13 Best Things to Do in Elk Grove (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (2024)

Elk Grove is a city in Sacramento County, California with a population of more than 160,000 residents, all with different ethnicity, age and income levels. Elk Grove was founded in 1850 and became home for various travellers from Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area. When the travellers arrived their main focus was on small farming. In the 1980‘s big development projects started which helped Elk Grove to became a better place to live.

The city was one of the fastest growing cities in 2004-2005 and won the ‘Award for Excellence‘ in the Planning and Environmental Quality category. Elk Grove is modern city with many things to do. So let’s take a look at the top 13 things to do in Elk Grove.

1. Go To A Farmer’s Market

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Start your weekend at Elk Grove Farmer’s market where you can find a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, breads, flowers, honey, dog treats and meats. Local farmers sell fresh seasonal items as well as high quality foods.

The market is conveniently located by the Clock Tower. Once you have purchased your goods you can take your food to the park and enjoy a Saturday picnic with family and friends. It is also a good way to learn about food, experiencing their colors, smells and tastes.

2. Visit LangeTwins Family Winery And Vineyard

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To visit a vineyard and taste local wine is always a good way to spend your day. Drinking wine is a different dimension at vineyards than in a city bar. LangeTwins Family Winery dates back to the 1870s when twin brothers Randall and Brad Lange grew up with a love and passion for farming.

Now their welcoming LangeTwins Family Winery and Vineyard invites guest to feel vineyard soul and taste their wines. They offer you a wine tasting and cheese pairing experience, a private tour and you can also become a wine club member.

Aside from quality wine the family is focused on sustainability and has put much effort into its impressive solar arrays. The winery has been recognized by several organisations and is a perfect place to learn about wine.

3. Enjoy Old Town

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No plans and don’t know how to enjoy a sunny day? Go alone or take somebody to Old Town and focus on all the small details which you might not see in normal day.

Here you can observe buildings, shops, and people and if you have a camera you can take some wonderful photos.

There are plenty of places to buy something nice for yourself. There are also plenty of restaurants to sit down in and enjoy the beautiful surroundings that the old town has to offer.

4. Join One Of The Cities Festivals

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The City of Elk Grove is pleased to offer a variety of events and festivals that bring people together. Throughout the year you can enjoy bike day, big truck day, dog days of summer, multicultural festival, teen festival, zombie festival and many others.

The city has a huge focus on the community and it is a great chance to meet new people, to learn local traditions and enjoy a good atmosphere.

5. Play A Round At Emerald Lakes Golf Course

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Get into golf at Emerald Lakes Golf Course – playing golf is a very popular sport for all ages and abilities. Emerald Lakes Golf Course sits under the shadow of a 300 year old heritage oak tree and lessons are conducted in a relaxed setting.

Three lakes make this a challenging experience for all players. If you are looking for golf lessons a qualified instructor is on hand to help you sharpen up your skills though some private tuition.

6. Explore Thai Cuisine At Thai Chili Restaurant

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Thai cuisine is delicious and one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Thailand has more popular dishes than any other country. Balance of taste is of significant importance for Thai chefs. Thai food tastes great and looks great. The colorful and balanced flavors will take to you to nirvana.

You can try favourites such as Tom Yam Goong soup, massaman curry, Phad Thai noodles and many different dishes. They also serve the most popular Thai dessert Mango Sticky Rice.

7. Stop For A Steak At Outback Steakhouse

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The Outback Steakhouse has been winning awards in the city for quite some time. Each day they create flavours that the locals crave. There is a great selection of grilled steaks, seafood and chicken.

Each meal comes with a crisp salad and freshly made soups. The company prides itself on its fresh ingredients and the high quality of meal that is constantly sent out from the kitchen.

8. Visit And Learn About A Rain Garden

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Rain gardens are designed to catch and filter rainwater and are then used for watering plants. The City of Elk Grove’s Rain Garden Plaza is the first comprehensive rain garden in the State of California.

You can take a walk and read about the effective methods used as well as the Eco-friendly area. You can also enjoy art sculptures, view the water-harvesting technologies and discover new facts about storm-water pollution prevention.

Visitors can observe butterflies and numerous native flowering plants. If you are in sporty mood you can use the fitness equipment and later eat lunch under the shade.

9. Spend Time At Elk Grove Historical Museum

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If you are interested about history and development progress this is the place for you. The Museum offers tours, exhibits and assistance in searching for information and facts about the city and surrounding area.

For a better experience the museum use crafts, games and demonstrations. The museum is open all year round and if you want you can join their email list to receive news about programs and upcoming events.

10. Take On The Great Outdoors

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Elk Grove has more than 27 miles of trials for walkers, runners and cyclists. The City of Elk Grove offers unique and beautiful open green spaces as well as numerous wildlife habitats.

You can easily pick one of the trails from the well prepared map and make your day comfortable and enjoyable. The trails promote healthy lifestyles and provide access to nearby parks, shopping destinations and restaurants.

Even a one day outdoor recreation provides a multitude of advantages and aside from breathing the fresh air the outdoors provides various activities to keep you wanting to go back.

13 Best Things to Do in Elk Grove (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (2024)


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