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  • 01 Mar 2014 12:26 PM | Anonymous

    UPDATE on HB 77 - the Silencing Alaskan's Act.

    March 21- Good news! HB77 has been stalled in

    committee. Senator Giessel stated that the committee

    would not be taking up the bill. Perhaps that happened

    because of the 137 people out of 166 people testifying

    last week against the bill? Good work people!

    Public testimony was held on Wednesday, March 12,

    and then due to public pressure, again on Friday, March

    14.  HB77 went into Committee Hearings again on

    March 19. Over 75% of the people testifying or

    commenting on HB77were against it. 

    The Governor is pushing very hard to pass this bill.

    Let's see who our Legislators are listening to.

    HB77 short title: Land Use/Disp/Exchanges; Water Rights.
    Here is an excellent article on why HB77 is bad for

    Alaska and citizen's rights (and salmon's!) to an

    adequate supply of clean, fresh water.

    Read full bill here.
    Find your local Legislative Information Office here.


    How Embarrassing! - Governor Parnell had Alaska join with 20                                           

    other states challenging the right of EPA and the                                           

    Chesapeake Bay to clean up its estuary from the mess                                           

    made by industrial pork production. The Chesapeake  Bay                                          

    Foundation makes this observation:                                           

    "We  say to Missouri, Indiana, Kansas, Alaska, and the                                           

    other  17 states, don’t tell us how to restore clean water in                                           

    our  backyard. Each of the six Bay states and the District                                           

    of  Columbia including hard working farmers, businesses,                                           

    and  individuals are cooperating. Together, we are well on                                           

    our  way to making our rivers and streams safer, improving                                           

    habitat,  protecting human health, and strengthening local                                           

    economies.  Those are good things, at least here."

  • 01 Mar 2014 12:25 PM | Anonymous

    The 25th Dark Anniversary of the 

    Exxon Valdez Oil Spill








    Events Commemorating EVOS:

    Monday, March 24, 2014 from 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT, 

    11 AM - 12 PM PST, 10 AM - 11 AM Alaska Time

    The Eyak Preservation Council, the Alaska Wilderness league,

    Greenpeace and others will hold a Twitterchat in observance of

    the 25th dark anniversary of the EVOS .

    Use Twitter to ask questions and chat directly with

    Dune Lankard, Rick Steiner, Denny Takahashi-Kelso 

    and Andrew Hartsig.

    How:  Tweet questions to @WildSalmon4Ever (Dune - EPC), 

    @alaskawild (Rick -Alaska Wilderness League), @ourocean

    (Denny & Andrew - Ocean Conservancy), @greenpeace (GreenPeace),

    @oceana (Oceana) or @earthjustice (Earth Justice) 

    using the hashtag #Exxon25
    Monday - March 24 1-3 p.m. UAA



    3pm at the UAA Bookstore. This FREE informational

    features scientist RIKI OTT, PhD, and a panel with

    Dr. JOHN FRENCH, Pegasus Environmental Solutions;

    CARL WASILLE, Alaska's Big Village Network; NIKOS

    PASTOS, Center for Water Advocacy and Alaska

    Inter-Tribal Council; PAM MILLER, Alaska Community

    Action on Toxics; and RACHEL NOBLIN, Center for

    Biological Diversity.

    MARK SWANSON, PWS Regional
    Citizens’ Advisory

    Council, will lead hour-long presentations and

    discussion commemorating the 25th anniversary of

    the March 24, 1989 EXXON VALDEZ OIL SPILL from

    6 to 8pm at the Loussac Library. The presentation will

    include history of the spill, changes that have occurred

     since the spill to help protect the environment and

    affected communities, and prevention work that will

    continue to be needed. A special exhibit by ALICIA

    ZORZETTO will also be shown. h 24, 1989 EXXON VALDEZ OIL SPILL from 6 to 8pm at the Loussac Library. The presentation will include history of the spill, changes that have occurred since the spill to help protect the environment and affected communities, and prevention work that will continue to be needed. A special exhibit by ALICIA ZORZETTO will also be shown. For more information, contact Lisa Matlock at or go to

  • 01 Feb 2014 12:29 PM | Anonymous

    Still Not Paid In Full 

    The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill settlement included a

    provision for unknown damages to be claimed

    under the 1991 "Reopener for Unknown Injury"

    Agreement and Consent Decree.  Demand for full

    payment was submitted to the government and

    ExxonMobil in 2006.  ExxonMobil has refused to pay,

    and the Palin and Parnell Administrations have never

    sought reparation.  Thank you Senator Gardner

    for introducing SRJ 25 to the State Legislature. 

