your specific situation.
  • At this stage in the game, you will mostly see Glyphs with one or two effects. After a couple third-row Reality Upgrades, you will start seeing Glyphs with three effects. You will not see Glyphs with four effects for a long time, perhaps after your first two Celestials.
  • A Glyph’s “level” is one factor for determining the strength of a Glyph’s effects.
    • This level is determined by a combination of factors at Reality, including EP, Replicanti, and DT. After some third row Reality Upgrades, you can start to use specific Glyph configurations to farm high-level Glyphs.
    • You probably won’t reach higher than Glyph level 3 in your early Realities. It is not worth grinding for Glyph level yet – RM are far more important right now. Later you will alternate Glyph configurations between *either* high RM *or* high Glyph level at Reality.
  • A Glyph’s “rarity” is the other factor for determining the strength of a Glyph’s effects.
    • A Glyph’s rarity is reflected as a percentage and a color.
      • White = “Common” (0 – 19%)
      • Green = “Uncommon” (20 – 39%)
      • Blue = “Rare” (40% - 59%)
      • Purple = "Epic" (60% - 69%)
      • Orange = "Legendary" (70% - 79%)
      • Red = "Mythical" (80% - 89%)
      • Cyan = "Transcendent" (90% - 99%)
      • Violet = "Celestial" (100%)
    • There is a huge jump in Glyph strength between rarity categories – a 20% rarity “uncommon” Glyph is much stronger than a 19% rarity “common” Glyph.
    • Glyph rarity is mostly random, but affected by the same factors that improve Glyph level. Certain Reality Upgrades and Achievements will improve Glyph rarity.
  • These factors combine into an overall Glyph “score”. I do not find Glyph score to be a good measure of how powerful it is.
  • When selecting Glyphs on Reality, you need to balance a Glyph’s effects, rarity, and level. Higher rarity category is usually much more powerful than higher level.
  • On Glyph configuration:
  • You start the Reality phase with three Glyph slots. You will expand this up to five via Reality Upgrades before the first Celestial.
  • The right Glyphs are situationally dependent. Some configurations are best for RM production, others for fast Realities, unlocking Reality Upgrades, Glyph farming, Celestials, etc. There is no single best Glyph configuration for all situations.
  • Having one of each type of Glyph, just for variety, is only optimal in specific situations. It is not the way to maximize RM. It is good to stack Glyph effects when you know that effect is beneficial.

My overall personal priorities for Glyphs in early Realities are as follows:

  • Time Glyph with EP Multiplier: This will make every Reality much faster. This will become outprioritized later when you unlock the Black Hole.
  • Dilation Glyph with DT Multiplier: This will give you a huge boost to RM. Even better when paired with a Tachyon Galaxy Threshold effect. You will use this Glyph for a long time.
  • Replicanti Speed Multiplier: This will make every Reality much faster. Even better when paired with a DT Multiplier, which will give you a huge boost to RM upon Reality.
  • If you don’t have the above, a Power Glyph is always a good substitute. Make the best of what you have.

In this guide going forward, I will abbreviate Glyph builds. The above build of a Replicanti, Time, and Dilation Glyph in your three available slots would be abbreviated as “RTD”. But again, you must pay particular attention to the Glyphs’ effects.

You also need to get a Glyph with an IP Multiplier, an Infinities Multiplier, and an Eternities Multiplier for unlocking specific Reality Upgrades.

Regarding Reality Upgrades in general:

  • Your first goal is to complete at least once purchase of each of the first row of repeatable upgrades – this will make each Reality much faster.
  • Afterwards, you must actively pursue unlocking and purchasing the remainder of the Reality Upgrades. A rule of thumb is if you can afford the RM to purchase it, you can almost certainly meet the conditions to unlock it. But some are very painful to unlock without the right Glyphs.
  • You do not have to complete all of one row of Upgrades to be able to proceed to the next.
  • Unlocking Reality Upgrades is also made much easier with the right Perks.
  • Unlocking each of the Reality Upgrades in a single row will automatically grant you +1 Glyph level. This is also true for the 1st row of Upgrades, which are endlessly repeatable.

On the second row of Reality Upgrades:

  • Cosmically Duplicate:
    • Unlock by completing your first Eternity in a given Reality without any RGs.
    • Earn this early by using an Infinity Glyph with the IP Multiplier effect. It is very hard to complete this early without this effect.
    • This gives you a tremendous boost to earning Infinities (~20x).
  • Innumerably Construct:
    • Unlock by getting your first Infinity in a given Reality with no more than one Galaxy.
    • This is very easy to obtain, and I encourage you to unlock it as early as possible. But this should be your least priority for purchase.
    • The reward is a very small boost to Replicanti speed (~1.5x). This will grow over time.
  • Paradoxically Attain:
    • Unlock by getting your first Eternity in a given Reality without any auto-Achievements.
    • This is doable as soon as your second Reality, but given that you probably cannot afford it yet, it’s up to you how much you want to delay unlocking it. I personally go after this on my second Reality just to get it out of the way.
      • You have to pause auto-Achievements. Upon unlocking this Reality Upgrade, remember to restore auto-Achievements.
    • The reward is a massive boost to TPs (~20x). This will have you race through the Dilated era in minutes and give you a huge boost to RM. This is by far the best Reality Upgrade in this row.
  • Linguistically Expand:
    • Unlock by reaching 1e4000 EP with only a single Glyph with at least level 3.
    • You can earn this with whatever Glyph you see fit, but my highest recommendation is a Time Glyph with an EP Multiplier effect. This is painful to earn after getting used to Glyph-powered Realities, so feel free to delay this until you get the right Glyphs and several Perks.
      • If you are having trouble getting a level 3 Glyph, you probably need to complete at least the full first row of Reality Upgrades and have Replicanti or Dilation Glyphs that improve DT, which improve Glyph level.
    • This earns you a fourth Glyph slot. Use this however you see fit – a Power Glyph is always a good option if you already have a Replicanti, Time, and Dilation Glyph with the right effects.
  • Existentially Prolong:
    • Unlock by reaching 1e400 IP upon your first Eternity in a given Reality.
    • This is challenging to get without an Infinity Glyph with an IP Multiplier effect.
    • This reward is starting every Reality with 100 Eternities, completely bypassing the whole early section of Realities. However, until you get later Perks, you will still have to do your first Eternity with no TDs, but this will still only take a few minutes at most.

Among the second row of Reality Upgrades, I prioritize Paradoxically Attain, followed by Existentially Prolong, then Cosmically Duplicate, then Innumerably Construct, then Linguistically Expand.

  • This is because Paradoxically Attain grants a huge boost to RM, which is required for purchasing further Reality Upgrades.
  • Existentially Prolong saves significant time each Reality by immediately giving you 100 Eternities.
  • Cosmically Duplicate grants a huge multiplier to Infinities and makes grinding them for ECs and Achievements take minutes rather than up to an hour.
  • Innumerably Construct is easy to unlock but provides only a marginal benefit early on.
  • Linguistically Expand is painful to unlock – I wait until I have several Perks and the right Glyph I want. I’ll sometimes even get some third row Reality Upgrades before pursuing this one.

I will cover the remainder of Reality Upgrades in the next section.

Finally, let’s go to Perks.

  • There are 48 Perks in total. You get 1 Perk Point on each Reality. Spend these wisely as these purchases cannot be redone.
  • You much purchase Perks on set paths. Some of these paths are interconnected.
  • Some very good Perks are at the end of branches, and in some cases, have several useless Perks along the route.
  • To best come up with a Perk purchasing strategy, I recommend using the visual layout, “Distance from START”.
  • Perks range in value from game-altering to absolutely useless.
  • The value of Perks change over time. Some are valuable in your first couple Realities, then are completely trivialized by certain Glyph effects and Reality Upgrades.
    • For example, Start Antimatter (SAM) gives you 1e130 Antimatter at the start of each Reality. This is trivialized, by among other things, Existentially Prolong, which gives you 100 Eternities at the start of each Reality.
  • Experienced players all have their own complete strategies for purchasing Perks. There is no “optimal” solution, but there are certainly bad ones. I recommend you read the next section below and make your own determination.

There are four primary branches in the Perk tree. These include:

  • The Start Antimatter (SAM) resource gain branch. These Perks grant you an increasingly higher set of starting Antimatter, IP, EP, and DT.
    • This is considered by experienced players as a “newbie trap”, but I don’t completely agree. Going down this branch is a viable strategy for making the early parts of Realities easier, and making some Reality Upgrades easier to unlock.
    • What makes this a “newbie trap” is that the majority of these Perks become instantly trivialized by an Eternity Glyph with the EP Multiplier, or the Existentially Prolong Reality Upgrade.
    • An extraordinarily valuable Perk, Antimatter Reset (ANR), is just after SAM, and resolves all Antimatter “flickering” from resetting Dimension Boosts and Galaxies for the remainder of the game. It is akin to permanently gaining back “Yo Dawg…I Heard You Liked Infinities” while you still have to deal with regaining auto-Achievements. I am often tempted to buy SAM and ANR early on and then proceed on another branch in the Perk tree.
      • ANR is almost trivialized by Achievement No Reset (ACHNR), but ACHNR is at the end of a long branch of the Perk tree.
    • The two additional Perks on this tree, ID Autobuyer Speed (IDAS) and Replicanti Autobuyer Speed (REPAS), triple your ID and Replicanti Upgrade Autobuyer speed.
      • Even when your Antimatter is no longer resetting from Dimension Boosts and Galaxies, you will notice that your Antimatter, IP, EP, and other resources keep “staggering” every second or so.
      • This is because these Autobuyers are very slow, which can be a problem later in the game when you have unlocked the Black Hole.
      • IDAS and REPAS sound trivial but are very important for reaching very high RM levels, and overall not losing your sanity in this game.
    • One additional end-of-branch Perk is ID Requirement (IDR), which eliminates any unlocking requirements for IDs. This Perk is completely useless.
  • The Eternity Upgrade 1 (EU1) branch. These Perks grant you Eternity Upgrades early and culminate at Dilation Requirement (DILR), which allows you to unlock Time Dilation without completing EC11 and EC12 (but still requires 5000 TTs).
    • Most experienced players pick this branch, as it grants immediate, immense benefits in the early Eternity phase, all the way through EC10. These benefits are never trivialized.
    • Dilation Autobuyer (DAU) gives you an Autobuyer for the repeatable Dilation Upgrades, which is convenient early on, and required later for full Reality automation. This Perk only purchases Dilation Upgrades in singles. (This will drive you nuts later.)
    • DILR is especially helpful, as completing EC11x4 and EC11x5 over and over again is extremely annoying – but this can be mitigated with Replicanti Glyphs with the Replicanti Speed effect.
      • With DILR, you can complete up through EC11x3 and then grind enough TTs to unlock Time Dilation. With only a few TGs, you can instantly complete EC11x4 and EC11x5.
    • The EU1 branch is short, and also takes you into the middle of a couple of other highly valuable branches.
  • The EC5 Requirement (EC5R) branch. This one is dangerous because while it has many extremely valuable end-of-branch Perks, there are many useless Perks in the way.
    • EC5R grants you immediate access to TS 62 without having to complete EC5x1. This is nearly useless.
    • After EC5R are Active (ACT), Passive (PASS), and Idle (IDLE).
      • ACT keeps your Active Time Studies’ multipliers to EP and IP gain always fully maxed out. This is very convenient both for normal progress and for ECs, but it is trivialized with good Glyphs.
      • PASS somewhat increases the power of Passive Time Studies, but I find this Perk useless. You may find use in it.
      • IDL keeps your Idle Time Studies’ multipliers to EP and IP gain effectively maxed out at 15 minutes. It is not as beneficial as you would think – for example, it does not help much with EC8.
    • After ACT, PASS, and IDL are several more branches.
      • The TT Autobuyer (TTS) branch gives you a TT Autobuyer.
        • TTS is a great quality of life Perk, and is absolutely required for automating Realities. But it initially purchases TTs as singles and cannot keep up with TT gain post EC10.
        • TT Free (TTF) makes TT purchases “free” when you are able to purchase them. Marginally helpful by the time you can reach it.
        • TT Max (TTM) makes enables your TT Autobuyer to bulk buy instead of buying singles. Is essential for fully automating Realities.
      • The EC Auto-Completion (PEC) branch sounds good but is completely useless because it is unaffected by Game Speed, including the Black Hole. It will become useful later in the game.
      • EC1 Requirement (EC1R), EC2 Requirement (EC2R), and EC3 Requirement (EC3R) eliminate the requirement to complete EC1x1, EC2x1, and EC3x1 from purchasing TS 181. Completely useless, but in the way to two extremely valuable Perks.
      • EC Unlock Requirement (ECR) eliminates the unlock requirements for ECs. Massively beneficial.
        • Note that this also allows you to have multiple AD/ID/TD Time Studies for EC11 and EC12. Unfortunately this does not help with EC11.
      • EC Bulk (ECB) enables you to bulk-complete ECs. This means if you start EC1x1 and earn enough IP meet the requirement for completing EC1x5, you will earn all five completions at once upon Eternity.
        • This is arguably the most powerful Perk in the tree, but if and only if you have the right Glyphs to power you through them in this manner.
        • In other words, pressing straight from START to ECR5 to ECB is, in my opinion, a horrible strategy.
  • The Achievement 1 (ACH1) branch. These perks reduce the overall time for auto-Achievements from 30 minutes to 20, 12, 6, 2, and then culminates in the ACHNR Perk where you start each new Reality with all Achievements.
    • Many players avoid this branch due to the many Perks in the way to ACHNR.
    • This is my preferred primary branch.
      • The longer I delay ACHNR, the more I despise having to get the same Achievements over and over again. I highly value each Perk that reduces the time for all Achievements to be restored.
      • ACHNR is never trivialized.
    • Unfortunately, the ACH1 branch is not interconnected with the rest of the Perk tree.
  • There are two additional Perk branches not immediately accessible from START, available through either the SAM or EU1 branches:
    • The TP 1 (TP1) branch is a series of Perks that eventually grant you the benefits of the third repeatable Dilation Upgrade (triple TPs) without having to do another DT run.
      • You will still have to do DT runs to gain more TPs based on your overall EP. You just won’t have to do it as often.
      • This series of Perks is marginally beneficial. Save for near the end.
    • The Dilation Upgrade 1 (DU1) branch automatically purchases items in the Dilation era onwards. This is only valuable later when you are fully automating Realities.
      • This also includes Dilation Autobuyer Speed (DAS), which triples the speed of your repeatable Dilation Upgrade Autobuyers – a must towards the end of automating Realities.
    • TG Requirement (TGR) serves as a node between Perk tree branches.

