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A travesty of justice

15 Oct 2015 8:12 PM | Kate McLaughlin (Administrator)

The longest running environmental litigation in history came to a sad conclusion today with the Government allowing Exxon to walk away from the Re-Opener Clause settlement.

The Dept. of Justice learned their lesson from the EVOS settlement, the BP settlement included a provision for $700 million to be set aside in a trust that is NOT controlled by the defendant, nor can they dispute the claim made under the Re-Opener Clause. That was one of the major problems with EVOS re-opener clause, the other was the way they structured how the Restoration Plan was made, and its inflexibility in allowing new research to be considered.  

Because of the way the settlement was designed, the fact that former Gov's Palin and Parnell never pursued the claim made in 2006, and the current state of politics today, the State and Federal government decided their best plan was to just walk away and claim that "recovery" has been made and any further restoration is unnecessary.  

PWSK begs to differ. After all, how can the Sound be considered "recovered" when Pacific herring in Prince William Sound are NOT recovering?    A true travesty of environmental justice, not just for Prince William Sound, but for the Nation.

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