Wesley Bobbitt Bio, Age, Job, Llarisa Abreu Husband (2024)

Since Meteorologist Llarisa Abreu disappeared from the face of CBS 3 broadcasts early in 2023, fans have been more inquisitive about her life outside of weather reporting. Back in February 2020, Llarisa made her weekday morning meteorologist debut on Philadelphia’s CBS 3. More recently on 7 February 2023, she announced on her Instagram @llarisaabreu that she would be leaving the station for “the next chapter” of her life. In the rest of the writing though, we are not talking about Llarisa Abreu or her career. Instead, in this ‘Wesley Bobbitt Bio’ we shall now tell you all about her husband Wesley Bobbitt.

Meet Wesley Bobbitt, Llarisa Abreu’s Husband

Llarisa Abreu has been married to Wesley Bobbitt since 14 October 2022.

A week after the celebration, Llarisa was seen discussing the occasion with her morning crew coworkers on their show on CBS Philadelphia. She said she was struggling to call Wesley her husband and not her fiance.

Wesley and Llarisa even though they got married just now, they go way back several years ahead. On social media, the earliest post they interacted on seemed to be the one on Twitter from back in November 2014. They were most likely already dating at the time.

The couple has mostly kept their affairs private. So, the details like how they met, or when they got engaged or started planning for the wedding were unknown.

Llarisa, who started her broadcasting career at The Accuweather Network, while enjoying her TV fame has clearly not liked to put her personal life out there.

More recently, as she bid goodbye to her CBS 3 audience, she took time to gush about how time flew by while she was having fun mostly at the news station. At the news channel, fans loved to see Llarisa give them reports all through the global pandemic and several tornado outbreaks.

Llarisa concluded her message by saying how the city embraced her, sharpened her forecasting skills, toughened the Jersey Girl up, tucked her under its wing, and carried her through it all. However, she did not specify what the next chapter of her life is going to be like.

Before joining the CBS3 morning team, Llarisa was doing her broadcasting at KNSD San Diego. Here, she worked weekend evenings and was the primary fill-in during the week. Also, she helped launch the weekend newscast for Telemundo20.

Wesley Bobbitt Age

Wesley Bobbitt was born in 1990. So, he turned 32 years old in 2022.

As for Liarisa, she was born in 1989. So, she is a year older.

Wesley Bobbitt Job

Per LinkedIn, Wesley Bobbitt had been full-time overseeing customer value and strategy as a senior manager atCelonis, since October 2021.

Celonis, so you know, is the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-located leader in execution management systems that claims of lifting barriers to execution capacity to maximize the business performance of their client companies.

For four years before this, he was the management consulting manager at Philadelphia’s Deloitte. Wesley has had many similar job experiences in the past.

Between May 2014 and March 2017, Wesley was handling financial planning and analysis affairs at Rexel USA.

In 2013, he briefly led the development of an internal intranet portal for North American-based marketing research & forecasting teams atTeva Pharmaceuticals.

In between all this, Wesley also managed to make time to work as a kitchen volunteer at The Pines of Mt., a nursing home. He has been doing this selflessly since December 2008.

Is Wesley Bobbitt On Instagram?

Wesley Bobbitt was not on Instagram as of 21 February 2023. His Twitter (@WWBobbitt) and Facebook accounts were discoverable though. However, even here, he did not show glimpses of his day-to-day life.

Wesley’s Emmy Award-winning wife too almost did the same on her IGwhere there were870 posts and 20.8K followers thus far.

Wesley Bobbitt Family

Wesley’s dad is Benjamin B Bobbitt and he turned 59 years old in July 2022. On LinkedIn, he went around as the senior executive leader with broad experience and an exemplary record of achievement including 11 President’s Club and Presidents Club Hall of Fame Awards both as a leader and individual contributor. Former alum of Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics, the patriarch had been working full-time at Incyteas their oncology business director at the time of this writing.

Wesley’s mom, Robbins W Bobbitt, also turned 59 in 2022 (August). As of 2023, she continued working as the director of sales at Upper St. Clair Office’s Howard Hanna Real Estate Services. At the same time, since July 2009, she also never stopped working as a residential relocation specialist/realtor around Pittsburgh.

Wesley Bobbitt Height

Wesley Bobbitt stands above 6 feet in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Wesley Bobbitt’s Birthday?

Wesley Bobbitt’s birthday is in September.

  • Where Is Wesley Bobbitt From?

Wesley Bobbitt was born and brought up inPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania. And as of February 2023, he was still residing around this place.

  • Where Did Wesley Bobbitt Recieve His Education?

Between 2010 and 2014, Wesley studied B.A. in Finance at the Pennsylvania State University where he funded 100% of his tuition by working full-time while carrying a full academic course load. Before that (2005 – 2009), he went to Woodberry Forest School for his high school diploma which required him to study finance, accounting, marketing, statistics, management, and economics.

Wesley Bobbitt Bio, Age, Job, Llarisa Abreu Husband (2024)


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