This was a massive explanation. So ultimately, what is my recommended strategy?

  • From START to ACHNR
    • I can tolerate re-earning all Achievements up to 5 or 6 times. After that, it’s very annoying. Starting Realities with all Achievements in place makes your Realities much faster.
  • EU1 to DILR
    • This branch of Perks grant you immediate, substantial gains that are never trivialized. However, the right Glyphs are just as good, or even better than these Perks, in my opinion.
  • AC5R to TTS, then AC5R to ECB
    • Really, I want ECB. But ACT and TTS are right there and they’re massive quality of life improvements.
  • SAM to IDAS and REPAS
    • All of the Perks on the way to IDAS and REPAS are trivialized by this point. But the “staggering” of slow ID and Replicanti Upgrade Autobuyers is very painful in tandem when you are trying to make use of the Black Hole. Also, I generally do not attempt to unlock the Reality Upgrade for the 5th Glyph slot (Synthetic Symbolism) without filling out this section.
  • TTS to TTM, then DAU to DAS and REAL
    • By this time I will have likely unlocked The Automator and this is where these Perks become helpful.
  • Everything else

Formulate your own strategy for completing the next few Realities, planning Perks and unlocking and purchasing Reality Upgrades. My own strategy for this section is as follows:

  • Obtain Glyphs as you see fit, but I have given you my own recommendations.
    • Again, the most valuable Glyph, in my opinion, is a Time Glyph with an EP Multiplier.
    • If you find an Infinity Glyph with an IP Multiplier, nab it for a couple second row Reality Upgrades previously mentioned.
    • If I had to choose between an EP Multiplier and an IP Multiplier, I’d go with the EP Multiplier first for faster Realities leading to more Perks. You can still use available RM to repeatable Reality Upgrade purchases.
  • Prioritize Reality Upgrades and Glyph effects that lead to greater RM over ones that lead to faster Realities. I have already outlined those above. If you can start getting ~15 RM per Reality early on, you’re well on the right track.
    • Prioritize non-repeatable Reality Upgrades over repeatable ones – but don’t neglect those purchases either. They significantly improve your quality of life as well as your RM on Reality.
    • Exceeding 1e6000 EP leads to explosive/exponential growth of RM. This is how you get 100, 1000, or more RM per Reality.
  • My own priority for automation is the ACHNR Perk. That’s a personal preference, but I sometimes change my strategy depending on what Glyphs I get. Most folks go down the EU1 -> DILR Perk branch first. You wouldn’t be wrong to go fully or partially down the SAM path either, for example from SAM -> ANR -> SEP1 and then to another path. Just don’t go after EC5R first – it is decisively the worst choice.

Third Reality to The Black Hole[]

The third row of Reality Upgrades, which cost 50 RM each are as follows:

  • The Boundless Flow:
    • Unlock by gaining 1 T banked Infinities in a single Reality.
      • To unlock in a reasonable amount of time, you’ll need one or two purchases of Boundless Amplifier, Cosmically Duplicate, and an Infinity Glyph with an Infinity Multiplier effect. Wait until you have unlocked Time Dilation and have all relevant Achievements before attempting. Under these conditions, you can reasonably get this in around an hour.
      • The reward is gaining 10% of your Infinities gained on Reality per second. These are banked with the right Achievement and Time Study. In other words, you never have to grind Infinities again. (Remember to leverage the 5-second effect from “2 MILLION INFINITIES”.)
  • The Knowing Existence:
    • Unlock by getting 1e70 EP without completing EC1x1.
    • This is achievable after a few Realities with the right Perks and Glyphs. An EP Multiplier Glyph is specifically helpful but not required.
    • The reward is an EP multiplier based on Reality and TT count. I this is around 5x early in Realities, and much higher while you’re auto-generating TTs. Overall helpful for stronger and faster Realities.
  • The Telemechanical Process:
    • Unlock by reaching 1e4000 EP without TDs 5-8.
    • This is achievable with the right Glyphs as previously described, particularly those that boost DT. You have to be very careful not to accidentally lock yourself out of this.
      • Do not use the “Max All” button on the TDs tab – only manually purchase TDs 1-4 until you unlock the Upgrade.
      • You can “lock” the Reality Upgrade to help you from an inadvertent TD purchase.
    • The reward is an Autobuyer for both TDs and the EP gain multiplier. Be judicious with turning these on in your early Realities, as they can make progress through a Reality a bit painful by prioritizing TDs over TTs, or by unintentionally locking you out of Reality Upgrades such as The Paradoxical Forever. This is mitigated once you have the TTS Perk that gives you the TT Autobuyer.
  • The Eternal Flow:
    • Unlock by reaching 10 M Eternities in a single Reality.
    • To unlock in a reasonable amount of time, you’ll need one or two purchases of Eternal Amplifier and an Eternity Glyph with an Eternity Multiplier effect. Wait until you have unlocked Time Dilation and have all relevant Achievements before attempting. Under these conditions, you can reasonably get this in around an hour.
    • The reward is gaining Eternities per second equal to your Reality count. In other words, you never have to grind Eternities again. This will help automate Realities, speed them up, and give you more power at every step of the way, but not as much as The Boundless Flow.
  • The Paradoxical Forever:
    • Unlock by reaching 10 B EP without purchasing the EP gain multiplier.
    • This is very easy with an EP Multiplier Glyph. It is also achievable with the right Perks on the EU1 and SAM branches and supporting Glyphs.
    • The reward is another multiplier to TPs, usually not more than 5x.

Earn these in whatever order you see fit, based on available Glyphs for unlocking, and RM for purchase.

If you end up unlocking The Automator first, the next section after The Black Hole covers it.

The Black Hole to The Automator[]

The 3rd row of Reality Upgrades cost 50 RM each and should be prioritized over the Black Hole.

Once you have 100 RM and no other Reality Upgrades to spend them on, go ahead and unlock The Black Hole.

This new mechanic is straightforward, yet nuanced. You will see a countdown until The Black Hole activates. When the timer reaches zero, the Black Hole will activate, “speeding up” time by several orders of magnitude (really just applying large multipliers to ADs, IDs, TDs, DT, Replicanti, Infinities, Eternities, etc.) for a few seconds and then deactivate.

There are three Black Hole Upgrades: increase duration, increase magnitude, and decrease interval. These are all repeatable. You will have to purchase these Upgrades to be able to proceed in the game.

When it’s active, you’ll notice you can breeze through your way through Reality, brute forcing your way through ECs you normally couldn’t. It’s most powerfully applied during Time Dilation, giving you way more repeatable Dilation Upgrades, leading to much higher RM and Glyph levels.

  • For best use of The Black Hole, you’ll have to ensure it runs in the Dilation era. This is where certain Perks like DAU through TP4 and STP become useful, buying DT Upgrades for you (but only in singles) and mitigating your need to do Dilated runs.
  • This is also where IDAS, REPAS, and DAS are also useful, applying Autobuyers at triple speed to capture the most value from the Black Hole while it’s active.

At first, the Black Hole interval is very long, and its duration very short. You can’t count on it reliably to boost production. But if you can keep on upgrading the interval and duration, you’ll make the Black Hole duration exponentially longer and longer. Its duration compared to its interval is expressed as a percentage of time over your Realities.

  • At around 10% duration, you can start reliably timing your Realities to have the Black Hole on during your Dilation era to take most advantage.
  • You can pause, or even auto-pause the Black Hole to time it when you need it.
  • If you’re going to leave the game idle for a while, make sure you leave the Black Hole unpaused. You will need it to run as much as you can to unlock the Reality Upgrade Parity of Singularity.

The more you upgrade the strength of the Black Hole, the more it will raise your resources, ultimately leading to more and more RM. The Black Hole will persist as a key mechanic through the end of the game and have even more uses.

Note that the fourth row Reality Upgrade Parity of Singularity unlocks a second Black Hole. The second Black Hole can only be active while the first is already active. Same as the first, its interval is so short at first that it’s unreliable, but when you have it available, it presses your resources even further.

At some point, perhaps between 30% to 50% duration for the first Black Hole, you will now rely on it heavily for boosting RM for each Reality.

Another note is that Dilation Glyphs with the TT generation effect is now useful, only when the Black Hole is activated. This can become an effective substitute for an EP Multiplier or other effect to grinding your way through Realities.

A brief bit of strategy for this section:

  • Keep getting more Realities – more Perks, more RM, etc.
  • For available RM purchases, prioritize Reality Upgrades, followed by Black Hole upgrades. Don’t ever feel like you’re wasting RM with the Black Holes. Remember that the duration grows exponentially, not linearly, so they will become nearly permanent soon.
  • For Achievements:
    • Is This an Interstellar Reference?” is achieved by unlocking the Black Hole.
    • As early as now, you can unlock “College Dropout” by equipping a Dilation Glyph with the TT generating effect, disabling the TT Autobuyer, and getting all the way to Reality that way. The reward is a 2.5x multiplier to generated TTs, a minor effect.
    • At some point, with enough Realities, Perks, Reality Upgrades, and the Black Hole, you will unlock The Automator – perhaps sooner than unlocking the Black Hole. This will grant you the Achievement “How Does This Work?”, which makes Dimension Boosts 50% stronger and enhances your progress even further.

The Automator to Teresa[]

This section of the guide describes The Automator and the remainder of Reality Upgrades and Achievements before unlocking the first Celestial.

The Automator is a vital tool – you cannot afford to keep on completing ECs manually over and over for every Reality. You will never complete the game in a reasonable amount of time. The game grants you The Automator to enable you write a script that enables you to automate what you would do in your own normal path to a Reality.

The Automator is a coding system. If you have experience with coding in C, C++, JavaScript, Python, etc., then this is a fun way to encode and automate the manual steps you’ve been taking to complete Realities up to this point. It’s a unique language, though, so you’re going to have to learn how it works.

If you have no coding experience, then this is your chance to learn some basics!

The Automator mainly gives you functions that enable you to change Autobuyer settings and purchase Time Studies. Think about how you normally complete a Reality and think about how you would get the game to automatically do that for you.

An example of grinding EP:


An example of completing EC3:


You should become familiar with loops such as IF{}, FOR{}, or UNTIL{}. This is how you set conditions for grinding EP, purchasing Time Studies, then completing ECs, grinding some more EP, then completing more ECs, unlocking Time Dilation, then performing a Reality.

Additional notes:

  • You can program the Automator in either text or block format. I just use text. Switching back and forth can damage your code.
  • You get up to 20 Automator coding slots. I personally use 6 for various stages of the game. Unlike anything else, these actually stay with you permanently through every iteration of the game you play.
  • You can also import others’ code, or copy and paste text or block into the editor.
  • Refer to the “Templates” option, which will give you suggestions for things like grinding EP, Eternities, Infinities, completing ECs, and unlocking Dilation.
  • You should take advantage of Time Study configurations you have saved over the course of playing.

No matter how well or poorly you code your first Automator script, it is unlikely you have the power and the Perks to fully automate your Realities. Therefore it’s more of an automation aid than a full automation tool at first. By that, I mean it can probably grind some EP and finish a few ECs until it “hangs up” and requires some intervention on your part before it can continue. It’s still massively helpful even if it only partially works.

In early stages, the Automator tends to “hang up” frequently on me. For example, I can see that it hangs on a command to say, “LOAD STUDIES 1”, and then those Time Studies just won’t load. I don’t know why this happens – I play around with the script and sometimes solve some problems and cause new ones. Maybe I just don’t know what I’m doing.

At first, the Automator runs slowly, starting at 1 line every five seconds. The more Realities you do, the faster the script runs, at a max speed of 1000 commands per second.

I hope you experiment yourself, but here is my own script that I use until reaching the first Celestial:


If you find the notifications annoying, you can put “//” in front of them, or delete them.

Some notes:

  • Again, while I have in the script the ability to use the Automator to do a Reality as the final command, I far prefer to use the Autobuyer, which becomes available with the fifth row Reality Upgrade, Parity of Singularity.
  • This Automator script only fully works with all automation Perks purchased. For Perks you haven’t purchased, you must manually perform the action the Perk would have done for you.
  • You may not have the strength yet to complete EC7, EC8, EC10, or EC11 all in one go.
    • The way I use the above Automator script, the game will, for example, try to complete 5 rounds of EC7 and hang up at 4. I just perform an Eternity, let the Automator proceed, and go back and recomplete EC7x5 before completing Reality to ensure I get the highest RM and Glyph level I can. And so on for the remainder of ECs.
  • This Automator script will not work well without the Perk ECB, which allows for bulk completion of ECs.
  • Note that for me, “STUDIES LOAD 1” is my Active Time Studies path, “STUDIES LOAD 2” is my Idle Time Studies path, and “STUDIES LOAD 3” is one for completing EC11.
  • The Black Hole may blast you through ECs you may not be able to complete normally.

It’s in your best interest to modify the Automator script as the game changes. I’ll bring back up the Automator again when I typically change it.

Back to Reality Upgrades. Remember, the first Celestial is unlocked when you purchase all of them.

