Arts & Culture in Elk Grove | Explore Elk Grove (2024)

Elk Grove is home to an expanding and diverse arts and culture scene where visitors and locals alike can admire exhibitions at local art galleries, enjoy live music performances, participate in workshops and multicultural community events, and discover inspiring public art on display throughout the city.

Museums, Art Galleries & Workshops

Travel back in time and learn about Elk Grove’s history and heritage at the Elk Grove Historical Society on the northwest corner of Elk Grove Regional Park. Known as Heritage Park, the Society’s grounds include several historic buildings that offer glimpses into Elk Grove’s past, including an old style blacksmith shop, school and the Elk Grove House & Stage Stop Museum — an early hotel that welcomed stagecoach travelers in the 1850s.

The Elk Grove Fine Arts Center is an anchor of Elk Grove’s arts experience and welcomes visitors to view a rotating series of exhibitions, participate in art workshops, and attend free First Saturday art receptions each month. Art enthusiasts can also explore one of the other art galleries found throughout Elk Grove, such as The Spears Gallery or The Annie Peony Fine Arts Gallery, or try their hand at creating one-of-a-kind works during paint and sip classes, like those hosted at Pinot’s Palette or at area breweries or restaurants.

Looking to embrace your inner rock star? Elk Grove’s music schools, New Song Music and School of Rock Elk Grove, invite aspiring musicians of all ages to attend educational workshops and hone their skills on a variety of instruments and music styles. Children pursuing a future in Broadway can take the stage at Musical Mayhem Productions, who hosts performance workshops and classes year-round.

Public Art

Elk Grove’s investment in the arts extends far beyond the walls of area galleries and into the surrounding community. A walk or drive around Elk Grove will reveal interesting, photo-worthy pieces of public art, including many creative interpretations of the fauna found throughout the region — such as wolves, horses and the city’s namesake elk.

Nearly a dozen works can be found around District56 and along their Avenue of the Arts, including contemporary sculptures, paintings and murals. One of the most striking pieces is The Cloud Fountain by Napa-based artist Gordon Huether — a 24-foot-tall sculpture with wave-like patterns that appears to animate as you pass by.

Over 30 additional pieces of art can be found inside Elk Grove’s municipal buildings. Guide your Elk Grove art tour with the help of an interactive map, presented by the Elk Grove Arts Commission and City of Elk Grove.

Live Music & Multicultural Events

Elk Grove’s events calendar is packed with live music performances, multicultural markets, family-friendly festivals and exciting celebrations at area eateries, venues and parks, such as Elk Grove Regional Park.

District56 hosts community events throughout the year, such as the Multicultural Festival (August), an and the Americana Vintage Market, featuring produce, food, and art from local makers. Each winter, the IllumiNATION Holiday Festival kicks off the holiday season and showcases how holidays are celebrated by different cultures around the globe.

Visitors can savor Elk Grove’s diverse culinary scene while enjoying the sounds of local and touring bands and musicians at area restaurants, breweries, wineries and bars such as The Wrangler Bar, Bradley Ranch Winery, Elk Grove Sports Bar & Grill, Dust Bowl Brewing Company, and Waterman Brewing Company.

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Arts & Culture in Elk Grove | Explore Elk Grove (2)

Arts & Culture in Elk Grove | Explore Elk Grove (3)

Arts & Culture in Elk Grove | Explore Elk Grove (4)

Arts & Culture in Elk Grove | Explore Elk Grove (5)

Arts & Culture in Elk Grove | Explore Elk Grove (6)

Arts & Culture in Elk Grove | Explore Elk Grove (7)

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Arts & Culture in Elk Grove | Explore Elk Grove (9)

Arts & Culture in Elk Grove | Explore Elk Grove (10)

Arts & Culture in Elk Grove | Explore Elk Grove (11)

Arts & Culture in Elk Grove | Explore Elk Grove (12)


July 10 to July12

The Bias Inside Us Exhibit

An exhibition and community engagement project. June 17, 2024 – July 12, 2024 Open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m .Open June 20 and July…

July 10

Lunch Time at Elk Grove CityHall

Lunch time in front of Elk Grove City Hall by FITH916

July 10

Cousins Maine Lobster at Coatza Brewing Co

Cousins Maine Lobster will be at Coatza Brewing on July 10! Family & Pet Friendly / Patio / Gluten Reduced Craft Beer / Mama’s Tacos

July 10

Weekly Trivia Night at Coatza Brewing Co

Weekly every WED @ 7PM Prizes every night, teams of up to six, arrive early to secure a seat! Family & Pet Friendly / Patio / Gluten Reduced…

July 10

Line Dance Wednesday at Coatza Brewing Co

COATZA BREWING9251 ELK GROVE BLVDKid & Pet Friendly / Patio / No Cover

July 11 to July14

2024 Bill Rose Classic (SNS Long Course Championships)

Hosted by the Elk Grove Aquatics Club (EGAC) Venue: Elk Grove Aquatics Center

July 11

Date Night Uncorked

Join us on Thursday evenings for a bottle of wine and dinner for two! Each Thursday, we'll offer a seasonal entrée item prepared and served by Riverside Clubhouse…

July 11

Dust Bowl Brewing Co. Live Music Thursday — Brandon Zahursky

Live Music Thursdays with Brandon Zahursky at Dust Bowl Brewing Co.

July 12 to July21

“The Importance of Being Earnest” by CRC RiverStage

“In matters of grave importance, style, not sincerity, is the vital thing.” Oscar Wilde’s classic satire of Victorian social hypocrisy has it all: double identities, politely savage insults…

July 12

Open House at WellQuest

Explore our beautiful independent, assisted living and memory care community.Wine and charcuterie will be provided.RSVP at 747-463-4131

July 12

Friday Night Music with Sunset RiverBand

Join us for live music on our patio! Open 4:00pm-8:00pm we'll offer wine tasting in the cellar with live music playing 4:30-7:30pm. Wines by the glass, bottle and…

July 12

Elk Grove Food Truck Friday

Hey ELK GROVE #FITH916 fans!Mark your calendars....for March 15! EG FOOD TRUCK FRIDAYS will be back for 2024, weekly at Jan Rau Park, 8795 Elk Grove Florin Rd…

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Arts & Culture in Elk Grove | Explore Elk Grove (17)

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Arts & Culture in Elk Grove | Explore Elk Grove (18)

Arts & Culture in Elk Grove | Explore Elk Grove (2024)


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