Hip Hop Bars Near Me Open Now (2024)

1. 13 Best Hip Hop Clubs in Amsterdam

  • Discover the best Hip Hop clubs in Amsterdam such as Escape, Melkweg, Club Air and many more. ✓ Best nightclubs ✓ Perks and Extras.

  • Discover the best Hip Hop clubs in Amsterdam such as Escape, Melkweg, Club Air and many more. ✅ Best nightclubs ✅ Perks and Extras

2. De 9 Beste Hip Hop Clubs in Amsterdam

  • Locatie: Pink Beach by WONDR, Meeuwenlaan 88-A, Amsterdam (open in Kaarten) ... Amsterdam Nightlife Powered by The New Event. -Privacybeleid- · -Algemene ...

  • Ontdek de beste HipHop clubs die Amsterdam te bieden heeft, en waar je ze kunt vinden. Met extra voordeel via Amsterdam Nightlife ✅ Beste nachtclubs ✅ Gratis entree

3. Clubbing and nightlife - Iamsterdam.com

  • There are venues, dance festivals and club nights to suit every taste! DJs and live artists keep the crowd going with everything from techno and house to hip- ...

  • The Dutch capital has one of the best-regarded clubbing and nightlife scenes in the world. There are venues, dance festivals and club nights to suit every taste! DJs and live artists keep the crowd going with everything from techno and house to hip-hop, funk and jazz.

4. 11 Best Clubs In Amsterdam | Nightclubs Picked By Locals

  • 9 feb 2024 · From jazz clubs to house and techno nights, these are the best clubs in Amsterdam to dance all night long.

  • From underground raves to live music venues.

5. The 9 Best Clubs in Amsterdam - Flying Pig Hostels

  • 1) AIR AMSTERDAM ... AIR Amsterdam is an epic nightclub boasting 5 funky bars and a multi-tiered dance floor. It's always filled with cool people (and such a ...

  • If we had to describe the nightlife in Amsterdam in one word - it would be EPIC. However it’s always a bit risky clubbing on foreign turf (as you never know what to expect). A club could either make or break a night, depending on how good it is. So, we thought we’d help you make the selection process easier. These are rockin’ clubs where you’ll find plenty of locals and a great vibe - plus the young Dutch sure know how to party hard. Let them show you the time of your life at our 9 tried and tested spots...

6. TWENTYFIVE+ Oldskool 90s & 00s R&B/Hip-Hop Dine & Dance

7. Best jazz bars and venues in Amsterdam - Iamsterdam.com

  • It includes a lot of genre-blending and experimentation with the contemporary nature of jazz and hip-hop ... Doors open at 21.00 and the music starts at ...

  • Amsterdam has built a name as one of the leading European jazz cities. In this guide, we will cover the best jazz venues across the city. From intimate jazz cafes and restaurants to stages that welcome international competitions and festivals. Get ready for a night of swinging jazz in Amsterdam!

8. Best Hip Hop And RnB Clubs In Manchester - DesignMyNight

  • Bust a move to the likes of Rihanna, Flo Rida, Drake, Beyonce or Jay-Z, alongside bashment, afrobeat and reggae to boot, by following our guide to the hottest ...

  • From those mixing Rihanna, Beyonce or Jay-Z with hip hop and house, to others adding a side-order of bashment and afrobeat, here's our guide to the best R&B clubs and bars in Manchester.

9. The Nine Best Hip-Hop Clubs In New York City - Okayplayer

  • A young African American deejay performs for a crowd at a city night club. Colorful stage lights illuminate the stage behind him. Photo by RyanJLane ...

  • In NYC, there’s more than one hip-hop club to choose from. From Brooklyn to Harlem, these are some of the best hip-hop clubs in the city.

10. Marie Heinekenplein 9-10 - VJFB™ DE PIJP Amsterdam

  • Close by there are hotspots as The Heineken Brewery and the Albert Cuyp ... Hip Hop, R&B music and street art. RESERVATIONS NOW AVAILABLE! BOOK ONLINE ...