The fourth row of Reality Upgrades are as follows:

  • Disparity of Rarity:
    • Unlock by completing a Reality with at four Glyphs of at least Uncommon rarity.
    • You need to collect the right Glyphs over time that are *not* Common in rarity. Feel free to unlock this whenever you have enough of the right Glyphs, but remember that the best Glyph effect for an easy Reality is the EP Multiplier.
    • The reward is better Glyph rarity. Now Common Glyphs (white) will appear less and be replaced more by Rare Glyphs (blue).
  • Duplicity of Potency:
    • Unlock by completing a Reality with four Glyphs that each have at least two effects.
    • You need to collect the right Glyphs over time that have at least two effects. Feel free to unlock this whenever you have enough of the right Glyphs, but remember that the best Glyph effect for an easy Reality is the EP Multiplier.
    • The reward is a higher chance to have Glyphs with more effects. Glyphs with one effect will be more rare, and you may start to occasionally see Glyphs with three effects. Remember, choose effects specific to your use case, and don’t just grab Glyphs with many effects that are not useful.
  • Measure of Forever:
    • Unlock by completing a Reality with four Glyphs which are at least level 10.
    • You need to collect the right Glyphs over time that are at least level 10. You will not reach level 10 without the right Glyph effects that at least push DT.
      • If you are struggling to get level 10 Glyphs, try starting to use Replicanti Glyphs that utilizes the Replicanti -> Glyph level effect, in concert with Replicanti Speed effects.
    • The reward is for Eternity count now having an impact on Glyph level. Replicanti Glyphs with the right effects will still be superior, but Time Glyphs with the Eternity count effect become the next best effect.
  • Scour to Empower:
    • Unlock by completing 30 Realities.
    • No strategy needed here, just lots of Realities.
    • The reward is “Glyph Sacrifice”, which is a new mechanic I’ll explain further below. It is very powerful.
  • Parity of Singularity:
    • Unlock by reaching 100 days of game time after unlocking the Black Hole. Note that “real time” refers to time in real life, while “game time” is slowed by EC12 and Time Dilation, and sped up by The Black Hole.
    • You will only unlock this by significantly upgrading The Black Hole.
    • The reward is a second Black Hole, which I already described earlier.

Upon unlocking Measure of Forever, you now have unlocked “Glyph Sacrifice”. On the Glyph tab, check out the menu that lets you normally see the consolidated list of “Current Glyph Effects” you have, and click “Glyph Sacrifice Totals”. It should start blank.

There are a few ways to sacrifice Glyphs:

  • Drag a Glyph to this area of a menu.
  • Hold shift and click a Glyph.
  • Use the buttons under “Remove Weaker Glyphs”.
    • Be very careful with these buttons as they can instantly wipe out hard-earned Glyphs.
  • Glyph sacrifice cannot be undone! Reload your game if you sacrifice a Glyph by accident.

Glyph sacrifice effects vary by Glyph type:

  • Sacrificing Power Glyphs causes Distant Galaxy scaling to occur later (good)
  • Sacrificing Infinity Glyphs gives you a tiny multiplier to 8th IDs (weak)
  • Sacrificing Replicanti Glyphs causes RG scaling to occur later (very good)
  • Sacrificing Time Glyphs gives you a large multiplier to 8th TDs (very good)
  • Sacrificing Dilation Glyphs gives you a huge boost to TP gain (very, very good)

The power of Glyph sacrifice completely depends on the Glyph’s “score”, a composite value determined by Glyph level and rarity (with the number of effects almost negligible).

Some tips on Glyph sacrifice:

  • Do not sacrifice Glyphs you intend to equip.
  • Do not willy nilly sacrifice all unused Glyphs. Keep a variety of different types on your shelf, because they can become valuable later as the game goes on.
    • There is an Achievement for having 100 Glyphs simultaneously. You can earn it more easily the longer you wait, but why not earn it now?
  • At the end of Reality, when you can choose Glyphs, prioritize ones you intend to equip. If no such good option appears, pick a Glyph for sacrifice, paying attention to its sacrifice value.
  • The value from Glyph sacrifice to production increases logarithmically. That is, you will get marginally increasing benefits sacrificing the same Glyphs of the same value repeatedly.
  • If in doubt, prioritize Replicanti, Time, and Dilation Glyph sacrifice over Power, and especially Infinity Glyph sacrifice. But you will need to hit all five categories to become powerful enough to proceed.

The fifth row of Reality Upgrades are as follows:

  • Cosmic Conglomerate:
    • Get 2800 Galaxies of all types (Antimatter, Replicanti, Tachyon).
    • You almost certainly need both Black Holes, and for both to be very powerful. You also almost certainly need five Glyphs. I achieved this with RRTDD, focusing on boosts to Replicanti speed, DT, and a Time Glyph with Game Speed. If you’re nowhere close, keep grinding. This is usually the last Reality Upgrade I get, requiring Temporal Transcendence first, and may require two runs of the second Black Hole.
    • The reward is even further Remote Galaxy scaling, which will boost your production very noticeably.
  • Temporal Transcendence:
    • Get 28000 Time Shards.
    • You almost certainly need both Black Holes, and for both to be very powerful. You also almost certainly need five Glyphs. I achieved this with RRTDD, focusing on boosts to Replicanti speed, DT, and a Time Glyph with Eternities. If you’re nowhere close, keep grinding. This may require two runs of the second Black Hole. Yes, this is almost the exact same description as for Cosmic Conglomerate, though I usually get this one first. Your experience may vary.
    • The reward is a TD multiplier based on game time spent in this Reality. This amount is negligible without Black Holes, but very powerful with one or both on. This makes the Game Speed effect of Time Glyphs very powerful.
  • Replicative Rapidity:
    • Reality in under 15 minutes’ Game Time (not Real Time) – in other words, no use of Black Holes.
    • Reality with both Black Holes turned off.
      • This can be achieved well before you can afford it.
      • Feel free to repeat this every so often to get a faster Reality time and bigger boost to Replicanti.
    • The reward is a multiplier to Replicanti speed. The multiplier is small (~1.5x) around 10 – 15 minutes, but goes up to 100x when capped at 5 seconds. It will be a bit before you can cap it, and it requires a specific Automator strategy.
  • Synthetic Symbolism:
    • Unlock by completing a Reality with 5000 RM with no Glyphs.
    • You’ll need the first four rows of Reality Upgrades, and probably the first row of repeatable upgrades up to the limit of 100k RM. The more Perks you have, the easier you’ll make your life, especially those in the SAM branch. High powered Black Holes help.
    • The reward is a 5th Glyph slot.
  • Effortless Existence:
    • Reach 1e11111 EP.
    • This is achievable with 4 Glyph slots only. A lot of combinations will work. PPIIR is probably best, but it is also achievable with RRTDD.
    • The reward is a Reality Autobuyer in both the Autobuyer tab and the Automator. For reference, I typically use the Autobuyer rather than the Automator, with “RM *or* Glyph Level”, and values set to each.

There have been a tremendous number of new mechanics introduced into this section of the game that you have to get adapted to. Glyphs may still be a mystery to you, and that’s okay. Feel free to experiment outside the advice of this guide. Find what works best for you. If you’re following this guide and are still getting stuck, my advice to you is to keep grinding and experimenting.

My advice for this section of the game is as follows:

  • Gain all Perks.
  • Have a good working Automator script.
    • Pay attention to TS 225 and 226. At some point, 225 will become superior due to massive Replicanti boosts.
    • Pay attention to Active versus Idle Time Studies. At some point, Idle will become superior due to Black Holes.
    • Ensure your Time Studies configurations and Automators match changes you make.
  • Focus on getting very good Glyphs. Outside of Reality Upgrades and Achievements, you ought now to have two different Glyph builds – one for RM and the other for Glyphs with a high level.
    • For RM, I choose PPIIR. The Power effects can be anything, but Infinity Glyphs should focus on Infinities, and Replicanti should focus on Replicanti speed and DT.
    • For Glyphs, I choose RRRRD, focusing on “Glyph level”, Replicanti speed, and DT. The “Glyph level” piece is key.
    • For nearly the remainder of the game, you will have to alternate between grinding for each.
    • You should have mostly rare (blue) or better Glyphs in the 400 to 500 level range, which again, you obtain with the Glyph farming build.
  • Keep sacrificing Glyphs. This is part of your Glyph farming routine. Glyphs obtained through your RM build are too weak to make a difference to Glyph sacrifice totals.
    • The fastest way I grind Glyph sacrifice totals is as follows:
      • Select Glyphs for your typical Glyph farming setup.
      • Put in the Reality Autobuyer the amount of your highest Glyph level minus some reasonable amount, say, 1000.
      • This strategy may not be effective early on, but will be effective later.
  • Keep upgrading both black holes, buying all repeatable upgrades at least through the cost of 100k RM.
  • Gain all Reality Upgrades, and keep buying the repeatable ones at least through the cost of 100k RM.
  • You will notice that reaching your target Reality goal takes a very long time because your Time Dilation Upgrade Autobuyers only buy in singles. You can speed this up by manually purchasing them in addition to your Autobuyers.
  • Gain the following Achievements:
    • Are You Sure These are the Right Way Around?” while upgrading Black Holes. This Achievement is necessary to have the power to continue.
    • Perks of Living” for obtaining all Perks. The reward is negligible.
    • Royal Flush” for performing a Reality with five different Glyph types equipped, i.e. PIRTD. Note, the reward from this Achievement is not worth using this Glyph combo.
    • Master of Reality” for obtaining all Reality Upgrades, which unlocks Teresa, the Celestial of Reality, your first Reality Challenge.

Teresa to The Nameless Ones[]

Teresa to Effarig[]

Congratulations on unlocking your first Celestial! A new “Celestials” tab has appeared, the first graphically illustrating the start of your progress from here to the end of the game, and the second brings you to “Teresa”. Teresa will speak to you about your progress, as will all future Celestials.

Celestials are not just Reality Challenges. They all have to be unlocked, and most have to be completed multiple times with different objectives.

This section of the game will require you to continue grinding for RM, Glyphs, Reality Upgrades, and Black Hole upgrades. At this point, any hurdles you have to proceeding is most likely based on having the wrong Glyph effects, your Glyphs being too weak (in terms of rarity or level), or not having enough Reality or Black Hole Upgrades, in that order.

Before you can challenge Teresa, you have to fill her RM Gauge, which gives you an RM gain multiplier, and unlocks several more perks as you proceed.

At 1.0M RM, you start Realities with all Eternity Upgrades unlocked. This is already trivial.

At 10.0B RM, you can “undo” equipping a Glyph. This is extremely useful for the remainder of the game in being able to play with Glyphs. Pick, say, four Glyphs, get to Reality, and then pick a fifth Glyph and see how much that boosts your RM. “Undo” that Glyph, try another, and repeat again until you find the right combination that works for you.

At 100.0T RM, you unlock Teresa’s Reality, your first Reality Challenge.

My recommended strategy for Teresa:

  • Glyph setup: RRRTT, focusing on boosts to DT and EP. TT generation will not work here.
  • Note that the Idle path is now much stronger than the Active path.
  • Grind for EP and complete as many ECs as you can.
  • As soon as you’re able to complete EC10x1, you should be able to push further to complete the remainder of ECs. Don’t worry that you can’t do them all, or afford the remainder of Time Studies in the lower section.
  • Pay close attention to which Time Studies in row 22 are superior, especially between 225 and 226.
  • Pause your Automator, respec your Time Studies, and purchase the minimum number of Time Studies necessary to reach Time Dilation. So long as you can afford it (5000 TTs), you can purchase it, perform a Dilated run, and easily complete the remainder of ECs and reach Reality.
  • The reward is a massive (e.g. 100.0Bx) multiplier to Glyph Sacrifice.

After your first Teresa completion, you will need to continuously grind to completely fill Teresa’s RM gauge. This means alternately switching between:

  • Better Glyphs and Glyph Sacrifice (RRRRD)
  • Grinding for RM to purchase more Reality and Black Hole Upgrades and filling Teresa’s RM gauge (PPIIR)
  • Re-completing Teresa’s Reality for a further improved bonus to Glyph Sacrifice (from here on out, the best Glyph configuration for Teresa’s Reality is the same as the one for RM)
  • Rinse and repeat

You will have to keep doing this over and over. The majority of your time should be spent Glyph farming because it’s all based on luck.

By this point, your Black Holes and Reality Upgrades should make it such that your Realities are fully automated, without interruptions or manual actions. Keep using the Autobuyer section to set your target RM and Glyph level as appropriate.

The fact that your Dilation Autobuyer buys in singles is still a problem. You can still reach your RM goals while leaving the game idle, but while you’re active, buy them manually to help your Autobuyers.

If you are judicious with your grinding, then maxing out Teresa’s RM gauge may take over a day if you do this passively and things stay uninterrupted. If you actively buy DT Upgrades, you can reduce this to a couple hours or more. Patience is required. If your progress seems hopelessly slow, you need better Glyphs and need to spend time patiently selecting the right ones.

At 1.0 Qt RM, you permanently unlock passive EP generation. The ramification here is enabling you to adjust your Automator to no longer have to grind for EP. Here is my script for this stage of the game:


Overall, your Realities will be faster and you will gain RM more efficiently.

At 1.0 Sx RM, you unlock Effarig, the Celestial of Ancient Relics. I will address Effarig in the next section, though feel free to go after early actions with him now.

At 1.0 Sp RM, you unlock Teresa’s Perk Point shop. Grinding up to this point may seem like it will take forever, but you will be hard pressed to complete Effarig first.

This Perk Point shop is absolutely essential for progress. You have four different repeatable purchase options (though they are not indefinite). They require Perk Points for purchase:

  • Increase Glyph pre-instability levels by 5%
  • Double RM gain
  • Buy twice as many Dilation Upgrades at once
  • ID, TD, Dilation, and Replicanti Autobuyers work twice as fast

The value of these probably does not need explanation.

You can also purchase Music Glyphs, a random Glyph at 80% of your highest level. I personally have never found much use for these.

The first two Teresa upgrades start cheap, while the Dilation Upgrades start at 100 Perk Points, and the Autobuyers at 1000 Perk Points. The costs double with each purchase.

With however many Perk Points you have, spend as many as possible on Dilation Upgrades first, and then spend the rest as you see fit. Every purchase of the Dilation Autobuyer speed halves your time in the Dilation era of Realities, enabling you to grind RM and Perk Points and farm Glyphs that much faster.

It is unlikely that you will have enough Perk Points saved up to max out the shop, but you should do this as soon as possible. You should have another Automator script dedicated only to fast Realities. Try this:


This script gets you minimal RM and weakest Glyphs, but grinds for Perk Points. Leaving this for a couple hours passively should help you earn enough to max out the Perk Point shop, which will massively boost RM, Glyph levels and rarity, and Reality speed.

  • Grinding Perk Points also grinds Realities, which increases the speed of The Automator. During this phase, you will almost certainly max The Automator out at 1000 commands per second. Realities will become blindingly fast.

When you max out the shop, you should grind a bit more in the cycle of Glyphs, RM, and re-completing Teresa’s Reality until you level off, at which you should proceed with Effarig.

