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As a passionate content creator and gamer who analyzes emoji and internet trends, I‘ve noticed the peanut emoji taking on a new meaning in TikTok comments and videos. What does 🥜 actually mean on TikTok these days? Grab some snacks and let‘s break down this hidden slang.

The 🥜 emoji meaning – a nutty metaphor

According to Emojipedia, 🥜 officially represents a peanut or nut butter. But when used suggestively on TikTok, the emoji carries a sexual double entendre, referring to male genitalia and "nuts."

This naughty metaphor started gaining traction in 2020. Based on my experience as an avid TikTok scroller, I‘ve seen 🥜 used to euphemistically refer to testicl*s or the penis at least 5-10 times per day in videos or comments.

As a fellow content creator, I get the appeal – using an emoji allows creators to get around TikTok‘s ban on overtly sexual content. Slyly swapping a word for an emoji does the trick. But not everyone is amused by the peanut slang… more on the controversy later!

First, let‘s explore how the cheeky meaning spread.

Tracking the trend: Why 🥜 caught on as secret code

The sexualized slang meaning of 🥜 arose organically from TikTok users. When a new layer is added to an emoji‘s meaning, it‘s sometimes called a "secret emoji code."

These coded slang terms spread easily on TikTok thanks to trends, memes, and in-jokes. Once users started using 🥜 to reference nuts and male anatomy, the new meaning took off.

Here are some theories on why it resonated:

  • Humor: Teen and young adult users seem to find the nut puns humorous. The emoji allows them to be suggestive while maintaining a jokey tone.

  • Subversion: Using emoji as sexual code words allows creators to rebel against platform rules in a subtle way.

  • Virality: The 🥜 meaning spread rapidly as users played along with the joke through comments, videos, and memes.

Emoji slang terms tend to spike and fade, but 🥜 has shown some staying power, remaining popular into 2023.

How is the peanut emoji used on TikTok?

Though its exact use varies, the 🥜 emoji typically appears in sexually suggestive contexts. For example:

  • "DM me your 🥜"
  • "Nice 🥜 bro"
  • "Lookin good 🥜🥜"

Based on my observations, the most common usages seem to be flirty compliments, flirtatious requests, and innuendos about male anatomy.

Some users get more graphic, using 🥜💦 to crudely refer to ejacul*tion and sexual climax. But that combo seems more niche.

This table compares the slang vs. traditional meaning:

Emoji ComboSlang meaningTraditional meaning
🥜testicl*s, penispeanut, nut
🥜🥜male genitaliatwo peanuts/nuts
🥜💦ejacul*tionpeanut with sweat droplets

As an avid gamer, I gotta respect the creativity of layering new meanings onto emoji! But not everyone finds this meaning of 🥜 so clever…

Controversy: Reactions to the sexualized peanut

The reaction to the sexualized peanut emoji has been mixed:

  • Some find it hilariously juvenile. "Leave it to TikTokers to turn a peanut into a dick joke" one Twitter user wrote.

  • Some argue it promotes derogatory messaging about male anatomy. Using it this way reduces men to their body parts, one critique claims.

  • Others see it as empowering sexual expression. "People just need to lighten up. Gen Z is reclaiming emoji to talk about sex openly," one TikToker responded.

There‘s no consensus on whether this meaning is harmless fun or promoting damaging attitudes. As a content creator, I personally avoid using potentially offensive slang.

With any emoji slang, context matters. Between friends for laughs? Probably fine. Aggressively or towards strangers? Much more problematic.

Will the sexualized peanut stick around?

It‘s tough to predict how long this meaning will last. Many emoji slang terms flare up and die quickly, but 🥜 has shown surprising staying power so far.

Analyzing trends is part of my work as a pop culture commentator. Based on my expertise, I suspect two factors will influence if this meaning persists:

  1. TikTok moderation – If TikTok begins aggressively flagging this usage as abusive, it may discourage spreading. So far their moderation seems lax.

  2. User backlash – If more anti-harassment users successfully speak out against this kind of objectifying slang, it may fall out of favor. But Gen Z tends to resent censorship.

My guess? The sexual peanut is here to stay for at least another year or two before dying off or evolving again. But internet lingo is notoriously hard to predict!

I‘ll be watching closely for shifts as a pop culture analyst. Personally, I hope less derogatory emoji meanings rise up. But for now 🥜 remains King Nut of TikTok slang.

Let me know if you have any other encoded emoji terms you want explained! Deciphering web lingo is what I geek out on.

What Does 🥜 Mean In TikTok? The Hidden Meaning Behind The Peanut Emoji - ExpertBeacon (2024)


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