  • Located at Marie Heinekenplein, also known, the Quartier Latin of Amsterdam you will find this awesome restaurant. Close by there are hotspots as The Heineken Brewery and the Albert Cuyp market within a 5-minute walk from the restaurant. Enjoy our #PLANETFRIENDLY #FUTURISTIC and #JUICY takes while sipping on an extraordinary co*cktail in a scenery filled with graffiti walls, Hip Hop, R&B music and street art. (function (d, s, id, h) { var ftjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; var js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = "https://cdn.formitable.com/sdk/v1/ft.sdk.min.js"; h && (js.onload = h); ftjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, ftjs); }(document, 'script', 'formitable-sdk', function () { FT.load('Analytics'); }));   #gifty-container.right { right: 330px; }

11. Cincinnati Black-owned nightclubs or bars to kick it at.

  • 29 nov 2023 · In the heart of OTR, Nostalgia Wine & Jazz Lounge offers an intimate setting with live jazz, R&B, hip-hop, and soul music. Catch the right vibes ...

  • Have you been to these Cincinnati Black-owned nightclubs and lounges? No? Grab your friends, pick a location and have some fun.

12. Black-Owned Bars and Clubs | New Orleans

  • Late Night Eats by Neighborhood · Poisson a la Florentine - MaMou New Orleans ... Hip-Hop; Indie; Industrial; Jazz; Latin; Mardi Gras Indian; Metal; Modern Jazz

  • New Orleans is filled with a selection of black-owned bars, taverns, clubs, and lounges to make enjoying nightlife in the Crescent City a breeze.


  • ... Hip Hop & Rnb, Afrobeats, Amapiano and Neo Soul Experience the wild and wonderful world of Soul Lounge, based in the heart of Clapham High Street, you are ...

  • Soul Restaurant, Bar and Lounge

14. Where to go dancing in Montréal: The best clubs and bars for electronic ...

  • 12 mrt 2024 · Be it punk, R&B, or Latin beats that do the trick, a dive, dance bar, or open terrasse waits for you. For hip hop, house and R&B check out the ...

  • No matter what your taste in dance music, Montréal’s got you covered when it comes to shaking it off, breaking it down or getting your groove on. Dance in style to electronic music, pop, hip hop, soul, top 40 and more any night of the week at the city’s best dance clubs, bars and festivals, from downtown Montréal to Mile End to Parc Jean-Drapeau.

15. Inc. Hip-Hop Club - Wien - vienna.info

  • Tip: You can change your cookie settings at any time while visiting the website by clicking on the "Cookie settings" link in the footer at the bottom of the ...

  • A relaxed club with lots of living room atmosphere for followers of hip-hop in all its forms.

16. Old Street Records - Live Music & co*cktail Bar Shoreditch - London

  • We are open 5pm - 1am. Ground Floor. Live ... This is how we do it: Entrée Duo will blow ya mind with throwback Hip Hop classics at the après-work party.

  • Old Street Records bar is the home of Live Music, co*cktails, Pizza and Good Times in Shoreditch, London. See the upcoming events and book a table now!

17. Hip Hop Clubs In London | DesignMyNight

  • Influenced by American acts and regional artists, there are so many clubs in London hosting true old school music nights with smashing success. So how about ...

  • Whether you like cutting shapes to Missy, getting down to Biggie or letting loose with Drake, here's the hip hop clubs in London that really bring those beats.

18. Las Vegas Nightclubs | The Hottest Clubs In 2024

  • Clubbing is open in Vegas! If you have been searching for what is the hottest club in Vegas right now, or simply for night clubs near me, you have come to ...

  • All Las Vegas nightclub information in once place including music, events, pricing, guest lists and bottle service reservations.

19. 15 LA Bars Where You Can Dance - Los Angeles - The Infatuation

  • 21 jun 2024 · Good drinks made by cool bartenders, lots of old-school '90s rap ... hip hop, R&B, moody pop, and Sade all night long. Drinks are made ...

  • Forget clubs—these are the best LA spots when you want to dance.

20. The best hip-hop and R&B nights in Dubai

  • 16 mei 2024 · Hosted by Black Arab, this night is filled with fiery vibes. Ladies, this is also your night! With an unlimited open bar-drinks at AED99 ...

  • Dance lovers & DXB party people, these are the best hip-hop and R&B nights in Dubai! DJs & MC-ers blasting the best of old-school and new age urban culture music in Dubai's most happening venues.

21. Best Bars for Dancing in Melbourne - Broadsheet

  • ... bar. It's something in between, with a slow-building dance floor that runs late on weekends, powered by funk, soul, house, hip-hop and disco. Take a break ...