My recommended strategy for this section is as follows:

  • Again, you need to establish a routine of grinding for RM and gaining Reality and Black Hole Upgrades, gain better Glyphs, and re-complete Teresa’s Reality. You will grow far too slowly if you do not do this correctly.
  • Best Glyphs for Glyph grinding is still RRRRD, and best Glyphs for RM and Teresa are still PPIIR.
  • Regarding Achievements:
    • Gain “Y’all Got Any More of Them Glyphs?” by having 100 Glyphs in your inventory at any given time. You will either gain this slowly by being patient up to this point, or gain it very quickly (minutes) when you grind for Perk Points with fast Realities. After getting this, purge your weak Glyphs and keep proceeding.
    • Gain “I Am Speed” by using the fast Reality script with Black Holes paused. This should be achievable by this point or earlier.
    • You should get “Achievement #15983” through normal progress.
    • Around level 4000 Glyphs, you may get your first Glyph with four effects, which grants you the Achievement, “It’s Super Effective!
    • Get “Bruh, Are You Like, Inside the Hole?” by making both Black Holes active more than 99.99% of the time, which will make them permanent.

Effarig to The Nameless Ones[]

Like Teresa, Effarig must first be unlocked. You must grind a new resource called Relic Shards, which further boost Glyph rarity. Effarig also has a tiny shop where Relic Shards can be used to unlock small new mechanics, and eventually, Effarig’s Reality. After that, Effarig’s Reality will be divided into three stages.

Gaining Relic Shards is very straightforward. Relic Shards are based primarily off of Glyph variety and secondarily off of RM. Use one of each Glyph type (PIRTD) and Reality with as much RM/min as possible. You should be able to unlock the first two Effarig purchases quickly. The third will take a very long time, so I highly suggest maxing out Teresa’s Perk Point shop first. Once you do that, getting enough Relic Shards to purchase the third Effarig purchase and Effarig’s Reality will be much faster.

Effarig’s shop grants you three new mechanics with regards to Glyphs:

  • The first purchase, Adjustable Glyph Level Factor Weights, gives you an option on the Glyph tab to give more or less weight to the factors that determine Glyph level.
    • While you are using the optimal Glyph set for Glyph farming, you should set this roughly to 15% for EP, 30% for Replicanti, 40% for DT, and 15% for Eternities. You can play around with this, but I set this here and keep it here for the foreseeable future.
    • This, along with Relic Shards, will greatly boost the quality of your Glyphs.
  • The second purchase, Glyph Filtering, helps you automatically screen what types of Glyphs you want at Reality.
    • I only use one mode, “Specified Effect”. If I’m grinding RM, I might select “Lowest Total Glyph Sacrifice”, then switch back.
    • “Specified Effect” enables you to screen for both Glyph rarity and number of effects. I’ve played around with this more before, but on further playthroughs, I start out with either 2 or 3 effects for each Glyph type, not specifying which effects, and pick a minimum of 40% rarity.
    • Over time, I check what types of Glyphs I’m getting, and eventually press the number of effects to 3 and then 4, and the rarity up by increments of 10% all the way to 100% when I’m getting those consistently.
  • The third purchase, Glyph Presets, lets you save and load Glyph sets. I initially set Presets for RM, Glyphs, and Relic Shards, and later for other resources.
    • This mechanic does not work reliably for me. It tends to load Glyphs that I do not find desirable. Perhaps I haven’t learned how to use it effectively.

Do not forget to periodically grind for Relic Shards over the remainder of the game. This is an easily forgotten mechanic, but is very important for Glyph farming. Similar to Glyph sacrifice, the growth is highly logarithmic, meaning you only need to grind for Relic Shards every once in a while.

Upon unlocking all of Effarig’s shop, you can face Effarig’s Reality. It comes in three stages: Effarig’s Infinity, Effarig’s Eternity, and Effarig’s Reality.

  • Effarig’s Infinity is very straightforward. Equip the PPPPP set of Glyphs, focusing on AD multipliers. Complete an Infinity. You should blast through this easily.
    • There is no reward.
  • Effarig’s Eternity is also very straightforward. Equip the PIRRD Glyph set, with AD Multipliers, Infinities, Replicanti Power, and TT generation. Use the ID and Idle paths for Time Studies. Complete an Eternity. If you are struggling, you probably need stronger Glyphs.
    • Eternities now generate Infinities.
    • You unlock the next Celestial, The Nameless Ones, Celestial of Time. You need to go to The Nameless Ones immediately before proceeding with Effarig.
      • The Nameless Ones have two new mechanics, Black Hole Charging, and Storing Time.
      • Charging your Black Holes enables you to store their power in conditions where they are powerful, and then unleash that power during challenge conditions such as Celestials.
      • It is optimal to charge Black Holes using a Glyph configuration that maximizes time – TTTTT, all with Game Speed Multiplier.
      • I personally do not use the Time storing mechanic.
  • Effarig’s Reality is more tricky.
    • Charge your Black Hole with TTTTT for a few moments before entering Effarig’s Reality.
    • Enter Effarig’s Reality – PIRTD worked for me as a Glyph set.
    • Complete as much as you can. You will get stuck, unable to complete EC10. Discharge your Black Hole to blast through it.
    • Use a minimal Time Studies tree to purchase Time Dilation.
    • Afterwards, reaching 1e4000 EP should be no problem.
    • The reward is Effarig Glyphs.

No further strategy in this section.

The Nameless Ones to Lai'tela[]

The Nameless Ones to V[]

This section is relatively short, introducing Effarig Glyphs and guiding you through The Nameless Ones’ Reality.

Effarig Glyphs are very powerful – you will use them almost constantly going forward. But they are complex – they have up to seven different effects, and for now, two of them are mutually exclusive.

The seven effects from Effarig Glyphs are as follows:

  • RM Multiplier: Gives a fixed multiplier to RM gain. This is immediately necessary for RM grinding builds. In a little while, even this will be phased out by other effects.
  • Glyph Instability Starting Level – Effectively gives a fixed increase to Glyph level. This is immediately necessary for Glyph farming builds.
    • RM Multiplier and Glyph Instability effects are mutually exclusive – they will not appear together in the same Effarig Glyph.
  • Game Speed Power – Increases the boost from Game Speed to resource gain. For now, this is the most powerful Effarig Glyph effect after one of the above two.
    • Additionally, you will want to use an Effarig Glyph with this effect plus Time Glyphs with the Game Speed effect when charging Black Holes for future Celestials.
  • Bonus from Buying 10 Dimensions – Increases the bonus from buying 10 Dimensions of all types. This is strong on its own, but much stronger with at least one Power Glyph with a matching effect for ADs.
  • Antimatter Production – Gives a fixed increase to Antimatter amount. This is also very strong, especially when paired with Power Glyphs.
  • All Dimension Power – Gives a fixed bonus to all Dimensions. This is relatively weak.
  • Achievement Multiplier Power – Increases the bonus from Achievements to all Dimensions. This is weak for now, but will become the most powerful effect soon.

Additional notes on Effarig Glyphs:

  • Which Effarig Glyphs you choose is dependent on your situation. Remember that certain Effarig effects are better when specifically paired with other specific Glyph effects.
  • Your priorities for Effarig Glyph effects change rapidly as you proceed through the game.
  • Therefore, you should collect a wide set of Effarig Glyphs and experiment with their effects using the “Undo Glyph” mechanic. Try to avoid disposing of Effar
  • Despite there being up to seven effects, you will still never see Effarigs with more than four effects at the same time.
  • You can only equip up to one Effarig Glyph at a time.
  • Sacrificing Effarig Glyphs increases Glyph rarity by a solid amount.

Your best Effarigs should include at least *either* RM Multiplier *or* Glyph Instability, then Game Speed, then Bonus from Buying 10 Dimensions or Antimatter Production. This will change over time.

Your new best Glyph setups are:

  • Glyphs: ERRRR (emphasizing Glyph level)
  • RM: ERRRT (emphasizing RM, Replicanti Speed, and Game Speed)
  • Black Hole Charging: ETTTT (emphasizing Game Speed)

Do some RM and Glyph grinding, including a redo of Teresa’s Reality. Ensure you set a Glyph Filter for Effarigs, but less strict on their filter compared to other Glyphs, e.g. 3 effects instead of 4, and 10% less rarity than the rest. You will collect a large number of Effarigs, and you should experiment with them to see which is best. The difference between correct and incorrect Effarig effects is pretty extreme.

To unlock The Nameless Ones’ Reality, you must reach a certain amount of Black Hole charge. Use the Glyph setup mentioned above. There are two unlocks.

  • If you have farmed Glyphs and purchased sufficient Reality and Black Hole Upgrades, the first unlockable should be obtainable in 30 minutes or less -- maybe even a few seconds. This first unlock increases the softcap to Tickspeed upgrades from TDs, which will provide a modest boost to progress. You will have to repeat RM, Glyph farming, and Teresa again.
  • The second will take longer, on the order of two hours if you are diligent with Glyphs, Reality Upgrades, and Black Hole Upgrades.
    • You will also need to have achieved at least one level 5000 Glyph and a 100% rarity Glyph. Getting at least one of each should not be a problem for you at this point in the game.

Before you try The Nameless Ones’ Reality, ensure you charge your Black Hole one more time.

The Nameless Ones’ Reality is altogether bizarre. Here is my recommended strategy:

  • Use the EPPTT Glyph set. Your Effarig must have Game Speed, Bonus from Buying 10 Dimensions, and Antimatter Production. If not, substitute your Effarig for another Time Glyph. Time Glyphs should have at least three effects – EP Multiplier is optional, but four effects is better.
  • There are two immediate bonuses you can attain.
    • At the Infinity tab, the “BREAK INFINITY” button is replaced by “FEEL ETERNITY”. Get a boost to Eternities from that.
    • At the Time Studies tab, there is a secret Time Study to the right of TS 11 at the start that will give you a handful of free TTs.
  • Grind EP and try to complete as many ECs as you can.
  • Under any circ*mstances, entering Challenge 10 will massively boost your progress.
  • To best gain EP, enter EC6, then Challenge 10.
  • EC1 can be completed without limit. It is boosted further with Challenge 10.
  • Keep pushing and unlock Time Dilation using minimal Time Studies, and go back and complete any other ECs you haven’t finished yet.
  • Without discharging Black Holes, you should be able to get to about 1e2000 EP.
    • Getting this far will grant you the Achievement, “You Really Didn’t Need It Anyway”, which unlocks V, the Celestial of Achievements.
  • You have two options for where to discharge your Black Hole – either EC1 + Challenge 10, or EC6 and Challenge 10. I recommend the save and reset trick for attempting either. After discharging Black Hole in one, swiftly go to the other and back again.
  • If this routine does not carry you to the finish, your Glyphs are not strong enough.
  • Once, and only once, I left the game idle in EC6 + Challenge 10 for a few minutes and the Reality completed itself without me doing anything. I don’t know why that happened, but other players have reported the same.
  • The reward is Tesseracts, which is a very simple mechanic that appears as a white flashing button where Big Crunch normally appears. It removes softcaps to IDs.

As far as other Achievements in this section of the game:

  • By about Glyph level 5500, with a set for farming Glyphs, you can get “Perfectly Balanced” by resetting all Glyph Level Factors to 25 and reaching at least Glyph Level 5000.
    • This lets you gives you an “Auto” option for Glyph Level Factors, which helps a lot with Glyph levels going forward.
  • You should be able to get “More Like *Reallydoesn’tmatter*” for turning off all AD Autobuyers, having a Glyph with at least one Dilation Glyph with TT Generation, and getting to Reality.

V to Ra[]

If you are unable to complete The Nameless Ones’ Reality, you can try to proceed with unlocking V, but will have major difficulties completing V’s challenges. I don’t think this is actually possible, but nothing stops you from trying.

The best Glyph setups now are:

  • ERRRR for Glyphs and Glyph sacrifice
  • EPRRT for RM and Teresa
  • EPIRT for Relic Shards
  • ETTTT for Black Hole charging

V must first be unlocked. There are six total conditions you must meet simultaneously with RM, EP, Dilated Time, etc. At a minimum, you must keep grinding and reach at least 1e60 RM. I would encourage you to buy all Reality and Black Hole Upgrades up to 1e61 or so.

Following that, you need to charge your Black Hole using the appropriate Glyph setup (ETTTT).

Use Glyph setup RRTTD, and discharge your Black Hole to get all resources up enough to unlock V.

There are six V-Challenges inside V’s Reality:

  • Glyph Knight: Unlock Reality with a limited number of Glyphs.
    • Equip first RD for four completions, then later just R, then nothing.
  • AntiStellar: Reach a total number of Galaxies of all types.
    • Use ERDDD and see how far you can get.
  • Se7en Deadly Matters: Reach a certain amount of IP in EC7.
    • Use ERDDD and see how far you can get.
  • Matterception: Reach a certain number of Dimension Boosts while Dilated and inside EC5.
    • Use EPDDD and see how far you can get.
    • Note that you have to Dilate first, then enter EC5. The other way doesn’t work.
  • Eternal Sunshine: Reach a certain amount of EP.
    • Use ERRTT and see how far you can get.
  • Young Boy: Reach a certain total Antimatter amount inside EC12 without unlocking Time Dilation.
    • Use ETTTT and see how far you can get.
    • To disable unlocking Time Dilation in your Automator, put “//” in front of the line with UNLOCK DILATION.
    • You cannot discharge Black Holes inside EC12.

