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Get a glimpse of Prince William Sound with PWSK board member, Dean Rand, captain of the Discovery

March 24, 2018 - The 29th Dark Anniversary of the     Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Click on the picture below to learn  about the Environmental Justice travesty that resulted from 26+ years of the longest running environmental litigation in history. 

Lingering Exxon Valdez oil in the subsurface sediments of Eleanor Island, PWS, May, 2012.  Photo by D. Janka

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Founded in 2004 by residents and stakeholders of Prince William Sound.

Soundkeeper is the leading environmental advocacy organization in Prince William Sound, Alaska, and a certified member of the global Waterkeeper Alliance. Our Mission (updated 2013): Grassroots advocacy for preserving water quality in Prince William Sound, Alaska for all users.

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