  • The D-floor is ready, are you?

22. 13 Of The Best Clubs In Amsterdam For All Night Raves - Jetset Times

  • 21 jun 2024 · Inspired by the jazz clubs of New Orleans, Bourbon Street has been an integral part of Amsterdam's club scene since 1990. There's live music ...

  • These 12 of the best clubs in Amsterdam have something for everyone. You can even purchase a nightlife ticket

Hip Hop Bars Near Me Open Now (2024)


Who has the best bars in rap? ›

Best Rap Bars of All-Time
  • Yasiin Bey's (fka Mos Def) verse on 'Thieves in the Night' ...
  • J. ...
  • Andre 3000's verse on 'Sixteen' ...
  • Rick Ross' verse on 'Devil In A New Dress' ...
  • Nas' first verse on 'NY State Of Mind' ...
  • The Notorious B.I.G's verse on 'Notorious Thugs' ...
  • 2Pac on 'Letter 2 My Unborn' ...
  • Nicki Minaj's verse on 'Monster'
May 7, 2021

What are four bars in rap? ›

It's the number of completion. There are 4 beats within one bar but if there were only 3 beats it would fill incomplete. A verse is typically 16 bars which are four 4 bar sections. If your verse were 15 bars it would feel incomplete as well.

How long is a bar in rap? ›

A bar is a measure of time in music, and in rap music a bar signifies a verse of the song within a 1, 2, 3, 4 count. After determining the bars, you will be able to write your lyrics within the confines of a bar. Finding rap instrumentals online or picking a favorite rap song can help you learn how to identify bars.

What does 32 bars mean in rap? ›

At its core, the basic AABA 32-bar song form consists of four sections, each section being eight bars in length, totaling 32 bars.

How many bars is a hook? ›

Musical hooks are most evident in styles like rap, hip-hop, R&B, pop, rock, and dance music. They're typically four or eight bars in length and repeat multiple times throughout a song. Moreover, hooks can be lyrical, melodic, rhythmic, or instrumental.

Who is No 1 rap singer? ›

Top 50 Greatest Rappers of all Time
RankRapper (Stage Name)Style
1EminemHip Hop
2Jay-ZHip Hop
3Kendrick LamarHip Hop
4NasHip Hop
46 more rows
Jun 19, 2024

Who was the richest rapper? ›

Jay-Z is the richest rapper in the world with a net worth of USD 2.5 billion. He is the first hip-hop artist to become a billionaire. – What is Kendrick Lamar's net worth in 2024? Kendrick Lamar's net worth as per Celebrity Net Worth is estimated to be USD 75 million.

What does 4 4 mean in rap? ›

For example, if the time signature is 4/4, the upper number indicates that there are four beats per measure. The lower number, in this case the numeral 4, tells the musician that a quarter note receives one beat.

What does 64 bars mean in rap? ›

In music (and specifically hip-hop) a single bar is a measure of four counts over a beat. For 64 bars, that means there's room enough for approximately two minutes of words. Usually, a bar is one aspect of rap vocals, which often form the verse of a song and then there's the chorus or the hook.

What does it mean to spit 16 bars? ›

In reference to rapping in the studio or freestyle rhyming "bars" indicates the words used in the number of lines in a 4 count beat. Rappers "spit" or say these rhymes in 16 counts of 4 beats.

What is a hook in rap? ›

Hooks in hip hop almost always refer to the chorus between verses; as in the lyrics to "Ice Ice Baby", "check out the hook, while my DJ revolves it", that leads into the chorus itself.

What is 16 in rap? ›

Two bars may rhyme with one another, so you'll often see verses broken down into groups like 8 bars, 16 bars, or some number divisible by two. Traditionally, hip-hop beats take on 16 bars per verse, with each verse followed by choruses or a hook . That being said, there is no one "right" way to write verses .

How much is 16 bars of music? ›

A 16-bar cut should be around 30–45 seconds (one minute is maximum) and a 32-bar cut should be around 1:15–1:30 (two minutes is maximum). The most important thing is that the cut feel right and make good musical sense.

How many minutes is 16 bars? ›

Ideally, a 16-bar cut should be 30-45 seconds in length; one minute is maximum. As you're crafting your piece, consider these other elements: Create a self-contained story: The 16 bars you select need to make sense to your listeners out of context.


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