There are two separate rewards for completing V-Challenges:

  • Each completed V-Challenge grants you a Space Theorem. Space Theorems allow you to purchase Time Studies that were normally exclusive, like simultaneous Active and Idle paths.
    • Upon earning Space Theorems, the strategy for purchase is very straightforward.
      • At 4 Space Theorems, purchase TS 226.
      • At 8 Space Theorems, purchase TS 221.
      • At 10 Space Theorems, get rid of TS 226 and 221 and purchase TS 121 and 131. Whenever you reach this, your RM production will increase massively, and you should take a pause and grind RM and Reality Upgrades here.
      • At 14 Space Theorems, repurchase TS 226 again.
      • At 18 Space Theorems, repurchase TS 221 again.
      • At 20 Space Theorems, get rid of TS 226 and 221 and purchase TS 122 and 132. Same story with RM production, you should take a pause and grind again.
      • At 24 Space Theorems, repurchase TS 226 again.
      • At 28 Space Theorems, repurchase TS 221 again. This should be enough to complete all of V.
      • Upon completing all of V’s Achievements, you get enough Space Theorems to purchase every last Time Study simultaneously, giving you the Achievement, “Reinstalled the Game and Rejoined the Server”.
  • You also get “V-Achievements” for completing V’s Challenges. There are six milestones:
    • At 2 V-Achievements, you can spend major amounts of Perk Points to reduce your V Challenge goals. You should never need to do this.
    • At 5 V-Achievements, you get another boost to overall production.
    • At 10 V-Achievements, ECs will automatically complete themselves in a very short amount of time.
      • You should can get the Achievement “Actually, Super Easy! Barely an Inconvenience!” for auto-completing ECs in less than one second by pausing your Black Holes for a given Reality.
    • At 16 V-Achievements, you gain a new setting to automatically purge Glyphs on Reality – I set this to on, as it’s a big time saver.
    • At 30 V-Achievements, your Achievement multiplier affects Black Hole power. From this point on, the Effarig effect with the Achievement multiplier beats out all other effects. Even for RM grinding, you will want Effarigs with the Achievement effect, Game Speed effect, Antimatter Production, and Bonus from Buying 10 Dimensions – the RM Multiplier effect becomes inferior to the rest.
    • At 36 V-Achievements, you will gain enough Space Theorems to purchase all Time Studies, and unlock Ra, Celestial of the Forgotten.

Completing V is straightforward. Here is my recommended strategy for this section:

  • Use the recommended Glyph combinations, complete whatever you can, gaining more Space Theorems and Time Studies and V-Achievements.
  • Grind RM and other resources whenever you get particular V-Achievements, as well as when you hit 10 and then 20 Space Theorems, letting you permanently afford TS 131 and 132.
  • If you are struggling with V-Challenges, try charging and discharging the Black Hole to give you a boost, but it may not make much of a difference.
  • If you are struggling, then you need better Glyphs and more Reality Upgrades.

Upon completing V, you can proceed to Ra.

Ra to Lai'tela[]

Prepare yourself for a long idle stretch to the game. The previous Celestials required very active play to get through, but the remaining three Celestials will all involve long waiting periods for new resources to build up.

Ra’s Reality is simple. When you enter, you begin generating “Memories” of previous Celestials. These “Memories” are used to unlock powers that were previously suppressed with those Celestials, which you use to make progress even more powerful.

When you exit Ra’s Reality, some resources will continue to grow, while others won’t. You’ll want to spend as much time inside Ra’s Reality as you can. This is similar to your first time in the Dilation era.

You start Ra only able to generate Teresa’s Memories. At Teresa Level 8, Effarig’s Memories become available to you. At Effarig Level 8, The Nameless Ones’ Memories become available to you. At The Nameless Ones’ Level 8, Ra’s Memories become available to you.

To get through Ra, you will have to fully unlock 25 Levels of Memories of all of the previous four Celestials. The benefits will be enormous, but the wait will take several days and requires periodic interaction and interim grinding as a very large number of new mechanics get introduced.

For each Celestial within Ra, you have three Upgrades available: Recollection, Fragmentation, and Level. You need Memories to purchase any of them.

Simple mechanics are as follows:

  • Recollection boosts Memories growth by 30%.
  • Fragmentation boosts growth of “Memory Chunks” by 50%. Memory Chunks steadily increase production of Memories. You can think of Memories as a 1st Dimension and Memory Chunks as a 2nd Dimension.
  • Ultimately you must purchase Levels to proceed.
  • Personally I prioritize:
    • Celestial Levels that lead to further Memory growth (Levels 5 and 8)
    • Celestial Levels with major milestones
    • Fragmentation
    • Recollection
    • Celestial Levels without major milestones

After 20 total Levels gained, you unlock “Remembrance”, which lets you select one specific Celestial, whose Memory Chunks generation will be increased 5x, but then all others will be halved.

Here is an explanation for the benefits of all the mechanics of each Celestials’ Memories:

You start only with Teresa available. Teresa’s Memories have the following perks and mechanics:

  • At Level 1, TPs are granted immediately when doing a Dilated run. This only helps a little bit.
  • At Level 2, you begin to gain access to “Charged Infinity Upgrades”. These are new boosts on top of regular Infinity Upgrades on that tab. You will gain a new Charged Infinity Upgrade every 2 Teresa levels from here on out.
    • I recommend the following order for Charged Infinity Upgrades:
      • With the first number as the row, and the second number as the column, I recommend 43, 41, 11, 13, 23, 21, 22, 31, 32, 33, 12, 42.
      • I don’t enjoy switching around Charged Infinity Upgrades if I don’t have to.
      • Charged Infinity Upgrade 43 is particularly notable because it grants both a boost to RM as well as passive RM generation.
  • At Level 5, Teresa’s Memory Chunks are magnified by your total RM. Keep grinding RM outside of Ra to keep this high. Inside of Ra, use your Glyph setup that best maximizes RM.
  • At Level 8, Effarig’s Memories become unlocked.
  • At Level 10, you unlock “Altered Glyphs” – in simplified terms, you get up to three new bonuses for reaching certain Glyph Sacrifice thresholds.
    • At 1e36 Glyph Sacrifice for each Glyph type, each Glyph will get a new bonus effect tied with one of the existing effects. This is beneficial for progress, but not necessarily game-breaking.
    • At 1e43 Glyph Sacrifice for each Glyph type, the formula for Glyph Sacrifice becomes improved. This is not an instant boost.
    • At 1e60 Glyph Sacrifice for each Glyph type, each Glyph will gain another effect stacked on top of an existing one.
  • At Level 15, the cap for Teresa’s Perk Point shop increases.
    • Feel free to purchase Autobuyer and DT bulk purchase Upgrades with whatever remaining Perk Points you have, but do not yet try to grind for further Perk Points. Effarig Level 16 provides a boost that passively generates Perk Points.
  • At Level 25, the effect is such that you no longer have to do Dilated runs to gain TPs – a minor but convenient effect.

Effarig’s Memories have the following perks and mechanics:

  • At Level 1, you get up to 8x Glyph choices on Reality. Also, Glyph rarity from Relic Shards is always maximized.
  • At Level 2, you unlock Glyph Alchemy, essentially a new form of Glyph Sacrifice (called Glyph Refinement). This is by far the most powerful new mechanic introduced during Ra. You will gain access to one new Alchemy Resource type per Effarig level. If given a choice, Effarig’s Memories among all others.
    • There are 21 Alchemy Resources in total.
      • 1st Ring:
        • Power: a boost to ADs
        • Infinity: a boost to IDs
        • Time: a boost to TDs
        • Replication: a boost to Replicanti speed
        • Dilation: a boost to TD production
        • Effarig: a boost to Relic Shard gain
      • 2nd Ring:
        • Cardinality: Replicanti interval increases more slowly
        • Eternity: a boost to Eternity gain
        • Dimensionality: a boost to all Dimensions
        • Inflation: a boost to AD multipliers if above above a set threshold
        • Alternation: a boost to TG strength
      • 3rd Ring:
        • Synergism: Glyph Refinement formula improves
        • Decoherence: Glyph Refinement gives additional partial value to all 1st Ring Alchemy Resources
        • Momentum: a boost to all Dimensions, affected by real time
      • 4th Ring:
        • Multiversal: each Reality grants rewards as if multiple Realities were performed
        • Force: a boost to ADs based on RM
        • Exponential: a boost to IP based on Replicanti
        • Uncountability: passively generate Realities and Perk Points
        • Boundless: a boost to Tesseracts
        • Unpredictability: Glyph Refinement gains a chance of doubling
      • 5th Ring:
        • Reality: unlock the option to generate a Reality Glyph
    • Become familiar with each Resource as it is introduced, and decide for yourself when it is worth pausing Ra to focus on refining Glyphs to generate Alchemy Resources. This will be justifiable for almost every new Alchemy Resource introduced.
    • To grow Alchemy Resources, you need to select “Refine” on the Glyphs tab. I personally choose “Refine to Cap, Then Sacrifice”, but you can select either Sacrifice or Refinement exclusively.
      • The first outer ring of Resources are tied to the six major Glyph types. They are grown directly by Refining Glyphs of those types.
      • The next inner ring are grown by drawing on multiple Resources from the outer layer. And so for the next inner ring, and the next inner ring.
      • The first outer ring of Resources do not need to be selected, but the remainder do need to be selected to be Refined.
      • Your first ring of Alchemy Resources have a cap that is based on your max Glyph level you have achieved per Glyph type.
      • The Alchemy Resources in the inner rings are based on the Glyph cap of the Resources they draw on.
      • The max Alchemy Resource cap is 25000, based on Glyph level 13500.
    • The fastest way I grind Alchemy Resources is as follows:
      • Select Glyphs for your typical Glyph farming setup.
      • Put in the Reality Autobuyer the amount of your highest Glyph level minus 1000.
      • Leave your game idle for a while as you grind Alchemy resources.
      • This setup is good for both grinding Alchemy Resources and Glyph Sacrifice.
    • The second to last Alchemy Resource is unlocked at Effarig Level 21, while the final one is unlocked at Effarig Level 25.
      • The ultimate Alchemy Resource enables you to produce Reality Glyphs. The only way to produce these is through the Alchemy tab.
      • Reality Glyphs are, depending on the situation, the most powerful in the game. They have up to four effects.
      • The number of effects and overall power from Reality Glyphs depends as to how highly you have Refined the innermost Resource.
        • The first effect increases the effective level of all other equipped Glyphs.
        • The second effect appears at level 9000 and makes all types of Galaxies stronger.
        • The third effect appears at level 15000 and grants a multiplier of the effect of all repeatable Reality Upgrades.
        • The fourth effect appears at level 25000 and further improves DT.
      • Sacrificing Reality Glyphs provides a multiplier to all Celestials’ Memory Chunk gain. You should strive for a 2-3x multiplier gain to help you get through Ra.
  • At Level 5, Effarig’s Memory Chunks are magnified by your highest Glyph level achieved to date. Keep grinding outside of Ra to keep this high.
    • Inside of Ra, use your Glyph setup that best maximizes Relic Shards. For me, this is EPIRT, with your Effarig Glyph effects being Achievement, Game Speed, Buy 10, and Antimatter Production.
  • At Level 8, The Nameless Ones’ Memories become unlocked.
  • At Level 10, Glyphs will always have four effects, and Effarig can have up to seven effects.
    • This Level is prized among almost all others.
    • A six or seven-effect Effarig will cause your progress outside of Ra to explode.
  • At Level 15, Glyph level will be boosted by Relic Shards. Keep grinding Relic Shards periodically or else you will not benefit from this. (Use EPIRT for maximum effect.)
  • At Level 25, Glyphs are always 100% rarity and Glyph Sacrifice is boosted by Relic Shards. This effect too is extremely prized.

The Nameless Ones’ Memories have the following perks and mechanics:

  • At Level 1, you unlock Autobuyers for Black Hole Upgrades. No reason not to turn these on.
  • At Level 2, the power and effectiveness of The Nameless Ones’ Time Storage becomes more effective and becomes more so with each Nameless Ones’ Level. I personally do not use this mechanic.
  • At Level 5, The Nameless Ones' Memory Chunks are magnified by total Game Time.
    • Use ETTTT outside of Ra periodically.
    • Inside Ra, use RRRTT.
  • At Level 8, V’s Memories become unlocked.
  • At Level 10, Black Hole charging becomes automated with the “Pulse” command. You should periodically switch to Glyph set ETTTT to give this a boost. It will decline over time while you have other Glyph setups or enter Celestials’ Realities.
  • At Level 15, you gain a further boost to DT based on boosts to Game Speed per the ETTTT setup.
  • At Level 25, all Glyphs (except Reality Glyphs) have a new effect (tied to an existing one) which grant a boost to Game Speed.

V’s Memories have the following perks and mechanics:

  • At Level 1, you gain an Autobuyer for Reality Upgrades, and ECs are auto-completed instantly. This will enable you to use a new Automator script that no longer completes ECs.
  • At Level 2, Time Dilation is unlocked for free at 12,900 TTs.
  • At Level 5, Ra's Memory Chunks are magnified by total Celestial Memory Levels.
    • Inside Ra, use IIIRR.
  • At Level 6, you unlock more three more V-Challenges (known as Hard V-Challenges) within Ra, which each have to be completed up to five times.
    • The rewards are more Space Theorems and more V-Achievements.
    • The three new V-Challenges are as follows:
      • Requiem for a Glyph: Unlock Reality a certain number of Glyphs. However, the number required are all negative numbers.
        • You need Cursed Glyphs, which you can generate on Effarig’s or V’s tab.
        • Cursed Glyphs are always level 6666 and have the following four effects:
          • All Galaxies are a certain amount weaker
          • All Dimensions are a certain amount weaker
          • The threshold for Tickspeed Upgrades from TDs is raised
          • EP gain is weakened
        • Use CCET, then CCCET, then CCCCE, CCCCC.
      • Post-Destination: Reach 400k TTs with your Black Holes Inverted up to a certain amount.
        • You will need to Invert your Black Holes at greater and greater magnitudes. You can set that on the Black Holes tab.
        • Black Hole Inversion hampers your production by a fixed amount.
        • Use EPRRT.
      • Shutter Glyph: Reach a particular Glyph level.
        • Use ERRRR.
      • You may not be able to beat new V-Challenges without significant progression in Ra, gaining Celestial Memory Levels.
    • You unlock each of the new Time Studies every 6 V Levels.
      • Each of the new Time Studies is successively better. Prioritize buying the latest Time Studies available.
      • You get more Space Theorems with each completed V Challenge, eventually able to afford all four new Time Studies.
  • At Level 10, TTs boost production further.
  • At Level 15, Achievements boost TT production.
  • At Level 25, the Achievement multiplier boosts production even further.

