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  • 01 Mar 2013 12:47 PM | Anonymous
       Amendment to Fed. Budget bill an attack
       on the National Environmental Policy Act
    The coal companies were able to sneak in a dangerous

    amendment to the Federal Budget Bill that would limit our

    ability to fight the proposed Chuitna coal strip mine, and

    any other such projects that come down the road.  

    Amendment 184 will undermine the ability of federal

    agencies to consider the full impact of coal mines by

    weakening the National Environmental Policy Act. 

    This is a direct threat to water quality and the ability for

    citizens to speak out against the destruction of our


    Please tell Senator Begich and Senator Murkowski that

    Alaskans want them to protect our fisheries from coal


    You can use this quick link through the Cuitna Citizen's


    Or these direct links to the Senators offices:

  • 01 Feb 2013 12:49 PM | Anonymous

    Prince William Soundkeeper on FaceBook!

    We've joined the Social Networks!  Check out our

    new Facebook page where we will be posting

    the latest information on issues and actions

    regarding Prince William Sound's water quality,

    photos and other interesting items. 

    This will be a great way to hear back from you,

    our members and constituents.  We are looking

    forward to the conversations! 

  • 31 Jan 2013 12:49 PM | Anonymous
    As we consider more and varied methods of resource
    extraction in the state (and around the nation), we
    should also consider how current resource extraction
    has impacted our ecosystem.  Alaska's water quality
    is being attacked from all sides - the loss of our Coastal
    Resources Management Plan, and the recent dumping
    (pun intended) of the 2006 Citizen's Initiative on Cruise
    Ship Waste Water to return to the archaic "Mixing Zones"
    methodology of waste water disposal are two of the
    main examples.  Consider howwe are impacted indirectly
    from other sources as well:


    From the 1/16/13 EPA Toxic Release Inventory:

    "Due to extensive metal mining activity and the permitted
    disposal of large volumes of regulated mining waste ,
    Alaska had the highest TRI releases in the nation and had
    a 25 percent  increase in releases from the previous year.
    TRI releases from Alaska metal mines can be attributed
    to increased production, changes in the production process
    or variations in the ore body’s composition." -

    As we all know, copper, arsenic and other toxic waste

    materials from mining activities impact the watersheds

    and rearing streams of salmon.  Without clean, pure water

    to rear salmon eggs, there is no salmon harvest.  And that

    affects us all in the end.

  • 09 Jan 2013 12:51 PM | Anonymous
    Alaska Forum on the Environment
    Feb. 4-8 - Anchorage, Dena'ina Center
    The largest annual environmental conference in the
    Alaska and the Pacific NW will have many tracks on Marine Debris, Water Quality, Mining issues and much, much, more.

    Please go to to view the complete agenda.
    There will be opportunities during the conference to comment to Federal and State agencies on these very important issues affecting environmental health and water quality in Alaska.

  • 05 Jan 2013 12:55 PM | Anonymous
    The Alaska Marine Science Symposium will be held
    in Anchorage at the Hotel Capt. Cook and the Egan Center
    January 21-25, 2013.  For more information go to:

  • 02 Jan 2013 12:52 PM | Anonymous
    US Forest Service to hold public meetings

    Regarding the Chugach Forest Plan Revision The US Forest Service is hosting open houses to take place across the communities of the Chugach National Forest during the next month. The purpose is to solicit input for the Forest Plan Revision now underway. They will occur February 7 in Anchorage at the Alaska Forum on the Environment and then around February 20-28 in other communities.

  • 01 Jan 2013 12:50 PM | Anonymous

    Alaska takes a step backwards in protecting our Water Quality

    Alaska House passes bill loosening Cruise Ship

    Wastewater regulations.

    House Republicans passed Gov. Parnell’s bill to allow

    discharge of sewage and untreated wastewater in

    Alaska waters, repealing a provision of the 2006

    citizen initiative that protected Alaskans’ health and

    state fisheries. Parnell’s bill would allow the release

    approximately 1,064,448,000 gallons of sewage and

    wastewater into Alaska state waters every year.

    Read more at the Alaska Daily News:


    Senate Finance is hearing SB 29 on Wednesday

    at 9am and taking testimony on Thursday at

    9am. Submit your written testimony to:,,,,,,

    Contact your Senator, and the governor at and tell them that you

    are paying attention, and that you don’t like

    what you’re seeing.

  • 31 Dec 2012 12:53 PM | Anonymous

    2 Bills Proposed To State Legislation Would Further Gut Cruise Ship Pollution Standards

    Governor Parnell introduced SB 29 / HB 80,

     "Cruise Ship Wastewater Discharge Permits" 

    which would essentially gut cruise ship pollution

    standards and veto the citizens initiative on

    the issue that passed in 2006.

  • 30 Dec 2012 12:54 PM | Anonymous

    Congress Removes Funding For Alaska Fisheries and Japanese Tsunami Marine Debris

    From the office of Senator Mark Begich:

    Alaska Natural-Disaster Funding


    Earlier this week, the House of Representatives stripped funding  for the federal- and state- declared Chinook fishery disaster and tsunami debris clean-up in Alaska from the natural-disaster funding bill that passed the House. Needless to say, I am extremely disappointed in this action.

    Alaska's natural disasters will not go away just because they do not receive as much national media attention as other disasters around the country. I have encouraged my colleagues to remember the plight of subsistence fisher-men who are not able to put food on the table this winter, or those Alaskans affected by the tsunami debris littering our beaches.

    The Senate will most likely vote on the House version of the Sandy Bill next week. Though the House may have forgotten natural disaster victims in Alaska, I have no plans to hold up funding for the victims of Hurricane Sandy when the bill comes back before the Senate. I assure you that I am fighting for disaster funding and plan to seek funding for the Chinook fishery disaster and tsunami debris clean up in the next available legislative vehicle.

    Senator Mark Begich

  • 14 Dec 2012 12:56 PM | Anonymous

         Kayak Island collecting major amounts
                                 of JTMD's

    From Anchorage Daily News 12/14/12 :

    "Debris that gathered this past summer on Alaska's Kayak

    Island made walking on its beaches feel like walking 

    through a natural disaster zone, a federal biologist said Thursday."

    "Jacek Maselko, a biologist with the National Oceanic and

    Atmospheric Administration in Juneau, Alaska, said he

    was somewhat skeptical about what he would find when

    he and a team embarked on a survey of marine debris

    along Alaska's coastline."

    "At Kayak Island, which is in the Gulf of Alaska, "it really, really hit home because that place was just amazing," he said. Kayak and Montague islands tend to be collector sites, prone to larger amounts of debris because of the movement of the winds and currents. But Maselko said the change in the amount and type of debris at Kayak, from when he walked beaches there in 2008, was overwhelming."

    Read the rest of the story here:

    Read more here:         debris-overwhelming.html

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