    Link to full text of SRJ 25 here.

  • 01 Jan 2014 12:31 PM | Anonymous

    New Proposed Dispersants                   

    Usage Guidelines

    The Alaska Regional Response Team has asked for
    members of the public and stakeholder groups to
    review the draft Oil Dispersant Authorization Plan,
    and is providing opportunities for comment and
    discussion.  The review process includes public
    meetings in the PWSRCAC region in Kodiak, Valdez
    and Anchorage in November. 

    Public comment: Nov. 13 - Feb. 14, 2014.

    Instructions on how to participate in this process
    are provided on the ARRT website:

    Please refer to the ARRT website for more information.

    Questions and comments? Contact Joe Banta (

    or Mark Swanson (  

  • 01 Jan 2014 12:30 PM | Anonymous

    UPDATE -   HB 77 - Water, Salmon & Citizens

    February - after a flurry of intense meetings

    held just prior to the Holiday's, in which only 1 person

    spoke up for HB77, the Governor has pulled the bill

    and has said that the HB77 will be reworked before it

    is presented to the Legislature again.  PWSK will keep

    an eye on this terrible bill and let you know of any

    further developments.


    Salmon need lots of clean, cold water flowing through

    the streambed to continue to produce more salmon. 

    Don’t let Gov. Parnell give away Alaska’s sustainable

    salmon and our clean water to resource extraction

    companies!  Speak up against HB77.  Write your

    legislators, call Governor Parnell and let your voice

    be heard!  This bill comes up for a vote in January.


    Public meetings have been held to packed houses

    with people speaking out against this public resource

    give away!   Read article from Les Gara here and 

    how recent public opposition could lead to changes

    in this bill.  Make your voice heard too!

    Complete language of HB 77 can be found here.

  • 01 Dec 2013 12:32 PM | Anonymous

    Shepherd Point Facility, Cordova AK.

    The US Army Corps of Engineers has released its

    request for public comment on this proposed facility

    on Orca Inlet, Cordova.  Read the full application here:,%20Orca%20Inlet_PN.pdf

    Comments will be accepted until December 16, 2013.

  • 01 Nov 2013 12:33 PM | Anonymous

      Thank You For Your Support!

    The October Fundraising & Membership Drive
    has been very successful with over $3,500
    received in memberships and donations. 

    With the Leighty Foundation's matching gift,
    we've raised over $6,500 to benefit Prince
    William Sound. 

  • 01 Oct 2013 12:36 PM | Anonymous


    The public and agency review notice comment period

    has been extended until: October 21, 2013 at 5pm

    for PWS Adventures LLC's application for the Year-

    round anchorage of a commercial floatlodge.

    Lodge will be moored for no longer than 30 days

    between August 1st through December 31st of each

    permitted year within the following locations: Zaikof Bay,

    Rocky Bay, Stockdale Bay, and Port Chalmers. From

    December 31st to August 1st, the lodge will be

    anchored in Eshamy Bay.

    To comment or for more information, contact:

    Emily Haynes: 907-269-8568

         State Request for Comments

          on PWS Floating Lodge

    Comments are due by October 4 on an application


    from Prince William Sound Adventures, LLC. 

    The request is for year-round anchorage of a

    commercial floatlodge within State marine waters.

    Lodge will be moored for no longer than 30 days

    between August 1st through December 31st of

    each permitted year within the following locations:

    Zeikof Bay, Rocky Bay, Stockdale Bay, and Port

    Chalmers. From December 31st to August 1st,

    the lodge will be anchored in Eshamy Bay.

    Application is for the period from November 1, 

    2013 to October 31, 2018. For more information,

    to review the full application or to submit comments,

    contact Emily Haynes, at (907)269-8568;

    Fax: (907) 269-8913 or

  • 01 Oct 2013 12:35 PM | Anonymous

    SPEAK OUT ON FRACKING!                        