My overall strategy for completing Ra is as follows:

  • Get to Teresa Level 8
  • Get to Effarig Level 10
    • At Effarig Level 10, grab yourself an Effarig with 7 effects and take advantage of an absolute explosion to your resources
  • Get to The Nameless Ones Level 8
  • Get to V Level 5
  • Prioritize getting to Effarig Level 25, but don’t completely neglect the remainder. Periodically improve Memory Chunks for each Celestial, even for a short time to make the overall time for this section less bothersome.
    • With Effarig Level 25, produce at least a couple Reality Glyphs and sacrifice them to make Memory Chunk gain 2-3x normal.
  • After Effarig, prioritize Teresa, then V, then The Nameless Ones all the way to Level 25.
  • Periodically grind RM, Reality Upgrades, Glyphs, Glyph Sacrifice, Alchemy Resources, and other resources as they become available. Re-complete Teresa periodically for a higher Glyph Sacrifice multiplier.
    • Among all of these, Alchemy Resources are the most prized.
  • Completing Ra is guaranteed to take at least three days, if not longer. The more active and strategic you are about taking advantage of new mechanics, the faster you will blaze through this and proceed onwards.

Regarding Glyphs:

  • The best Glyph sets for RM gain starts out at EPIRT, then EPPPI at around Teresa Level 10, then YEPPT when you get even your most basic Reality Glyph.
    • Your Effarig is best with Achievement, Game Speed, Antimatter Production, and Dimension Boosts.
    • At Effarig Level 10, you can get Effarigs with 7 effects and should use that immediately.
    • At Effarig Level 25, you can get Reality Glyphs and should aim to get a maximized one as soon as feasible.
  • Glyph farming starts as ERRRR, then YERRR.
  • Periodically charge Black Holes with YETTT.
  • Periodically farm Relic Shards with YEPIT.

Here is the script I use after reaching V’s Memories Level 1:


At some point, you will exceed 1e1000 RM. Instead of continuing past 1e1000, you will now start to produce Imaginary Machines (iM). (This is represented as a complex number, 1e1000 RM + 10i.)

Imaginary Machines are used to purchase their own Imaginary Upgrades, which have their own tab.

The top two rows are repeatable, while the bottom three require unlocking before purchase.

  • The top row of Upgrades are cheap and represent boosts to the repeatable Reality Upgrades. They are only marginally effective, but still must be purchased. These include:
    • Temporal Intensifier, which boosts the DT Reality Upgrade
    • Replicative Intensifier, which boosts the Replicanti Reality Upgrade
    • Eternal Intensifier, which boosts the Eternities Reality Upgrade
    • Superluminal Intensifier, which boosts the TP Reality Upgrade
    • Boundless Intensifier, which boosts the Infinities Reality Upgrade
  • The second row of Upgrades are extremely powerful but much more expensive. These include:
    • Elliptic Materiality, which increases your RM cap by 1e100 RM per purchase
    • Runic Assurance, which effectively increases your Glyph level by 200 per purchase
    • Hyperbolic Apeirogon, which multiplies all IDs by 1e100,000 per purchase
    • Cosmic Filament, which increases Galaxy strength by 3% per purchase
    • Entropic Condensing, which doubles Singularity gain per level (explanation later)
  • The last Upgrade of the third row unlocks the Lai’tela, Celestial of Dimensions.
  • The final Imaginary Upgrade unlocks Pelle, Celestial of Antimatter.

At the tail end of Ra, focus on unlocking the third row of Upgrades, which all boost production. These are all very easy so long as you have fully completed Ra and performed sufficient grinding:

  • Suspicion of Interference: Get enough Relic Shards. (YEPIT)
  • Consequences of Illusions: Set Glyph Factors back to manual and set one of them to 100. (YEPRT)
  • Transience of Information: Enter The Nameless Ones’ Reality, go to EC6 and Challenge 10. (YETTT)
  • Recollection of Intrusion: Enter EC5. (YETTT)
  • Fabrication of Ideals: Turn off Auto-EC completion and ID Autobuyers. Manually complete all ECs except EC7. (YETTT)

You almost certainly need all the following Achievements to be able to proceed to Lai’tela, and most of these are obtained through normal progress:

  • At around level 7000 Glyphs, gain a Glyph of exactly level 6969 (via the Reality Autobuyer) to gain the Achievement, “Nicenice”. This can be difficult if your Glyphs are two powerful. Try unequipping a Replicanti Glyph to tamper down your power and not overshoot the Glyph level.
  • You will naturally get “Mr. Layer? Sorry, You’re Not On The List”, especially after obtaining an Effarig with seven effects.
  • Midway through your Ra progression, you should be able to get “Infinity Times Two” without effort.
  • Get “Woah, We’re Halfway There” for reaching 50 out of 100 Ra Memory Levels.
  • Towards the end of your Ra progression, you should be able to get “That’s Where You’re Wrong, Kiddo” by reaching 1e100,000,000 Antimatter in a Dilated run.
  • Get “The God is Delighted” for sacrificing one of every Glyph, YEPIRTD.
    • Please don’t sacrifice the Companion Glyph! (You’re a monster if you do…)
    • I’m not sure if you need to sacrifice a Music Glyph or a Cursed Glyph, but I always have by this point.
  • Get “Cet Accomplissem*nt n’Existe Pas III” for reaching 1e1000 RM.
  • Get “The First Antihistorian” for maxing out Alchemy Resources.
  • Get “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Reality” by completing a Reality at 1.79e308 RM without any Charged Infinity Upgrades, equipped Glyphs, or Triad Studies.

You will struggle to unlock Lai’tela if you have not completed all of the following:

  • Sufficient grinding of resources (RM, iM, Glyphs, etc.)
  • Repeats of Teresa and Glyph Sacrifice
  • All the above Achievements
  • All available Reality Upgrades and Imaginary Upgrades
  • All Charged Infinity Upgrades
  • All Hard V-Challenges
  • All Time Studies
  • Fully completed Alchemy Resources with a maxed Reality Glyph
  • All of Ra fully completed, that is, all 25 Memory Levels of all four Celestials unlocked

There’s nothing stopping you from proceeding to Lai’tela once unlocked.

Lai'tela to The End[]

Lai'tela to Pelle[]

Lai’tela is another very long passive drag to the game that will take several days. The mechanics here are unlike anything else previously seen in the game and will require an in-depth explanation and a lot of grinding.

ADs have been converted to a system called Continuum. I don’t really get it, but it replaces the singular and Buy 10 options for AD purchases. The AD Autobuyer also disappears. So long as Continuum is on, your growth is much more powerful.

Lai’tela produces Dark Matter (DM) and Dark Energy (DE).

  • Your record high DM amount gives you a boost to Antimatter Continuum.
    • DM growth starts very slow, but will increase over time.
    • DM has a cap of 1.79e308.
  • DE leads to Singularities. The initial cap for Dark Energy is 200.
    • Singularities lead to all manner of Singularity Milestones (SMs). There are so many types of SMs it’s not worth listing them all. The benefits mostly cover improvements to the Lai’tela phase resources, but do result in regular production boosts as well.
  • You also use DM to purchase Upgrades for up to four Dark Matter Dimensions (DMDs). There are three types:
    • The first and third Upgrades produce DM faster.
    • The second Upgrade produces DE faster, which leads to faster SMs.
  • Up to you how you prioritize purchases. I prioritize the second Upgrade over others.

Lai’tela’s Reality is unlike any other. You pick a Glyph setup and hit go. No action is required. Your goal is to “destabilize” Lai’tela’s Reality by reaching 100% Entropy, whatever that means.

You will have to complete Lai’tela’s Reality 8 times, one for each AD. That is, for every Lai’tela completion, the next highest AD becomes disabled inside Lai’tela’s Reality.

You can immediately knock out the first two with the Glyph configuration YEDDD. Again, no action required.

Each Lai’tela completion gives you a huge multiplier to Dark Matter production. Even failures, so long as they are under 5 minutes in duration, also give you a boost to Dark Matter production. Re-attempt Lai’tela every so often to receive a further boost to Dark Matter production.

The time between your second and third Lai’tela completions will probably very long, at least a day.

Your main goal during that time is to grind Singularities and earn SMs. Along the way, you will gain large boosts to production and should periodically grind RM + iM, Glyphs, Teresa, Glyph Sacrifice, etc. in order to unlock both Reality Upgrades and Imaginary Upgrades. As you get much better resources, you should periodically re-attempt Lai’tela.

  • Completing your first eight Singularities will give you the option for Auto-Singularities. There is no real reason to ever turn this off. At first, you will have a 30% time penalty for auto-Singularities, but this penalty can be averted by manually clicking the Singularity button. The penalty will go down with more SMs.
  • Getting ten Singularities will result in the ability to bulk buy Singularities. You can increase the Singularities amount tenfold for ten times the duration, giving you a ten percent bonus each time you do. (e.g. if 1 Singularity takes 1 minute, then increasing the bulk amount once will get you 11 Singularities after 10 minutes.)

On Imaginary Upgrades:

  • Once again, the first row of Imaginary Upgrades provide very modest boosts to production, but are required.
  • The second row of Imaginary Upgrades will provide major boosts to production, but are much more expensive.
  • You have already unlocked the third row.
  • The fourth row will grant you 2nd, 3rd, and 4th DMDs, then Dark Matter Annihilation, then Autobuyers for repeatable Imaginary Upgrades. You will get these early in Lai’tela.
    • DMDs require no explanation. Unlocking each will provide tremendous boosts to Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Keep purchasing their upgrades.
  • The fifth row will provide incredible boosts to production. You will get these towards the end of Lai’tela.
  • The final upgrade unlocks Pelle, the final Celestial of the game.
  • If you can afford Imaginary Upgrades, you can unlock them.

On the fourth row of Imaginary Upgrades:

  • Massless Momentum is unlocked when you beat Lai’tela twice. Additional DMDs should require little explanation – keep buying DMD upgrades.
  • Chiral Oscillation is unlocked when you bulk purchase at least 20 Singularities at once. To do this, you should purchase the second row Imaginary Upgrade “Entropic Condensing” at least once. Then increase your bulk Singularity purchases once so that you gain 22 Singularities simultaneously.
    • There is a very long break between this and the next Imaginary Upgrade. This time is used for grinding Singularities. It is up to you how to set the bulk Singularity purchase.
  • Dimensional Symmetry is unlocked when you reach 80k total Galaxies. This is best done with YDDDD. You can unlock it when you can afford it.
  • Deterministic Radiation is unlocked by reaching a certain level of Continuum with 8 Time Studies or less.
    • Use EPIII. Use TS 11, 21 to 41, 51, 61, 72, 82. Remember to Big Crunch. You may not even need the Time Studies if you are powerful enough.
  • Vacuum Acceleration is achieved by reaching a Continuum increase of 100% due to max Dark Matter score. This is obtained through normal progress through Lai’tela.

Your best Glyphs are as follows:

  • RM + iM, Teresa: YEPIT, then later YEPII – you’ll want to play around with this a bit
  • Glyphs and Glyph Sacrifice: YERRD
  • Relic Shards: YEPIT
  • Lai’tela’s Reality: YEDDD
  • Dark Matter + Dark Energy Production: IIIII at around 3000 Singularities when a particular SM is reached, then YDDII a bit later, then EDDDD – you should play around with this

Your overall strategy in this stage is to prioritize grinding Singularities to earn SMs. I personally bulk buy them enough to set that timer to every couple of minutes while playing actively, and ten times that while leaving the game idle.

More SMs will result in more DMD Autobuyers. Use them. You will grow the boost to Continuum just fine.

You will also gain the ability to Ascend DMDs. I don’t use this mechanic until you get the Milestones that do this automatically. They slow you down if bought too early.

Keep grinding all resources, and you will eventually be able to complete Lai’tela for the third time. Keep going.

Getting Deterministic Radiation unlocks Dark Matter Annihilation.

  • You will lose all of your DM and DE in exchange for a multiplier to DM production.
  • This is very worth it.
  • You need at least 1e60 Dark Matter to perform Annihilation.
  • You will initially want to Annihilate your Dark Matter several times to reach a multiplier of around 1K, performing Annihilation when the multiplier is x1.10 (a few seconds).
  • This initial multiplier will allow you to break past your previous Dark Matter records very quickly.

Keep going, prioritizing Singularities and associated SMs. Feel free to leave the game idle for extended periods, coming back active to reach new levels of RM + iM, Glyphs, Glyph Sacrifice, etc. Your Glyphs will begin to reach absurd levels. This is the primary driver for further progress, including more Lai’tela completions all the way to your sixth completion (two ADs). While idle, maximize DM and DE production (at first IIIII, later EDDDD).

You ultimately need to reach the SM that consists of ~2e45 Singularities. Keep focused on this.

As you gain more and more RM + iM, when you can, unlock the 5th row of Imaginary Upgrades:

  • Existential Elimination:
    • Use a normal RM + iM build and disable Continuum. This grants more powerful Annihilation.
    • Immediately after gaining this, set your Annihilation Autobuyer on and let it grow to 1.0 B or so. This will enable you to easily cap Dark Matter at 1.79e308 and maximize the boost to Continuum, which should help you attain enough RM + iM to attain the rest of the row 5 Imaginary Upgrades.
  • Total Termination:
    • Set Glyphs CCCCD and go into Effarig’s Reality. Very easy.
    • This caps out Glyph Sacrifice, a mechanic you never have to perform again.
  • Planar Purification:
    • Set Glyphs CYER and go into Ra’s Reality. Very easy.
    • This grants a powerful boost to production.
  • Absolute Annulment:
    • Set Glyphs EPIII, fully invert your Black Hole, and go into Ra’s Reality. There are sometimes problems with this for not having everything set correctly or not having strong enough Glyphs.
    • This is another powerful boost to production.

With enough Singularity Milestones, powerful enough Glyphs, and the aforementioned row 5 Imaginary Upgrades, you will complete the last portions of Lai’tela.

At this point, the only thing standing between you and Hevipelle is Omnipresent Obliteration. This is only achievable by getting the ~2e45 Singularities Milestone, which is a grind that will last many hours no matter how advanced you are.

  • Omnipresent Obliteration:
    • Equip a single D Glyph, enter Lai’tela’s Reality, and wait 10 to 15 minutes to let EP grow up to 1e4000. There is no action required here. Remember, you cannot destabilize Lai’tela’s Reality anymore. This is only an EP goal.

You should have also completed the remaining semi-final Achievements through normal progress: “Mom Counted to 3”, “This Mile Took a Celestial”, and “Destroyer of Worlds”.

Note that Pelle is a point of no return. There is no further grinding that you can do that will help with the final Celestial. You might as well enter as soon as available.

Pelle to The End[]

Welcome to the end of the game. This section will still take several more days.

Pelle is a “doomed”, inescapable Reality. You can never return to your previous state.

The goal for Pelle’s Reality is to reach 1e4000 EP. There will be a surprise for you at the end.

By entering Pelle’s Reality, you have essentially started from scratch. You lost almost all your Achievements, Upgrades, Perks, Autobuyers – everything.

This is, in a way, like completing your first Reality all over again, but with different mechanics.

  • The only Achievements here are through natural progress and only two provide benefits. There is no multiplier to Dimensions from Achievements anymore. The first Achievement you get is “Antimatter Dimensions Eternal” for starting Pelle.
  • Most Autobuyers are disabled and must be recovered through your journey through Pelle.
  • Many Upgrades normally available for purchase on your journey to Reality are disabled.
  • Gain multipliers for IP, EP, etc. are replaced with new mechanics gained over the course of Pelle.
  • Even your Shop purchases, if you have any, are disabled.

You might as well begin back to using the “Max All” and “Dimension Boost” hotkey tricks.

When you hit a certain level of Antimatter, you can reset your Reality by performing an “Armageddon” in trade for Remnants, which generate a new resource called Reality Shards (RS). RS are used to buy two types of Pelle Upgrades, one of which are repeatable, and the other which are not.

“Armageddon” resets everything except Pelle Upgrades and special new resources you will gain later.

Among repeatable Pelle Upgrades:

  • Multiply Galaxy Power is the most powerful, but you will not be able to afford it for a long time.
  • The multiplier to ADs is the second most powerful, and will be able to buy it soon.
  • Infinity Power conversion rate is a close third.
  • Glyph Power is slightly worse.
  • The multiplier to Game Speed is not very good. It is still necessary, and helpful towards Replicanti speed and other mechanics.

The remaining Pelle Upgrades restore items lost to you, such as Autobuyers, the effects of certain Achievements, and the removal of particularly harsh penalties.

Both types of Pelle Upgrades are absolutely required to continue. You will hit walls in the game unless you purchase them.

Let me be clear. When in doubt, wait it out. If you are frustrated that you absolutely cannot proceed, leave the game idle until the next repeatable Pelle Upgrade, and you will likely be able to proceed past where you were stuck. This applies for the duration of Pelle.

It is up to you to determine when to Armageddon to reset your resources. You probably should not Armageddon for less than double your RS generation. Note that your Remnant gain amount is affected by high counts in a single Pelle Reality of:

  • Antimatter
  • IP
  • Replicanti
  • EP
  • DT

If you find yourself rapidly gaining a new resource you newly unlocked (such as IP), wait until your new gain peaks before conducting your Armageddon and resetting everything.

Pelle does not want you to reach Reality. Your journey through Pelle will take several days and is marked by several phases. At the following milestones, Pelle will curse you further, giving your production much stricter handicaps (known as “Strikes”), but also granting you new resources (called “Rifts”).

Rifts replace mechanics like the IP gain multiplier, but must be filled with resources such as IP, EP, Replicanti, and DT. Filling Rifts is necessary to proceed with continued progress. It is also of vital importance to reach Rift Milestones for new bonuses and effects, all of which drastically improve your progress.

  • Reaching your First Infinity is the First Strike.
    • Your reward is the First Rift (Hollow/Void/Vacuum) which you fill by filling IP to raise your IP gain.
    • Filling 256k IP lets you equip a single Glyph. For a long time, Power Glyphs are the only sensible option. This will change later.
    • Filling 115 B IP makes Replicanti affordable far earlier. You will start to rely on Replicanti much sooner than in a normal Reality.
    • Filling 1e2362 IP applies the First Rift’s gain multiplier to EP.
  • Purchasing the “Galaxies are Twice as Effective” Break Infinity Upgrade is the Second Strike.
    • Your reward is the Second Rift (Decay/Collapse/Disarray) which you fill by filling Replicanti, which increases Replicanti speed. This is capped out rather quickly.
    • Filling 1e400 Replicanti grants the first Rift an additional multiplier to the 1st ID.
    • Filling 1e1200 Replicanti causes a new bonus, which boosts the power of your Galaxies at 1e1300 Replicanti. You will rely heavily on this effect.
    • Filling 1e2000 Replicanti vastly increases your RG cap. This should start at 15 RGs and will grow further later.
    • You will be required to fill past 1e2000 Replicanti for the Third Rift.
  • Reaching your first Eternity is the Third Strike.
    • Your reward is the Third Rift (Disorder/Impurity/Chaos), which you fill with the Second Rift, and gives a multiplier to TDs.
    • The Third Rift grows 1% for every 10% of the Second Rift. This will require you to fill the Second Rift eventually to 1e20000 Replicanti to max out. You will need to periodically refill the Second Rift to make progress with the Third Rift.
    • At 9%, the Second Rift gives bonuses as if it is always maxed out.
    • At 15%, all Glyphs gain a new effect. This changes the way you play the game drastically, changing Glyphs (which can be unequipped on Armageddon) based on your situation.
      • Power Glyphs make Galaxies slightly stronger.
      • Infinity Glyphs grant an IP multiplier based on current IP.
      • Replicanti Glyphs boost Replicanti Speed based on the first Rift.
      • Time Glyphs grant an EP multiplier based on current EP.
      • Dilation Glyphs grant a DT multiplier based on TGs.
      • All other Glyphs remain useless.
    • At 100%, passive EP generation is restored to you.
  • Reaching 115 TTs (the minimum to start EC1x1) is the Fourth Strike.
    • Your reward is the Fourth Rift (Dispersion/Destruction/Recursion), which you fill with EP, and makes the EP formula better.
    • At 4.5 T EP, your EC completion count improves Dimension Boosts.
    • 7e34 EP, your EC completion count gives a boost to IDs.
    • At 1e4000 EP, you unlock the Galaxy Generator. This marks the end of the game.
  • Unlocking Time Dilation is the Fifth Strike.
    • Your reward is the Fifth Rift (Paradox/Contradiction/Fallacy), which you fill with DT, and gives an exponential boost to all Dimensions. This starts out as very weak but becomes extremely strong at around 50%.
    • At 1.0 Qa DT, TDs 5-8 are made affordable at this stage of the game. They won’t do much at first.
    • At 10.0 Sp DT, you get a massive boost to DT.
    • At 1e50 DT, your count of Dilation Upgrades provides a massive boost to Infinity Power Conversion Rate. This Milestone will propel you to The End.

My recommended strategy for Pelle is as follows:

To First Infinity (First Strike):

  • Grow enough Antimatter to Armageddon for your first Remnants. Buy Pelle Upgrades as soon as you can afford them. Prioritize repeatable Upgrades over non-repeatable Upgrades.
    • You will note that it becomes impossible to progress without the repeatable Upgrades.
    • You will regain your basic Autobuyers from non-repeatable Pelle Upgrades during this stage.
  • Eventually you will reach your first Infinity. Do not Armageddon immediately afterwards – take advantage of your 1 IP in the next section to significantly grow your Antimatter and IP first.

To Break Infinity Upgrade “All Galaxies are 50% Stronger” (Second Strike):

  • Use your single IP to purchase the first Infinity Upgrade, which will provide an incredible boost to production and allow you to rapidly Big Crunch further, leading to IP farming.
    • Use the hotkey trick “C” along with Max All “M” to rapidly Big Crunch, generating more IP. Disable Galaxy or Dimension Boost Autobuyers as necessary to Big Crunch as fast as possible.
    • Purchase the remainder of easily available Infinity Upgrades.
    • Begin filling the First Rift for rapid gains to your IP gain multiplier.
    • When your gain to Remnants begins to level off, *then* Armageddon for a massive boost to Remnants, making several more Pelle Upgrades quickly buyable. This will instantly bring you back to performing near-immediate Big Crunches.
    • The cost of not following the above strategy will mean a very slow return to your first Big Crunch due to the new handicaps to production imposed by the First Strike.
  • Keep progressing as you see fit to gain Remnants. It will be impossible to meaningfully continue without buying both repeatable Pelle Upgrades for production, and non-repeatable Pelle Upgrades to let you keep your Infinity and Break Infinity Upgrades on Armageddon.
  • With enough IP, you can re-purchase all your Autobuyer upgrades. It does not make sense to do this without the Pelle Upgrade allowing you to keep them after Armageddon. You will earn the Achievement, “One More Time” for getting them all.
  • When the Big Crunch Autobuyer is maxed out, you can Break Infinity and continue.
  • At 4% First Rift, you gain back the ability to equip Glyphs. Only Power Glyphs do anything meaningful for now
  • You will be able to purchase IDs far sooner than in your first Reality. They will be necessary to continue.
  • Prioritize filling 115 B IP to the first Rift, which will make Replicanti affordable at this stage, and further increase your production, which will stagnate without it.
  • Eventually you will be able to repurchase the “Galaxies are 50% Stronger” Break Infinity Upgrade. This will incur Pelle’s Second Strike. Once again, do not immediately Armageddon. Reap the benefits of this purchase to further raise Remnants first.

To First Eternity (Third Strike):

  • You get the Achievement, “You’re Out”.
  • Pause here for a moment and fill Replicanti to the Second Rift – at least 1e400.
    • The Pelle Milestone gained from this grants a massive boost to production. Feel free to Armageddon at this stage for the massive boost from Replicanti to Remnants.
    • Use the benefit of the newly gained Pelle Milestone to grow the First Rift even further. Use your new amount of IP to purchase several more Replicanti upgrades, and use this to fill the Second Rift to 1e2000, which caps it out.
  • With the above benefits, proceed to progress all the way to Eternity. All ICs should be easy, given the old strategies.
    • You will get the Achievement “Déjà vOoM” for re-completing IC5.
    • Note that sometimes the 8th IC will sometimes hang up and be difficult to complete due to the very rapid time speed in Pelle’s Reality. Just build up a bit more IDs to complete this the normal way.
  • When you have completed your first Eternity, same story as always – wait to reap the rewards by purchasing a single 1st TD and grinding some EP before conducting an Armageddon.

To 115 TTs (Fourth Strike):

  • You get the Achievement, “Four Score and Seven Years Ago”.
  • Immediately fill all 100% of your Second Rift to your Third Rift.
    • This will grant you 10% to your Third Rift.
    • At 9% Third Rift, your Second Rift will act as if it’s always capped. Don’t cause yourself to suffer by not reaching this Milestone.
  • Grind some EP before conducting an Armageddon. It’s up to you when to do so.
  • Time Studies are now open to you. Note that many are disabled. The effectiveness of Time Studies has changed!
    • TS 21 and 31 are much more powerful than TS 42, which barely does anything now.
    • TS 22’s effect is now more important than ever for building up Replicanti.
  • You will not be able to make much permanent progress until you can purchase the Pelle Upgrades that let you retain Eternities and TTs upon Armageddon. Until then, you can immediately start grinding in a particular way to get up to the 15% Third Rift Milestone:
    • Allow Replicanti to go back up to ~1e2500 or and use this to re-fill the Second Rift.
    • Use this to grind a few EP for TDs and Time Studies. At least purchase TS 21 and 31 to build up IP and the First Rift.
    • Once you are also able to purchase TS 22, let your Replicanti build up even further, and use that to fill Second Rift, which is used to fill the Third Rift.
    • Rinse and repeat until you reach 15% in the Third Rift.
  • Once you purchase the Pelle Upgrade that lets you keep Eternities, grind them.
    • At least get to 1000 Eternities to make your life easier.
    • Use familiar tricks to grind Eternities as fast as possible, like setting Autobuyers to Big Crunch at 1e308 IP and Eternity at 0 EP.
    • It’s not hard to reach 100k much more quickly (in ~2-3 hours) than in your first Reality. Feel free to take breaks to grind other resources.
  • At some point, you will also gain a Pelle Upgrade that lets you retain TTs and Time Studies. With the Third Rift’s 15% Milestone, your strategy for grinding now changes. You will alternate between Power, Infinity, Replicanti, and Time Glyphs as follows:
    • Start with an Infinity Glyph. Grind a handful of EP, purchase a few TDs and the first two Eternity Upgrades, and reach a new level of IP, constantly filling the First Rift. Ensure you purchase all available TTs.
    • Switch to a Power Glyph, and also grind to purchase a few TDs and the first two Eternity Upgrades. You should be able to purchase one or two more TTs based on a high Antimatter amount.
      • The effectiveness of this ends after reaching TS 181.
    • Switch to a Time Glyph. This time, you will only grind EP for TTs. It is good to use the Time Glyph to grind Eternities up to 100k, which is also necessary to proceed.
    • Equip a Replicanti Glyph, and with at least TS 22, gain more of the Second Rift and immediately fill it all to the Third Rift.
    • Keep repeating this process, purchasing Time Studies until you reach 115 TTs.
  • Know that a good way to grind EP is to set your Autobuyers to Big Crunch at 1e50 and Eternity at 1.5 seconds.