    Fracking fluids are used to enhance oil and gas recovery;

    they are injected under pressure in oil and gas

    reservoirs, and they blast apart spaces in the source

    rock to allow oil and gas to flow more easily. 

    Fracking fluids can contain diesel fuel and other toxic

    chemicals, yet the precise constituents of fracking

    fluids are often concealed as “trade secrets.”

    In the Lower 48, the use of fracking fluids has been

    linked to drinking water and groundwater contam-

    ination, primarily from poor well construction or

    poor surface handling of toxic materials. 

    The Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission

    (AOGCC) took public comment on new fracking rules

    in April 2013.  But pressure from the oil and gas

    industry – including the powerful American

    Petroleum Institute – caused AOGCC to re-open

    the proposed rules for additional comments.

    TALKING POINTS: Tell AOGCC we need stronger

    fracking rules that:

    1. Require before-and-after water monitoring around
    each well that is subject to fracturing operations
    within a half-mile of a freshwater source.
    2. Require full disclosure where and when fracking fluids
    will be used, what toxic constituents the fracking fluids
    may contain, and what amounts of chemicals will be
    used BEFORE and AFTER fracking operations
    3. Allow no trade secret exemptions from the
    requirement to disclose the constituents of fracking
    fluids prior to or after their use.
    4.  Provide broad public access to fracking-related
    information, and not rely solely on the problematic
    FracFocus website to disseminate fracking fluid
    information to the public.
    5. Provide landowners adequate notice and opportunity
    to secure their water rights prior to the use of
    fracking fluids.

    This action is of special note due to HB77
    currently waiting in the wings at the State
    Legislature which  talks about water rights
     usage and restricts public  and AK Tribal
    comment on these issues.  This bill will be
    put before the legislature again in Jan.

  • 30 Sep 2013 12:36 PM | Anonymous

    Chugach National Forest Planning Forum

    The Chugach NF will hold its next round of pubic
    planning forums beginning next week. The schedule
    is below, and please encourage your friends, colleagues,
    and group members to attend, call, or write-in to
    remind the Forest Service of the importance of
    wilderness on the Chugach National Forest.
    Remember that in the spring, during the last round
    of forums, many seemed unaware of the Wilderness
    Study Area.  Only a minority of people spoke-up
    for wilderness, while many others pressed the Forest
    Service to provide more "access" to remote areas.                                          
    Even if you've already commented, please take a
    moment to remind the Forest Service of the
    importance of wilderness. 
    Written comments will be accepted until
    October 18, 2013.
                  Talking Points:

    1. The USFS should recommend all of the Wilderness
     Study Area (WSA) in western Prince William Sound
     as designated wilderness.
    2. The USFS should correct its flawed 2002 Wilderness
    Recommendation, which excludes important parts of
    the WSA from wilderness recommendation.
    3.  In particular, Knight Island, Glacier Island, Nellie Juan
    Lake, and the upper Columbia Glacier basin are all highly
    valued for their wilderness character and should be
    recommended as wilderness as part of the current
    Forest Plan Revision.
    4.  Wilderness character in western Prince William Sound
    is highly valued by residents and businesses, yet
    population and other pressures threaten the area's
    natural resources. The USFS should fulfill its obligation
    to manage this area as wilderness until Congress acts
    on the Wilderness Study Area.

    Schedule of meetings:

    Valdez: Monday, September 23, 6-9 pm, Prince
    William Sound Community College Room 117;

    Cooper Landing & Moose Pass meeting: Tuesday,
    September 24, 6-9 pm, Cooper Landing Community

    Soldotna: Wednesday, September 25, 5:30-8:30 pm
    Soldotna Sports Center;

    Seward: Thursday, September 26, 6-9 pm, Seward
    Public Library and Museum;

    Cordova: Monday, September 30, 6-9, Masonic Hall;

    Girdwood & Whittier meeting:

    Wednesday October 2, 6-9 pm

    Girdwood Community Center;

    Anchorage: Thursday, October 3, 6-9 pm Chugach
    National Forest 161 E. 1st Avenue, Door 8

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