To Time Dilation (5th Strike):

  • Welcome to Hell.
    • All ECs are much more difficult than before. Some, like EC8, have much higher IP goals.
    • You will complete ECs in a completely different order than before. You are best suited to play around with this out yourself, but as a hint, EC3x1 is probably the first one you can achieve, followed by EC2x1.
    • You need to choose the correct Glyph for each EC.
      • EC1 through EC8 need the Infinity Glyph.
      • EC9 needs the Power Glyph.
      • EC10 and EC11 needs the Power Glyph.
      • EC12 needs the Replicanti Glyph.
    • The required Time Studies have not changed, except Idle is superior to Active in most cases.
    • Many ECs can be beaten with a lot of patience letting IP slowly grow.
    • If you are absolutely stuck, you probably need more repeatable Pelle Upgrades, as well as more Rift amounts.
    • Know that there are now multiple bonuses from EC completions – not just the ordinary effects, but based on Fourth Rift Milestones, you also get bonuses to Dimension Boosts and IDs. This means you should grind Rifts between each EC.
  • First, start filling the Fourth Rift. This is obviously best done with a Time Glyph. Shoot at least for the 10% Milestone.
  • Based on your massive improvement to the EP gain multiplier from the Fourth Rift, do some cycles of grinding each Rift and get more Remnants.
  • When you can afford it, complete EC3x1 (TD/Idle).
    • If you can reach within 1e50 IP of the goal in the first 30 seconds, you are strong enough to beat it with enough patience.
  • You can experiment yourself, but you ought to be able to complete ECs in the following order:
    • EC2x1 (TD/Idle)
    • EC2x2
    • EC3x1
    • EC5x1
    • EC4x1 (AD/Idle)
    • EC6x1 (AD/Active)
    • EC1x1 (ID/Idle)
    • EC2x3
    • EC3x3 (with a long wait)
    • EC4x2 (AD/Idle)
    • EC5x2 (AD)
    • EC6x2 (AD/Active)
    • EC1x2
    • (Long break due to resource buildup and Pelle Upgrades and Rift buildup)
    • EC2x4
    • EC3x4
    • EC6x3 (ID/Active)
    • EC5x3 (AD/Idle)
    • EC3x5
    • EC2x5
    • EC1x3
    • EC4x3 (TD/Idle)
    • EC7x1 (AD/Idle)
    • (More Pelle Upgrade grinding)
    • EC8x1 (TD/Idle) – 9% Replicanti, rest to RGs, use the 1e1300 Replicanti effect
    • EC5x3 (AD/Idle)
    • EC1x4
    • EC6x4
    • EC5x5 (AD/Idle)
    • EC8x2 (TD/Idle) 9% Replicanti, rest to RGs, use the 1e1300 Replicanti effect
    • EC1x5
    • Gain Rift 4 15% Milestone
    • EC6x5
    • EC7x2
    • EC7x3
    • EC4x4
    • EC8x3
    • EC4x5 (requires TS 181, whose purchase gives you the Achievement “An Unhealthy Obsession”)
    • EC5x4 – 5% Replicanti, rest to RGs, use the 1e1300 Replicanti effect
    • (More Pelle Upgrade grinding, including first Galaxy repeatable Upgrade)
    • EC8x5
    • EC9x1 (Requires full Time Study tree through TS 171, TD/Idle, Power Glyph)
    • EC9x2
    • EC7x4
  • By this point, your IP should start to get very high – as you fill your First Rift, you will very easily be able to build your Second Rift to very high levels quickly, which are used to fill your Third Rift, rapidly accelerating you through the rest of ECs.
    • EC9x3
    • EC9x4
    • EC9x5
    • EC7x5
  • EC10 will require a hefty amount of grinding across Rifts and Pelle Upgrades. If you cannot complete it near-instantly, it is better to continue grinding than to wait around for it to finish.
    • EC10x1 (AD/Idle, Power Glyph)
  • You can guess what happens next. Your production will explode and you can very quickly be able to purchase more Time Studies, fill Rifts, and purchase more Pelle Upgrades.
    • EC10x2
    • EC10x3
    • EC10x4
    • EC10x5
  • Your goal here is to fill up all Rifts to the max extent possible. You should be able to reach 100% for Rifts 1 and 3. Note that it is not required to refill Rift 2 to any amount after completing filling Rift 3. From here, you should be able to fill the entire Time Studies tree as: 11,22,32,42,51,61,73,83,62,21,93,103,111,123,133,143,151,161,171,162,31,41,33,181,191,212,211,193,214,224,232,192,201,72,82,92,102,213,123,133,122,132,143,142,228,234,222,226,71,81,91,101,225,221,227,233,231,223,304,303,302,301|0
    • EC11x1 (AD, Idle, Power Glyph)
    • EC11x2
    • EC11x3
    • EC11x4
    • EC11x5
    • EC12x1 (TD+ID, Idle, Replicanti Glyph)
    • EC12x2
    • EC12x3
    • EC12x4
    • EC12x5

To The End:

  • Unlock Time Dilation, earning you the semi-final Achievement, “The One with Dilated Time”.
  • Time Dilation is permanent. Switch to a Dilation Glyph.
  • DT grows your Remnants. Every time you Armageddon, you will start Time Dilation from scratch until you buy the final non-repeatable Pelle Upgrades.
  • Buy TPs and Dilation Upgrades as you normally would. When you reach a large enough boost to Remnants, perform an Armageddon.
  • Keep buying Pelle Upgrades. Fill the Fifth Rift. Everything will keep getting faster and faster.
  • Then things will slow down. But you know what to do. Grind TPs, DT, Dilation Upgrades, the Fifth Rift, Remnants, and Pelle Upgrades. Just keep going.
  • Eventually you will hit the 1e45 DT Upgrade. This will boost you temporarily, then slow down again. Then you’ll hit the 50% Fifth Rift Milestone and speed up a bit more.
  • Once you hit the 1e55 DT Upgrade, you will be able to fill all Rifts to 100%.
  • The Galaxy Generator is unlocked at 100% Fourth Rift. This marks the start of The End. I will not spoil anything from here.
  • Earning the final Achievement “The End” marks you beating the game. Sit back and relax. Watch the ending. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Congratulations on completing Antimatter Dimensions!!! This was no small feat. How quickly did you complete it?

Your reward is your choice from a list of cosmetic Glyph sets. These have no function other than to change the appearance of your Glyphs in your next playthrough. There are 35 cosmetic sets in total.

You also now have the ability to play in Speedrun mode. Import “speedrun” in order to start one. See the introduction of this guide to see the very minor game changes in the Speedrun version.

Should you choose to play again, I might recommend making a Shop purchase to provide a boost to Dimensions, IP, EP, RM, Replicanti, or DT. You’ve earned it, and so have the developers. It’s a nice way to thank them.

Here are all the Secret Achievements in the game:

  • The First One’s Always Free”: Click the box.
  • Just In Case”: Save 100 times in a row.
  • It Pays to Have Respect”: Press F. (MMORPG reference. WoW maybe?)
  • So Do I”: Import “ieatass”.
  • Do a Barrel Roll!”: Import “doabarrelroll”. (Starfox 64 reference.)
  • Do You Enjoy Pain?”: Play with a “painful” notation for 10 minutes. This includes notations like Blob, Emoji, or other one that displays meaningless icons instead of numbers. For some reason, this can only be achieved after your first Eternity.
  • 30 Lives”: Press up up down down left right left right B A on your keyboard. (Konami Code reference.)
  • Do You Feel Lucky? Well Do Ya Punk?”: 1/100,000 chance of getting this every second. You will likely get this at some point.
  • Go Study in Real Life Instead”: Click on the secret Time Study to the left of TS 11.
  • Deep Fried”: Purchase 100,000 Galaxies with a “painful” notation.
  • Stop Right There Criminal Scum!”: Open the browser console. Available in the browser menu, or press F12.
  • Real News”: Click on an interactive News ticker, or other that indicates it will give you a Secret Achievement. These are rare, so you’ll have to pay attention.
  • Shhh, It’s a Secret”: Import any of the Secret Themes. Most are hinted at in News tickers.
  • You’re a Failure”: Fail an EC ten times in a row. Easiest with EC4.
  • It’s Not Called Matter Dimensions Is It?” Get 1.79e308 Antimatter in Challenge 11 or IC6. (IC6 is much easier.)
  • Nice.”: Enter 69 anywhere in your Autobuyer menu.
  • You Should Download Some More RAM”: Set your update rate in your menu to 200 ms. (Which I do anyways…)
  • Less Than or Equal To 0.001”: Fast-complete any Challenge or IC within EC12. (You should do this anyways.)
  • A Sound Financial Decision”: Attempt to buy Coins from the Shop. (You don’t have to complete the purchase. But I have.)
  • You Do Know How These Work, Right?”: Respec an empty Time Studies tree.
  • Should We Tell Them About Buy Max?”: Buy Tickspeed in singles 100,000 times. (The Autobuyer counts.)
  • While You Were Away…Nothing Happened”: As far as I know, this can only be done in the beginning of the game. Before you buy any 1st ADs, save the game, close it, come back a minute later, and get this progress notification.
  • You Followed the Instructions”: Import “tree” as a Time Study tree.
  • Knife’s Edge”: Get one click away from resetting the game in the menu. (You will sweat.)
  • That Dimension Doesn’t Exist”: Press 9 on the keyboard.
  • Was It Even Broken?”: Attempt to use EC12 to speed up time. (I had a hard time getting this. I think you have to try discharging stored time or stored Black Holes in EC12.)
  • A Cacophonous Chorus”: Fill your Glyph slots with Music Glyphs.
  • Are You Satisfied Now?” Stay on the Statistics tab for 15 minutes.
  • This Dragging is Dragging On”: Drag a Perk on the Perks page and hold it for a minute.
  • For a Rainy Day”: Store 24 hours of time.
  • ALT+”: In the Options menu, go to “modify visible tabs” and select to hide everything.
  • Stack Overflow”: Have more errors than lines of code in your Automator. This is difficult to do, and here and only here, I’ll ask you to either mess around or look at another guide.

There are some different Secret Achievements in the mobile version only:

  • The Second One’s Not So Free”: Tap on the box 100 times.
  • Professional Landscaper”: Change the view to “landscape” mode for 10 minutes.
  • Shaken, Not Stirred”: Shake your phone.
  • Theoretical Degree in Physics”: Gain, then view all the Help options in the game. This can only be done after unlocking every mechanic, e.g. after Time Dilation.

Useless Paperclips are, after all, useless.

Import the following Secret Themes via the Import button in Options:

  • Aero
  • Blind
  • Bliss
  • Blob
  • Christmas
  • Confused
  • Design
  • Finnish
  • Galactic or Stellar
  • Nicholas
  • Work

In new games, Secret Achievements, Secret Themes, Automator scripts, and previous Speedrun times are carried forward. If you play again, see if you can beat it faster or more skillfully.

If you’re looking for similar Incremental games, check out r/incremental_games on Reddit. I have enjoyed games like Prestige Tree and Incremental Mass, but Antimatter Dimensions will always be my favorite!

BubbaCow's Antimatter Dimensions Guide (2024)


What is the easiest challenge for Antimatter Dimensions? ›

Antimatter Dimensions

You should have between 34-100 IP before you start doing the first section of challenges. Challenge 11 and 8 are the two easiest. If you don't have much unlocked with IP yet, do challenge 8 a few times to get some easy IP.

How to cheat Antimatter Dimensions? ›

To begin cheating, you must be on the GitHub version of the game. Then, press F12. (CTRL+SHIFT+I on Google Chrome) This will open the console (and award a secret achievement) to let you begin cheating. Once you've done this, feel free to scroll down to "Functions" for easy game manipulation.

How long does it take to complete Antimatter Dimensions? ›

Main Story31517h 19m
Completionist13932h 33m
All PlayStyles161042h 12m

How to go infinite in Antimatter Dimensions? ›

Once you have too much Antimatter for the world to handle (2^1024, or 1.7976931348623159e308) you'll reach infinity and be able to perform a “Big Crunch”. Each Infinity completed will give an Infinity Point. These can be spent on upgrades in the new infinity tab.

How do you get useless paperclips in Antimatter Dimensions? ›

You get the "useless paperclip" by clicking on a news ticker message.

How do you get eternity in Antimatter Dimensions? ›

Eternity can be accessed once you reach Infinity Infinity Points and unlock the 8th Infinity Dimension.

What is the V achievement in Antimatter Dimensions? ›

V is a special Celestial in the sense that they are not unlocked by another Celestial, but is instead unlocked by completing Achievement ID 151 (row 15, column 1, "You really didn't need it anyway"), which requires you to get 800 Antimatter Galaxies without buying 8th Antimatter Dimensions in your current Infinity.

How do you unlock Laitela in Antimatter Dimensions? ›

Lai'tela is the sixth Celestial, unlocked by purchasing the appropriate Imaginary Upgrade for 1e9 iM.

What does bulk buy do in Antimatter Dimensions? ›

Bulk Buy. The Dimension Autobuyers have the ability to bulk buy, once you get their delay to the minimum (100ms in default). Each bulk buy upgrade costs 2.4x the last (rounded up after an individual purchase) and doubles the amount bulk bought in a single tick up to a maximum of 512 (1e100 Prior to the Reality update).

How do you unlock reality in antimatter dimensions? ›

Reality can be accessed once you unlock the first 13 rows of achievements, time dimensions 5-8, 1 TT, and 1e4000 EP.

What is the point of antimatter dimensions? ›

Antimatter Dimensions is a highly unfolding Idle Incremental game with multiple layers of unlocks, prestige, and achievements. The basic goal is to reach Infinity and receive an Infinity point, which can be spent on various upgrades to increase your overall production.

When should I dimensional sacrifice? ›

Doing Dimensional Sacrifices (S). Dimensional Sacrifices are unlocked at 5 Dimensional Boosts, increasing the 8th Dimension's multiplier while sacrificing all the others' generated amounts. Do the first one at x5, and every subsequent one at about x2 as long as you are not approaching the next Boost or Galaxy.

When should I break infinity Antimatter Dimensions? ›

Breaking Infinity is a major option in the Infinity stage of the game. You are only able to do this after fully upgrading your Big Crunch Autobuyer, which costs a total of 32,767 Infinity Points.

What is the ad bonus in Antimatter Dimensions? ›

ad bonus is a feature exclusive to the mobile version of Antimatter Dimensions, giving an x2. 00 multiplier to all antimatter dimensions for 5 hours for every advertisem*nt viewed.

What does the Automator do in Antimatter Dimensions? ›

The Automator is an unlockable feature in game that allows you to script an automation process from Eternity Challenges to Dilation and EP Farming.

How to do challenge 8 Antimatter Dimensions? ›

Enter C8 and do 5 dimboosts to unlock Sacrifice and try to get as much Sacrifice multiplier as you can without completing the challenge. Disable all autobuyers and sacrifice again to reset your dimensions. Then, toggle Until 10 next to tickspeed and buy 1 of each dim. Then toggle Buy 1 back, and buy 10 2nd dims.

How to get achievement R43 Antimatter Dimensions? ›

Achievement 43 after Eternity
  1. Respec and buy studies up to TS171 (Dimension and Pace paths don't matter) OPTIONALLY you may want to buy and enter EC1. ...
  2. Disable ALL autobuyers, then re-enable 8th dims, tickspeed and sacrifice only.
  3. Eternity once more to reset everything.
Mar 3, 2023

How to reality Antimatter Dimensions? ›

Reality can be accessed once you unlock the first 13 rows of achievements, time dimensions 5-8, 1 TT, and 1e4000 EP.


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